Skk Mobile V2 takes the Rear Key from LG G2

Skk Mobile V2 takes the Rear Key from LG G2

SKK Mobile had an handset that looked like an HTC One M7 and another that’s similar to the Oppo N1. Now they’re upping the ante with another handset that takes its inspiration from the LG G2 (or the G3 if you will). Just look at this Skk Mobile V2 design below.


That’s an uncanny resemblance if you asked us. The rear key shown here in rendered photos is exactly the same as the one on the G2. So is the body design.

Dubbed the SKK Mobile V2, this ahndset has a 5-inch IPS HD display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, dual-SIM (3G), WiFi Bluetooth and a 8MP rear camera.



SKK boasts that the V2 has a built-in heart-rate monitor.

The handset is also available in white, black and gold. No word yet as to the retail price of this handset but will update once we get the info.

Update: Suggested retail price is Php4,999.

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18 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    SKK should sell this for 5499.

  2. Mab says:

    Di ba 8MP rear camera lang? Ang laki na ng sulat sa picture oh. :D

  3. Monmon says:

    Kingsing s2 and OEM nya possibly nasa below 7k ang price at above 5k

  4. pururot says:

    4999 lang daw po ang price sabi sa official fb page nila

  5. penkk says:

    Sell this for 5-6k and I’ll consider this as my next phone.

  6. Oona says:

    it is 4999… whew!

  7. SusKayaKo says:

    wag ng mag reklamo kasi alam naman natin na Sobrang Kuripot Ka at alam mo rin na Sobrang Kuripot Kami

    specs + features + price = Sakto Kuripot Ka!

  8. nice says:

    please check and edit your articles before posting it, sakit sa bangs ng mga sentence e.

  9. khian848 says:

    5″ qHD (540 x 960)
    8GB ROM
    1GB RAM
    8MP Rear Camera AF
    5MP Front Camera
    Heart Rate Sensor
    Air Gestures & Smart Scroll
    and many more

    for only P4,999.00

  10. xtian says:

    I smell a lawsuit coming.

    • Daves says:

      My thoughts, too, specifically copyright infringement. This V2’s design is arguably (too) similar to LG G2’s. Oh well, bahala sila.

  11. hoping says:

    Pagbumili ka nito parang bumili ka na rin china phone ginagaya ang design ng mga sikat ng brand.

  12. awts says:

    kaya nga mura kasi clone ng LG G2

  13. mike says:

    This or zenphone 5 or Cm flare 3 or thl ts6 or skk phoenix g1?

  14. vladee says:

    this skk v2 is a rebranded Kingsing s2 china phone.

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