Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. HTC Sensation

So now that two of the top dual-core smartphones are coming to the Philippines this June, we ask you to pick your favorite with the suggested retail price in mind. Let’s pit the HTC Sensation vs. the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 after the jump.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Both handsets are great and are considered to be on top of the ranks of smartphones. Here’s our tabular comparison between the two smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 HTC Sensation
Dual-core 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos 4210 Dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM 8260
ARM Mali-400 MP Adreno 220 GPU
4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus (480×800) 4.3-inch Super LCD (540 x 960)
16GB storage, 1GB RAM 1GB storage, 768 RAM
microSD up to 32GB microSD up to 32GB
8GB microSD included 8GB microSD included
8 MP autofocus camera w/ LED flash 8 MP autofocus camera w/ dual-LED flash
1080p @ 30fps video recording 1080p @ 30fps video recording
2 MP front camera for video calls 0.3 MP front camera for video calls
Android OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread Android OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread
TouchWiz UI 4.0 HTC Sense 3.0 UI
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, WiFi Direct WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; DLNA, WiFi Direct
Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 3.0
Stereo FM radio with RDS Stereo FM radio with RDS
SRS Surround Sound
Stereo FM radio with RDS Stereo FM radio with RDS
GPS w/ aGPS support GPS w/ aGPS support
125.3mm x 66.1mm x 8.48mm 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm
116 grams 148 grams
1650mAh Li-Ion 1520mAh Li-Ion
Price: Php29,990 Price: Php33,000

The clincher here really is the suggested retail price of the two — the HTC Sensation is Php3k more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S2. However, the Php29,990 price of the SGS2 is probably subsidized by Globe which has exclusive distribution of the handset for the first month or so.

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154 Responses

  1. Avatar for Numbers Numbers says:

    I all the time emailed this website post page to all my contacts, for the reason that if like to read it after that
    my links will too.

  2. Avatar for htc desire puk htc desire puk says:

    Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at wok so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break.
    I love thhe knowledge you present here and can’t wait to
    take a look when I gett home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded
    on my cell phone .. I’m noot even using WIFI, just 3G ..
    Anyways, great site!

  3. Avatar for elma elma says:

    hi htc can you help me where i can find htc shop to repair my phone dont have here in angeles i tried lots of shop here but cant fix my phone.. any shop in manila where is the location thanks help pls god bless htc more power..

  4. Avatar for malcoxx malcoxx says:

    I was shopping for a new phone under the HTC brand since my GF bought the Chacha and the Sense UI really piqued my attention. I initially considered the Desire S and Incredible S, however when I held the both devices, I opted to get the Sensation since it was larger (screen size wise) and it is more futureproof due to its dual core processor.

    Before defaulting to HTC Sensation, I obviously considered getting the SGS II since both are flagship phones, which means, there would be better accessories, UI updates and longevity specs wise. However due to the bad impression my Samsung Galaxy Tab (the first one) gave me, I automatically shot down the SGS II, despite the great reviews I’ve been reading.

    The bad experiences I had with SGT were: Terrible battery life, laggy (despite the task killers I use) and the selling value was SO bad.

    I bought the phone for almost 34k and just a few months after the price when down to 21k. That’s really terrible IMHO.

    The Sensation so far is turning out to be a good choice because:

    1. The battery life is good even if you leave the 3g open during idle time.
    2. The screen even with minimum brightness is crisp and vivid.
    3. HTC Sense is hands down the best UI for all Droids out there.

    AFI so far:
    1. The headset should have been at least an in ear one. The included ones are plasticky and feels cheap. I know that there is a future special edition Sensation that would have Beats on. So that is something to look forward to, if you haven’t bought one.

  5. Avatar for Erick Erick says:

    I’m a fan of both brands. I’d choose HTCSensation over the SamsungGalaxySII. Why? The SGS2 feels cheap, owing to its plastic body. HTCS feels more macho when you hold it. Thats it.

    Comparing specs and reading articles in the internet is one thing, OWNING and EXPERIENCING the real thing is another. Obviously ang daming haters ng both brands.

  6. Avatar for BEB BEB says:

    CRAP!!!! All of YOU!!!

  7. Avatar for Eroz18 Eroz18 says:

    I’ve been thinking which one to choose over these phones. I currently use HTC Desire HD. I have no issues at all with the browser but I wanted to get the best possible android phone in the market and I was left with these two choices. Clearly in all reviews, Samsung Galaxy SII out runs HTC Sensation in terms off performance so I chose Samsung over HTC. Yesterday I went to Mall of Asia to get my Samsung Galaxy SIi but before that, I compared the two products. I was disappointed on how Samsung Galaxy SIi feels in my hand. It felt cheap compared to HTC Desire HD that I have. It felt like I am holding a cheap remote control that can be blown away anytime. I even felt it cannot support 2-3 helium balloons. I am a heavy user but I feel that few steps behind performance, the HTC Sensation still won’t dissapoint me.

  8. Avatar for michele michele says:

    Try nyo search sa google HTC Problem/issues vs galaxy S2 issues/problems. rate nyo ang dalawang phones kung alin sa kanilang dalawa ang mas lamang. S2>sensation

  9. Avatar for jojohudyo jojohudyo says:


    IOS4— Idiot proof Operating System. thats the I there..lol,, simple,boring..
    ANDROID- Above Normal Dudes Rigging Overtly Intelligent Devices. for the geeks, for those who want to learn new..

    where do you stand? idiot or homo sapiens 2.0?

  10. Avatar for jojohudyo jojohudyo says:

    i both have the device at my office- and to my delight- indoors,if you put them side by side,the superamoled of the sgs 2 and the slcd of HTC are nowhere near different- napansin ko pa nga,mas ok pa rendition ng HTC.

    HTC is really brilliant with the whole totality of the SEnse- professional,edgy & outgoing, really nice.,
    Touchwiz is boring. icons cheapen the look. Samsung learn from this! your icons are cartoony, layouts are so pfft flat.. pay justice to your amoled glory..!

    but with the total feel., if you want a fast phone with slick feel, choose HTC…

    mas matipid ang screen kamo na amoled kumpara sa slcd?

    dude… after testing the two phones, then laying them still open–after a full charge cycle at nalowbat., it yielded me these two datas ( using the android battery meter sa 2 phones ) amoled used 89% of batt power, and slcd, only 45%… ano ka ngayon? before ka magcomment based sa written., i real life test mo

  11. Avatar for julie julie says:

    hi i’m currently using Samsung Galaxy S2 it is very smooth, there’s no problem. and regarding with the battery issue, i think it depends on what application that you use while playing with your gadget.

  12. Avatar for creativeyou creativeyou says:

    Haha ive learned so much thnx for the knowledge now i know how to battle out with someone :) do u guys even consider that samsung and htc is doing this for marketing purposes? if im not mistaken they have bilateral partnership samsung do for htc, htc do dis for samsung. So eitherway what ever phone u buy they earn from it, im i right? So who lose? Us the consumers as always. Bill gates and steve jobs hav done it and now its another companies turn.

  13. Avatar for Jared Jared says:


    In a battle between BlackBerry and iPhone, if I contradict someone who’s rooting for iPhone, does that automatically mean that I’m for BlackBerry?

    If I say something bad about Apple, does that mean I’m a Rim fan?

  14. Avatar for coke coke says:

    Hi guys, as for my opinion? i think i will go for the htc sensation.

    Better OS still means better quality build. that goes for the sensation.. no doubt about it. it’s like getting a stable OS like win7 on your notebook, instead of getting a vista.

    but for all others there? that would think that.. i didn’t check on the specs.. gs2 is still the winner.. but i do prefer software over hard ware, after all the slimness of gs2 and super amoled is not match for sensation. but i still do think the latest sense, or software development is important, with the updates htc frequently have. i really do enjoy my current sense for htc desire… :)

    • Avatar for jm jm says:

      wat r u saying? both SGS2 & Sensation have d same OS (Android Gingerbread)

      y are HTC-fanboys so stupid like that jared guy. LOL

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      hey jm, ever heard of TouchWiz and HTC Sense? Although he said OS, I think he’s talking about UI..

      you nailed it bro! I AM an HTC fanboy! good job on figuring that out..

      and the reason why I have a Samsung Galaxy S is that I want to prove to you all that samsung sucks and HTC is the BEST!!

      but no sir, I don’t have an HTC phone (yet) nor does anyone I know. but I still LOVE IT! I just bought a samsung phone first because I really wanna bring them down.
      I also created this website: http://www.SamsungSucksBuyHTCInstead.com to prove that HTC is the best!!

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      Yeah jared I know Touchwiz, Sense, Optimus UI, Timescape and Motoblur. I know they r UI and they r not OS because I’m not stupid like HTC-fanboys

      Jared you bought a SGS just to prove Samsung sucks??? Hu r u kidding??? If that is true then u r really PLAIN STUPID, hahaha.

      HTC Sensation’s target SRP is 32k. but since it sucks, it’s price goes down to 28k.

      But still no one buys it and we’re all waiting for SGS2!

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      of course you do! a quick google will tell you all about them..
      oh! so you’re jm? hahaha! hello!^^,

      well, technically it’s a Samsung Galaxy SL (i9003). I just like to call it SGS because it’s cooler. hehe ;)

      anyhow, yes I am stupid. because I let them (samsung) woo me.
      It’s really awesome at first but after a few months they’re a piece of crap! battery depletes too fast, lags and crashes every time. my ipod is way more useful when I’m out because Samsung’s battery runs out too fast! I only use it when I’m home or in the car where I can plug in my device. but if it didn’t have any problems, I wouldn’t use my ipod anymore cause SGSL is obviously better.

      you see jm, karl, or whatever your name is, I’m more of a Samsung hater rather than an HTC fan.

      *and today I found out that schizophrenic people doesn’t understand sarcasm.*

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      and uhm, what do I call you, karl or jm?
      anyhow, I want know why you hate HTC so much.

      me, I won’t say that HTC is great nor that it is bad because I haven’t had one yet. so I’m not really one to judge here.

      have you had an HTC phone before? did it disappoint you?

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *I don’t hate HTC. This is a forum titled: Samsung Galaxy S II vs HTC Sensation.

      *HTC Sensation is a good number 2 or 3 choice for a superphone, that’s my point

      *HTC Sensation has its highlights but overall, SGS2 is the best.

      *sorry if I offended you in any way by my comments.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      *but the comments you post tells us otherwise.

      “HTC Sensation‘s target SRP is 32k. but since it sucks, it’s price goes down to 28k.”

      *no worries, I’m not offended at all. I’m just pragmatic. and it’s clear that you’ve misunderstood everything.

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *I’m just telling a PUBLIC INFORMATION. all my comments doesn’t come from me alone. I have information to support my opinions

      Update: HTC Sensation is on sale right now. Its price is now cheaper than SGS2:

      *that is really advantageous for HTC-fans. go get one, hehe.

      *Hope SGS2 also sucks so that its price will go down as well, LOL, just kidding. I will buy SGS2 on Monday when it arrives.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      *how’s this for PUBLIC INFORMATION?

      *I not sure if it will be available on monday, every samsung store I asked told me that they’ve not been given a date yet.
      meh! I bet you can’t even afford it.

      *goodluck to you and your imaginary friend jm. haha

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *SGS2 is already available in CMK @ 27800 pesos. I already reserved a unit. I will get my unit on Monday.

      *HTC is also already available at 27500. Wow that is a BIG discount for HTC fans considering its target SRP was 32k.

      *I will tell you if that “YELLOW” thing really exists. Wait for my post on Tuesday. Have a good day Jared.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      so a colleague bought one? oh karl, you’re such a simple minded person. well, I’m not surprised that you didn’t read and/or understand my “public information”.. that “YELLOW” thing does exist. I just hope my sister gets one of the good ones.

      and by the way, where is jm? you know, your imaginary friend. I miss that uncivilized person. I think he’s the real one.

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *u also did not understand my “public information” about the DEATH DRIP of HTC Sensation. The WIFI and BLUETOOTH of the unit goes down to almost zero while holding the device.

      *this is so SERIOUS than that “yellow tint” which is not at all noticeable and its not tested to be existing in all units

      *the DEATH GRIP issue of HTC Sensation exists IN ALL units!

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *u know y the DEATH GRIP exists in ALL units of HTC Sensation? Because the device uses the back cover as WIFI and BLUETOOTH antenna. By holding the back cover, the signals deteriorate

      *this is a DUMB engineering work of HTC because iPhone 4 also has this issue and they still commit the same mistake.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      but I do understand your “public information”. in fact, I value each and every word you say.

      you see, YOU already gave an advice on how to take care of the DEATH GRIP issue. don’t you remember?

      “*The sole advantage of SENSATION over SGS2 is durability. But SGS2 CAN do something about that by buying protective cases etc.”

      just like in the iPhone, putting on a protective casing takes care of that issue. problem solved!

      and also coming from you:

      “*eh mkakabili ka rin ba ng screen booster para gumanda ang screen just like in SGS2”

      EXACTLY! once you have the yellow tint, it’s forever there. you know, I’m really starting to like you. I think we have common interests.

      p.s. I’m just quoting what you said.

      p.p.s. Sir Abe made a thorough test on the said death grip issue. turns out that it isn’t really a problem at all.
      whether you believe it or not depends on you.

      p.p.p.s. by the way, how’s “your” SGS2? does it have a yellow tint?

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *I already bought SGS2 yesterday and it is very very fast.

      *No matter how many apps I open, its still blazing fast, NO LAGS whatsoever.

      *everything is working properly.

      *there is no yellow tint issue or any display issue. The SUPER AMOLED PLUS display is so amazing.

      *my money is really worth it

      *so JARED, why don’t you buy yourself an HTC Sensation? What’s the matter? Can’t risk it? Haha LOL.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      everything you’ve said is expected.

      “*No matter how many apps I open, its still blazing fast, NO LAGS whatsoever.”
      -of course, it’s a brand new phone duh!

      “*everything is working properly.”
      -may I point out that this is a really dumb statement. of course it is working properly, if it’s not then why the hell would anyone take it?
      seriously, would anyone accept something that’s not working properly?

      “*there is no yellow tint issue or any display issue. The SUPER AMOLED PLUS display is so amazing.”
      congratulations! but judging by your personality of not wanting to lose, you may or or not be telling the truth. oh well, guess we’ll just to have to take your word for it.

      “*my money is really worth it”
      well yeah, for now.. like I said, the real issue of samsung phones is that they’re easy to deteriorate. well, I guess a dim-witted person like you wouldn’t understand.. *sigh*

      buying HTC Sensation? Never even crossed my mind. I’m still good with my SGS + iPod combo. I’ll just wait for the iPhone 5 before choosing which phone to even consider buying.

      we’re going at it for so long and you still think that I’m rooting for HTC Sensation. dude, I’m worried, you should have your brain checked. I’m serious! this is serious stuff!
      at first I thought you were just plain stupid, but now I really think you have an illness. go have it checked up, it won’t hurt to try. no seriously! go have it checked up! I know you might get offended but I’m just being concerned. in situations like these, you just have to accept it even if it hurts..

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *goodluck with your iPhone 5, lol

      *when iPhone 5 comes out, one month after there will be better phones that will come out also

      *u might wait FOREVER, haha

      *reply here for the review of ur “iPhone 5”, when u have it already, lol.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      haha! It’s really funny how I need to explain things to you in a way a 5 year old would understand.

      anyhow, I’m not really looking for a new phone right now. maybe in 2-3 months (i.e release of iphone 5). and I didn’t even mention anything about buying an iphone.

      but here’s what, I’ll give you a review of whatever I’ll buy in 2-3 months. and it surely won’t be SGS2 since my sister already bought one. (I don’t like us having twin phones)

      and yeah, it’s blazing fast! but I only see a wee bit of difference between our phones. I bet we won’t even see a difference once I get my gingerbread update.

      there’s just one thing I didn’t like about it; the speaker. covering it with your finger (even if you don’t put much pressure) mutes it. you won’t hear a thing. it totally blocks out the sound.
      but overall, I like it.

    • Avatar for jojohudyo jojohudyo says:

      my GOD jm, you’rE barbaric and stupid…judging from those crappy hateful comments your a certified HTC-grunter…
      have you tried owning a Sensation for downing it like that? IM A HTC HATER ONCE, WHEN I OWNED THE HD, HATING IT IS BEING SHALLOW (OR SHOULD I SAY JUST BIASED TO A BRAND )
      to tell you HTC has the best hardware and innards to boot, it has the best of both worlds unlike your OVERHEATING AND CHEAPY LOOKING SGS 2..KIES IS GARBAGE, THE SAMSUNG HOTLINE IS CRAP…WHAT AN EPIC FAIL…

    • Avatar for jojohudyo jojohudyo says:

      YO JM BEFORE COMMENTING TRY IT ON REAL LIFE SETTING.. they look nice on paper, in real life its disaster… YOUR AMUSING FOR A HONK PONK MORON MONKEY

  15. Avatar for Sam Sam says:

    “To each his own” as someone said. Different people have different needs and/or wants.

    As for me, I use a smartphone mainly for multimedia purposes like watching videos, listening to music, photo editing, and a little gaming. For those purposes, I would go for the SGS2. I’ll love it all the more since it has a pre-installed video editing app, not to mention an improved Super AMOLED from my current SGS.

    By the way, I’m selling a Samsung Wave S8500 w/ full body invisible shield and 8GB external microSD. You may reach me via my number +6392752***** in case you’re interested.

  16. Avatar for karl karl says:

    *Durability of the phone? – nasa paggamit yan. kung ndi ka maingat, mdali masira ung phone mo.

    *tsaka meron namang mga protective casing para mas tumibay ang phone mo

    *eh mkakabili ka rin ba ng screen booster para gumanda ang screen just like in SGS2

    *mkakabili ka ba ng camera enhancer para gumanda quality ng camera like in SGS2

    *mkakabili ka ba ng RAM para sa phone?

    *mkakabili ka ba ng INTERNAL MEMORY para sa phone???

    *makakabili ka ba ng bigger battery? – maybe


    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      *kahit sobrang ingat mo, if the phone’s quality is poor then madali padin masisira yun.

      *does it protect your phone against wear and tear?

      *screen booster? links please

      *camera enhancer? you mean camera lens.. they were first introduced for the iPhone.

      *what’s your point?

      *it’s called an “INTERNAL MEMORY” for a reason. I don’t think you get it.

      *bigger? I don’t think it’d fit. higher capacity? – maybe


    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      my point is:

      *The sole advantage of SENSATION over SGS2 is durability. But SGS2 CAN do something about that by buying protective cases etc.

      *While all of the advantages of SGS2 over the SENSATION CANNOT be remedied like better display, higher internal memory, higher RAM etc. can u comprehend?

      *and also when u say BIGGER battery, it means higher energy storage capacity and not its physical size, lol. its hard explaining things to noobs!

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      my point is:

      *”wear and tear” – The gradual deterioration of an asset which results naturally from use and/or age. can u comprehend?

      *you do know that even though one has slightly higher specs doesn’t equate to it as being faster/better.. do you?
      and display is a matter of personal preference (540 x 960) > (480 x 800). (is my math correct?)

      *do you not recognize a troll when you see one?
      lol. its hard explaining things to noobs!

      and did I mention anything about rooting for sensation? I’m just here to prove some people are stupid. and you’re making this way too easy for me. haha

      I thought you REST your CASE?

    • Avatar for karl karl says:

      *I can’t rest my case when I know IDIOTS like u exist

      *Yes, it doesn’t mean that if a phone has higher specs, its better. BUT tests can prove if its better.
      check this out:

      *out of the 6 tests, SGS2 wins with flying colors. That’s 6-0 in your face! the Optimus 2x is 2nd place winning 5-1 against the Sensation. In your face again! Do you give up now?

      *although the SENSATION has 540 x 960 display resolution, SUPER AMOLED Plus DISPLAY is a much much better display no doubt! SUPER AMOLED Plus Display is also much better than the RETINA display of iPhone 4

      *and also I forgot to mention the DEATH GRIP of HTC Sensation. when you hold the back of this phone, the WIFI and BLUETOOTH signals will deteriorate to almost ZERO!
      check this out:

      *i don’t want to spend my money on a phone with a problem like that!

      *Please GIVE UP! You’re embarrassing yourself TOO MUCH!

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      you really are a fanboy aren’t you? haha! I bet if SGS2 had the (540 x 960) resolution and SENSATION had the SUPER AMOLED Plus DISPLAY, you’d say the having a higher resolution is WAY better.

      “Karl: of course not! SUPER AMOLED Plus DISPLAY is still better even if HTC SENSATION had it”
      “Jared: of course you’d say that. haha”

      “and did I mention anything about rooting for sensation? I’m just here to prove some people (you) are stupid (or dumb. whichever you prefer). and you’re making this way too easy for me. haha”

      kudos for yet another dumb reply. bravo!
      are we on the same page? could you review everything I said up until now; did I ever mention anything about HTC SENSATION being better than SGS2?
      like I said, I’m just here to prove you’re dumb. and you’ve proven me right.. again.

      let me spell it out for you. I’ll say it in a way that a (dumb) person like you would understand.

      I’m in NO WAY arguing with you that SENSATION is better than SGS2. SGS2 could be the BEST smartphone ever for all I care.
      my point is none of those tests you gave would tell me what I need. keyword(s): “wear and tear” look at the definition I gave.

      I want to know their decrease in performance over time. to have the results I need, you’d have to use those phones for at least 3-6 months, then test their performance. will SGS2 perform better? we don’t know yet. if it does then ok, SGS2 is indeed better.

      I don’t see why it’s “IN MY FACE”. you’re just making pathetic insults which are not clearly thought of.

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      good job on doing the research. those reviews are great although irrelevant to what I said.

      and since you went through all the trouble looking for a defect on HTC SENSATION, I went out of my way to dig some dirt on your beloved SGS2.

      and what do you know, I found one: (from one of the most popular tech blogs, engadget)


      oh my! look at those comments, looks like a huge percentage of SGS2 owners have that defect.

      p.s. still not saying that SENSATION is better than SGS2..

      p.p.s. I’m replying here so that the text doesn’t get messy

      p.p.p.s. and I will not say “IN YOUR FACE”

    • Avatar for Jared Jared says:

      I’m a bit of a psychologist myself; judging by (what I think is) your personality, I’d say you didn’t even read all of my comments.
      after the first part, once you’ve seen that I’m contradicting you, you’re already pissed. that’s why you didn’t understand what I said, you just scanned through it.
      being proud, you wanted to prove me wrong.. to you, it doesn’t really matter how, you just wanted to.
      I’ll make a prediction. guys like you won’t let me have the last word, so I’m expecting a reply. I bet when you’re arguing with someone, you shout a lot.
      you let the tone of your voice decide who won the fight.
      rough guess but quite close isn’t it? ;p

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