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The Death Grip Test on Antenna Signal

Steve Jobs said all smartphones have this problem — hold it in a certain way and your phone signal goes down. Was curious so I wanted to try this one several of the phones I have here – the Galaxy S, Xperia X10 and Desire.

So I tried holding these 3 phones in every possible way to see if I could somehow affect the signal strength.

Fortunately, all the 3 Android phones have this built-in “Signal Strength” monitor which is measured in -dBm (an abbreviation for the power ratio in decibels). If you have an Android phone, you can see this by going to Settings -> Status -> Signal Strength.

The typical range of wireless received signal power over a network is somewhere between −60 to −80dBm which has a power of 10 pico-watts to 1,000 pico-watts. So as you can see, the phones we have below are in the -80dBM range.

We started out with the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 at -81dBm. When you clasp your hand at the bottom back part of the phone, the signal drops to -97dBm. Holding it just on the side did not affect the signal, just the back part (below the battery compartment)

Next one is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 which started out around -87dBm. It drops slightly to -93dBm if you clasp the bottom back end of the phone, just like the Galaxy S above.

With the HTC Desire, I could get a nice -75dBM signal hands-free but can easily drop it to -103dBm when you clasp the phone with both hands tightly — and bringing down the signal bar from 3/4 to 2/4.

So it’s really true that holding a phone in some way will affect its signal strength though it may vary from phone to phone.

Updated: Here’s a closer shot of the signal loss on the HTC Desire and Xperia X10:

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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109 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Steve Jobs was right!!! I love my iPhone 3GS! :)

  2. Les Paul says:

    ^ ifool ^

  3. simplynice93 says:

    …The Death Grip Test…THAT SOUNDS GOOD! :D
    I don’t believe Steve Jobs’ statement to justify the iPhone’s weakness. What i believe is that all phone that uses an internal antenna loses its signal strength whenever it’s blocked.

  4. imitator101 says:

    Steve Jobs is right that it affects all phones.

    But the real problem is the effect is more “devastating” in the iPhone 4. The phones tested here experienced a drop in signal.

    The iPhone 4 loses it completely.

  5. Fanboy says:

    ^ ihater ^

  6. Fleeb says:

    @Paul, then stay with 3GS and not upgrade to 4.

    You don’t hold the phone at the bottom when making calls. To add to imitator, the problem with the iPhone 4 is that there is a bigger chance holding the “death strip” when making calls than other phones. To quote for example:

    “Holding it just on the side did not affect the signal, just the back part (below the battery compartment).”

  7. Whatif says:

    sir abe sa iphone4 kaya mo pabagsakin signal isang daliri lang to the point na pwede ka ma dc.. kaya mo din ba jan sa mga phone na yan? :)

    alam ko pinagkaiba ng iphone4 sa mga phone na yan ay ang iphone4 nasa labas antenna (di ako sure)… kaya ayun dali ma ground yung 2 antenna :)

  8. chris says:

    certainly a design flaw on apple’s part which they refuse to admit.. i guess all their testers/developers werer right-handed?

    i still think people would still buy it.. coz its an apple product :)

    vista is to microsoft.. as iphone4 is to apple.


  9. kumag says:

    Making an antenna external is too risky. Ayan tuloy nangyari sa iphone 4 madaling mablock ang signal hindi tulad ng smartphone na using internal.

    iPhone 5 sana ganito ng walang issues. lol

  10. Leo says:

    same here with my samsung wave, drops by 1 bar when held at the back, at the bottom of the unit where the antenna is located

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. BobM says:

    When doing the same with my Nokia E71 by holding the phone tightly at the bottom it has no effect what so ever and it is the same when holding it at the top. In order to have any effect it requires me to hold the phone tightly with one hand around the bottom and with the other hand around the top which is a quite unnatural way to hold the phone and would be unconformable to do while making a call.

    It is simply Apple places a lower priority on call quality and more on aesthetics which is fine if that is a priority for you in a cellphone over its ability to make a call but as for myself I care more about how well it can make a call and not so much for how big of a fashion statement it is and am rather surprised that anyone other than 14 year old girls would be otherwise but it is each individuals money so buy what you like.

  12. pol says:

    We’re not wrong you are!

    *nuff said*

  13. nexusboy says:

    at least non-apple phones don’t need an ugly BUMPER CASE! HA!

  14. John says:

    That’s like manufacturing a car that has weak brakes and saying “every braking car takes some time before it fully stops”.

    it’s not a legitimate excuse. And he openly admitted that the iPhone 4 drops a teensy bit more calls than the 3GS, which already had poor reception.

    This despite bragging that the iPhone 4 had the best antenna of all iPhones.

    I’m not hating on Apple. I think their products are beautiful works of art, but all this BS excuses makes we want to puke.

  15. Jiro Yan says:

    Not all iPhone 4 para sa info ng lahat. Nilahat nyo kasi ang 3 million iPhone 4 na sold na.

  16. marco says:

    ay naku.. other phones, as steve jobs claim to have the same dilema as the i-phone4, are not that worse as the iphone 4.. the point is that even if there is a signal drop the call never drops.

    as for what i have experienced with my i8910.. the i8910 has its steel antenna outside its casing which surrounds the 3.7″ AMOLED 16M COLOR screen. Ive tried holding it and i noticed that when you firmly hold it left handed, the signal just dropped by 1 bar but it never ever caused a dropped call..

  17. Laurence says:


    Shut up. Your rip-off site proves that you are indeed just a iFool.

    No due credit to the author of your blog theme. Sus, ang kapal ng mukha mo.

  18. marco says:

    @JIRO- its a design flaw kaya all the 3million iphone4 sold eh affected..

    you dont even know ur stuff dude.. better shut off

  19. Whatif says:

    @jiro yan
    Pinapahiya mo lang brad mga kapwa mo iLemmings sa hirit mo.

  20. snpklsdmbldr says:

    keep drinking the kool aid isheeps!

  21. Maurice says:

    Tama nga si SJ, but it doesn’t give him the excuse to point fingers to nokia, samsung, motorola, and htc with regard to apple’s iphone4 problems. And SJ should be mindful on the competence of his consumers and not fooling them that a problem is a normal thing and there’s nothing we should do about it. The fact that it is a problem, it needs a concrete solution not a diversion. Hence, the elaborate comparison does not convince me that SJ is on the right.

  22. Mon says:

    Bungal ako, ngiiii

  23. Efren Sy says:

    Sabi ko na nga ba tumpak yung sinasabi ni Lord Vader ” Steve Jobs “!

    The Death Grip is real

    The Dark Force is strong in this one!

  24. Knee Loat says:

    its a good thing apple didnt point at Sony Ericsson or else parang party na itong party ng mga mobile makers… ehehehehe

  25. Wakocoke says:

    at least my phone can make phone calls!

  26. ed says:

    @sir abe
    While it’s true that phones in general drop signal due to “death grip” iPhone 4’s antennagate can be easily replicated even by just one finger. Hence, for iPhone 4 it’s more on “death touch” rather than death grip. Death grip affects all phones while death touch was thus far unique to iPhone 4.

  27. xtian1986 says:

    next gen iphone: Iphone 4[S]

    in 3gS it stood for speed, in iphone 4S it will stand for signal rofl

  28. Angie says:

    What’s not clear with iFools is that iPhone 4 is SEVERELY AFFECTED when you grip on its weak spot. 3-4 bars with the iPhone 4 while just 0-1 bar (and for HTC, up to 2 bars) for other phones.

    You may be a fanboy but you won’t be able to defend this issue. Kasi, walang solution, kundi case.

    Buti kung isang case ng beer, at least owners would be able to drink the problem away. :)

  29. john says:

    pathetic and distasteful escape for steve jobs.

  30. JKisaragi says:

    My Galaxy S does drop a bar when you hold it at the bottom curve (which is NOT the conventional way of holding it when taking or making a call). But it does not totally lose the network signal.

    At least I’m not obligated to hold it “the right way”, nor am I forced to buy / get a bumper for my phone to function properly.

    @iPhone 4 issue

    Everything is weird nowadays when it comes to the iPhone 4. Especially on how they (Steve and company) handle the issue:

    1.)The Early Adopters noticed that something is wrong with the phone, Apple says they’re holding it wrong.

    2.)The EAs still say something is wrong, Apple says it’s a software problem.

    3.)The EAs wait for the software fix, but Apple instead held a press con regarding the issue and the next thing we know they’re giving away free bumpers.

    The cherry on top of this crap-sundae is that instead of taking the blame, Apple then points out that the issue is present in the phones of other companies as well (e.g Nokia, Samsung, HTC, etc.)

    In the end, Apple still did not admit the flawed design of the iPhone 4, and since they’re so alone with this fiasco, they decided to invite the other phone companies to come join the fun. XD

    I have nothing against Apple, but this is just SO wrong.

  31. lolipown says:

    they have reached levels far worse than kool-aid drinking i fear.

  32. kiko says:

    Globe will launch its iPhone 4 with free colorful band aids for the antenna gate =D LoL!

  33. Fleeb says:

    A case is not even a solution, it’s a workaround. A solution is a hardware redesign.

  34. Arvee says:

    A workaround for Apple to escape profit loss. wise indeed! lol, ginagawa nalang nilang tanga ang mga customers nila. tsktsk

  35. lawrence says:

    In a way, either intentional or not, I can consider this as a marketing strategy.. apple already has a solid fan base.. they sure will still buy if apple releases iphone 5 with better specs and without this stupid defect.. napansin ko kasi installment ang pag add nila ng features, kya ang haba ng staying power nila sa market.. unlike other company na nageexplore ng specs mixes with levels like entry, midrange, etc..

    hays.. poor ifans.. proprietiness plang ng unang iphone na turn-off na ko e.. hehe

  36. mr. bogus says:

    tri-nay ko yung black berry and my nokia phone na i grip pero d naman nawala ang signal ng cellphone ko(atleast may 1 to 2 bars pa)!!! halatang gusto nila i cover-up yung kamalian nila sa design ng iphone4.. at sabihin na LAHAT ng cellphone ay may ganung problem!!! wtf!!! naghanap pa ng masisisi…….

    at sasabihin pa niya na mababang posyento lang ang nag complain sa apple care about sa drop call percentage… nakakuha na sila ng data ehh di pa naman nagtatagal and iphone 4 at alam na ng mga nagkaroon ng iphone 4 na may problema sa signal problem kaya talagang di na nila hahawakan yung sa bottom left corner…

    di na lang aminin na nagkamali sila…
    karma for steve jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i prefer iphone3gs and htc android!!!!!!!!!!
    the best smart phone pa rin ang

  37. Wil says:

    galaxy s user here (intro)

    i think apple’s engineering team are currently tirelessly working their a_s off to find a solution for the next production run of iphone4s. tho apple already sold those 3 million of these, they’ve just delivered 600,000 units in the US so far, and some hundreds Ks more on other countries. maybe the last 600k of that 3M will get away with that issue IF the engineering team is working it

  38. JP says:

    Here’s a funny iPhone4 news flash to lighten everyone’s moods.


  39. Efren Sy says:

    Personally I am not an iPhone User, but I think the topic is getting out of hand.

    The topic is about other phones tested here to have the same problem thats occuring to the iPhone4

    I hope all people who comments positive or negative things here about Apple are iPhone4 users and owners

    you still can’t judge a product by heresay alone

    lumalabas na naman ang crabmentality ng Pinoy

    Hot topic yung deathgrip sa iPhone 4 because this was publicly reviewed and talked about sa internet

    Parang showbiz pag may sikat na artista na mas scandal talagang pag uusapan lalo na sa Philippines

    How many of the supposed 3M iPhone4s are here in the Philippines ba?

    Marami kasing Deathgrip afficianados dito.

    Puro violent reactions

    di pa ata nakakarecover sa 9 years ni GMA

    Topic: Deathgrip on other Phones tested positive, also on other brands of smartphone

    comment on the 3 other brands and models tested here if you are users of it or if you have tested them also with your phones.

  40. Wil says:

    @efren, spot on :)

  41. winner says:

    iPhone haters = Losers

  42. Jojo says:

    what if i dont like the color ?

    they should protect Jobs at all cost

  43. kritik says:

    @Efren Sy – No, it has nothing to do with crab mentality. You just don’t understand.

    It has become a hot topic because:

    1) The problem happens on the Iphone 4, when you hold it the natural way on your left hand. Which is holding a phone on it sides. And this is a almost $1000 phone (unsubsidized). It could be forgiven if it’s only around $100 but it’s not.

    2) Apple and Jobs are lied that there is a problem. First they said there is no problem, then they said that it is a software problem.

    3) Jobs involved other manufacturers in the issue even if the other phones DO NOT have the exact same problem. Sure, when you cover the antenna of other phones, it would lose some signal, but it will not lose ALL of it. And the most important, it is not located in a place where you would naturally cover it with your hand

    4) It’s Apple. It’s a company that loves publicity. It’s just crying foul now because it’s negative. How ironic since they keep bashing other companies in their ads and conferences.

    So, you see. It’s not crab mentality. It’s Apple’s fault why it blew out of hand.

  44. bea says:

    fyi death grip was only present in iphone 4. HTC has this problem with Eris before and the phone has been pulled out from the market.

    Don’t be a fool. You only believed what Jobs has presented before you even though muCh were allibies.

    You have the most in your Comment that is off-topiC by the way.

  45. Efren Sy says:

    Again as I’ve said in my comment read all of the previous comment before you start attacking for this matter now ME.


    All I am saying is Yugatech posted 3 test subjects, No iPhone 4 involve. Now if anyone of those people that posted about the DeathGrip pertaining to Apple’s New Phone has indeed purchase and currently owns an iPhone 4 now, please do make the same video review of the Apple Product then post your youtube video link here so that our fellow Yugatech Readers can in turn start posting NEGATIVE stuff about it.


    Until Globe Telecom hasn’t release the official Locked iPhone 4 here, and I kmow many Globe subscribers will avail even if it will cost so much, because I know people with deep pockets will afford, POSTPAID. Then hold your bad comments for now. But as I’ve said, if you are one of those fortunate people with lots of money that came from your hard work, or from anywhere and so happen to purchase it from UK or Canada where its openline, and had it shipped here in the Philippines. Then is experiencing Signal Problems due to deathgrip syndrome. Feel free to start or continue. The Force is strong with you!

  46. Efren Sy says:

    I thought this topic was about the review that other smart phones from other brands also have the deathgrip signal going down issue.

    is this the Steve Jobs please admit you are a loser section.

    wow 3M iPhone 4 units

    how many millions of units could the filipino people have?

    I for sure don’ have one.

    hmmm. maybe our fellow netizens here that are having problems with the signal of iPhone 4 really do have the iPhone 4.

    Please post your personal encounters with the said product.

    also there is an iPhone 4 first impression topic here at YUGATECH

  47. Efren Sy says:

    I thought this topic was about the review that other smart phones from other brands also have the deathgrip signal going down issue.

    is this the Steve Jobs please admit you are a loser section.

    wow 3M iPhone 4 units

    how many millions of units could the filipino people have?

    I for sure don’ t have one.

    hmmm. maybe our fellow netizens here that are having problems with the signal of iPhone 4 really do have the iPhone 4.

    Please post your personal encounters with the said product.

    also there is an iPhone 4 first impression topic here at YUGATECH

  48. pabs says:

    I think now, its proven that Apple products are not really that good. Its only the hype that made it. So , buti nga sa inyo na mahilig mag pa sosyal at sumunod sa kung ano ang sinasabi ng iba. He he he, you deserve it all. I, for one deserve my Nokia N97 , forever strong and good.

  49. mr. bogus says:

    @efren: teka teka!!! di ka naman pala iphone user pero nagcocoment ka dito… your S.O.B!!!!

    respect others opinion… whether its positive or negative or alimangong mentalidad pa yan.. hindi mo mapleplease ang lhat ng tao na mag agree sayo… its your opinion… respetuhan lang tayo… we get your point!!! so stop talking na parang paslit na inagawan ng lolipop sa kalye!! kung may bitterness ka sa buhay wag mo isasama dito sa blog

    remember this phrase: “respect others opinion”

  50. JKisaragi says:


    Actually, the so called “Death Grip” exists in every phone. Only that it is prominent in certain situations, and unlike the iPhone 4 where holding it normally (as provided already in most of the tech sites), you’d have to handle your phone “awkwardly” to reproduce the same effect.

    @Efren Sy

    I think Apple blew it by including the other phone companies in this fiasco of theirs (July 16 Press Conference, Cupertino, California), which entitles almost every other Filipino (or maybe not just us) who have the phones of Apple’s “rivals” to comment on the said issue.

    Please also note that Apple had several chances to own up to the issue and rectify it right away. But what did they do? They dodged the issue and they continue to deny it even when they are now giving out free bumpers / cases (not to mention refunds in some parts of the world), which, in my opinion, is an indirect fess-up to their iPhone 4 woes.

    I guess people here, even if they don’t own an iPhone 4 (yet), are just ticked off because of all the deceit being thrown around. We’re all consumers, and I’m sure we don’t want that happening to us.

    You don’t have to own an iPhone 4 to see that there is something wrong (and I’m not talking about the signal issues). :)

  51. iHateStupid says:

    The point is the iPhone 4’s death grip is how you normally hold your phone. Which is just stupid really like the ones defending apple’s stupidity.

  52. iHateStupid says:

    The point is the iPhone 4’s death grip is how you normally hold your phone. Which is just stupid really like the ones defending apple’s stupidity.

  53. iHateStupid says:

    Yuga pwede bang ipakita mo kung pano mo ginawa yung test? Mejo misleading tong article mo e. Baka kasi yung grip na ginawa mo hindi naman normally ginagawa ng tao.

  54. ed says:

    My wife’s crappy secondary phone loses 1 bar when covered by two hands. But of course that’s a very unusual way of holding your phone to make call. :D

  55. Efren Sy says:

    @mr. bogus – kung away ang hanap mo click mo yung avatar ko nandun ung contact number ko





  56. Efren Sy says:




  57. ed says:


    yuga clasped the phone “with both hands tightly”.

    So with other phones you have to hold the phone in a very awkward way to justify Steve Jobs’ $tupid antennagate argument.

  58. mr. bogus says:


    Tinawag na kita, pero yung SOB mong nanay ang sumagot. Sinabi ko sknya lamunin nia ang oblookoops ko kasi isang biatch na galing sa biatch mong lola, kaya SOB siyang katulad mo.

    Kinwen2 nia rin sakin ung mga escapades nila ng chowchow ninyo, maliit ang chowchow ninyo pero masikip daw ang pengpeng nia.

    Kung matapang ka rin, tawagin mo ako.

  59. Dax says:

    @mr. bogus

    LOL! hahaha

  60. Efren Sy says:






    09164303432 09228538168 09178873198


  61. Efren Sy says:

    @mr. bogus – fitting is ur preferred nickname

    perfect for you

  62. mr. bogus says:

    @efren sy,

    naka caps lock, bobo

    and FYI, kahit magpokpok ang nanay mo ng 1 year, di niya kikitain ang kinakita ko magdamag.

    sabagay, mabangnas ang pengpeng ni mommy SOB

    try again Ms. SOB

  63. mr. bogus says:

    nga pala, andami mong number, pokpok ka yata?

  64. Efren Sy says:

    oo nga kasi nagpuputa ka nga pala pati tatay po puta
    from backdoor ba
    wow brokeback mountain

    lupet mo tlaga

    sa gabi ka pa kumikita
    wow call center ba to o putahan

    congrats ha

    iba ka talaga mr. bogus

    hari ng bogus

  65. Efren Sy says:

    hay kawawa ka naman di lang makatawag daming dahilan
    bogus nga

  66. mr. bogus says:

    lol, pinagana mo rin ang IQ mo, pinatay mo rin caps lock mo, bobo, ahahaha!

    oo, puta kami ng tatay ko, pero malaki titi namin, saka babae lang sineserve namin.

    ikaw, bulbol lang ata ang sayo, hahaha. malaki pa ang titi ng chowchow mo sau

  67. Efren Sy says:

    ano ba nmang kabaklaan yan pati kapatid ko pinag iinteresan mo pa?
    ganyan na ba tlga kababa tingin mo sa sarili mo?

    wow lupet

  68. mr. bogus says:

    ahahaha. uyyy, napindot nanaman nia ang caps lock.

    akala ko pokpok un, sorry na. peace na tau. chupain mo muna ako please.

  69. mr. bogus says:


    @ihatestupid and ed:
    sa akin lang kung intensyon mo talaga na igrip yung cellphone para mawala ang signal, talagang mawawala talaga(nasa manual naman lahat ng cellphone brand na dont interfere o tatakpan ang internal antenna)…

    pero ang ginawa ko sa nokia phone at blackberry experiment grip test ko ay grip to make a phonecall

    ang punto dito ay mali si steve jobs sa pag compare nya ng 3 brands about lossing signal sa pag grip ng cellphone dahil hindi naman ganun ang pag grip to make a phone call..

    @efren: LMAO.. i dont care to you, this is for the sake of RESPONSE IF YOU TAKE IT PERSONALLY WELL ITS YOUR PROBLEM KID!!!… magbantay ka pa sa topic na to and do your own business!!! tatawag ako sayo para kausapin ka.. eh sa blog pa lang non sense ka na responses mo sa topic, tawag pa… makapag comment ka lang kahit di ka nag aanalyze… di ako matitinag na sabihin yun sayo!!! di na sana kita papatulan eh pati ba naman babae na si bea papatulan mo.. sa ginagawa mo sino ang lalake sa ating dalawa? wag ka maglabas ng non sense talk dito may gloria at scandal ka pa nalalaman wala naman kinalaman sa iphone4…. kung makapag comment ka parang kaw lang matalino sa technology sayong bibig na rin lumabas wala kang iphone4 so shut your mouth kung wala ka magandang sasabihin.. dont act like a kid!!! and respect others opinion

  70. mr. bogus says:

    guk, dami mong satsat, poser.

    @Efren, chupaeng mo na ako.

  71. Efren Sy says:

    tinatawagan ko yung number mo di mo masagot duwag saksak mo sa baga mo lahat ng sinasabi mo wala kang balls

  72. Efren Sy says:

    Ano hanggang dito ka nalang?
    ala na talaga?

  73. Efren Sy says:


    yan number naka post sa multiply site ni mr. bogus ala naman sumasagot puro comment dito

    hay talagang empty words


  74. mr. bogus says:

    nag away si efren at yung cloner ko hahahaha… LMAO

  75. mr. bogus says:

    hahaha. oo nga, tinatawagan ung number ng poser

    bobo! di gamitin ang IQ.

  76. mr. bogus says:

    bobo ka tlga efren, bat d mo pa kc ako chupaeng para magkaayos na tau

  77. Adrian says:

    Steve Jobs is the master.

  78. ed says:

    @mr. bogus
    Correct! Sana magkaroon ulit ng test si yuga same phones with normal grip.

  79. android_fanboi says:

    nauwi sa mainit na balitaktakkan to ah whehehe, nakakatawa — iba talaga pag me kinalaman sa Apple (or iDevices) ang topic hot na hot talaga

    hindi talaga perfect yang iPhone 4 gayun din naman lahat ng Smartphones -lahatin ko na…meron ba????

    iOS4 and Android OS users here :)

  80. Efren Sy says:

    tuloy mo lang

  81. mr. bogus says:


    Chupaeng mo muna ako

  82. hahah says:

    panay kau dada.. suntukan nlng kau..

  83. winner says:

    very provocative talaga ang mga apple products ha

  84. mr. bogus says:

    @ ed: cguro yan din reason kaya napahiya si steve jobs sa wwdc 2010 nang i launch ang iphone nang pumalya ang internet!!!! dahil din sa death grip.. sure ako antenna problem yun at hindi over load ng wifi o sa at&t

    @android: ehh kung hindi ba naman utox2 si efren pumatol sa cloner LMAO

    eto my last say sa lahat ng blog ko sa yuga tech: kahit may puna ako sa iphone4 dahil sa antenna at no flash

    iphone still the best smartphone in the market 2nd is the android, 3rd nokia cellphone, maemo man o symbian

    @efren: alam na nga cloner nagpa uto pa… tama yan kung non sense sasabihin mo just shut your mouth… marami ka satsat sa ginawa mo sino squatter at nasa internet shop???? respect mr. olandres blog..

  85. Efren Sy says:

    read what you are posting then see who’s disrespectful

  86. Efren Sy says:

    sino ba ang nag mura sa ating dalawa ?

    sino ba ang nag provoke dahil sa pag mura at pag post ng halatang pambabastos dito

    ikaw ang malaki ang problema

    hinahamon kita magharap tayo kung matapang ka,

    aminin mo mali mo dahil ikaw ang nag umpisa dahil sa pagmumura mo

    kapal ng mukha mo pati kapatid ko binabastos mo

  87. android_fanboi says:

    i love yugatech blog…whehehe

  88. mr. bogus says:

    @efren: this is my last… (hmmm kaw ba yan?? wala link sa nick mo ata…???) anyway this is my stand i repeat may cloner ako so hindi ako yung may link ang nick… the argument is between 2 of us only!!!

    nasabi ko yun ng patulan mo si bea na blogger dahil hindi tama na pumatol ang lalake sa babae tama man sya o mali….. to call you on the phone is useless.. mind your own!!!

    so nxt time remember the phrase “respect others opinion” yan tuloy sinapol ka nung cloner! kayo ang magtawagan!!!! bahala kayo sa buhay nyo…


  89. Whatif says:

    Si steve jobs yang si efren sy… Nag aral mag tagalog…

    iLemmings lol

  90. Whatif says:

    Kuha popcorn… Nood mode..

  91. lolipown says:

    The internets is serious business. Can you guys feel the rage too?

  92. Apple Sucks says:

    Opinyon ko lang to.
    Madami nagsasabi bakit daw puro reklamo ang mga tao na bumili ng iphone 4 e pwede naman daw ibalik.
    Ang sagot ko dyan. Kung magbigay sya ng Bumper, ayusin man nya, refund o recall nya ang iphone 4 d na magbabago ang kasiraan nya.
    bakit nya binenta ang isang phone na alam nya na may problema na to. bakit ko nasabi na alam nya?
    1. dahil ngayon lang gumawa ng case si steve jobs para sa iphone.
    2. bakit nung may nag email sa kanya ng tungkol sa problema ay kaagad nya sinagot na “Avoid holding it that way.” ng hindi niya kinunsulta sa kanya mga alipores. mukhang alam nya ang solution sa pagkawala ng signal.
    3. bakit nya tinangal ang isang application na nagchecheck ng signal in db.

    Yan ay nagpapatunay ng panloloko.

    nung press con sinabi nya na tao lang sya at d sya perfect. bakit? kailangan mo ba maging perfect para nde mo malaman na ang antenna pag nahahawakan e nde nagbibigay ng tamang signal.
    kesyo iphone 4 changes everything kuno. e bakit nung may problema na ang iphone 4 nya e hinambing na nya sa ibang phone? so walang changes.

    isa pang paninira ni Steve na magpasalamat daw ang mga kano dahil kano daw ang naghahari ng cellphone sa bansa nila at nde korean (Samsung).
    bakit? ang A4 na cpu ng iphone 4 nde ba gawa ng korean? hahahhaha.
    nde ko alam kung gaano sinakal ni steve jobs ang nokia phone para mapabagsak ang signal na nde ko magawa sa phone ko. e sa iphone 4 kiliti lang sa tagiliran e wala ng signal.

    napatunayan ko na na maraming tao na sa itsura lang ng bagay tinitignan ang ganda. kahit na wala na ang basic phone na phone call palang d na pwede e binibili pa. tingin ni steve jobs ang napakaganda ng mga gadget nya. kahit anong ganda ng gadget mo kung pangit ang pr at customer support ng kumpanya pangit pa rin ang produkto mo.
    pero para sa akin pangit pa rin ang produkto ng apple. ipod palang nga nya may mga dead pixel na.
    panong d papangit ang produkto nya e mga workers nya sa china may mga minor at pinapatrabaho ng 30 oras at walang overtime pay.

  93. Apple Sucks says:

    magaling lang sa advertising ang apple.
    kaya nila imarket ang isang produkto na ang multitasking, copy/paste, video chat saka video recording na parang sila ang nakaimbento.

  94. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    recent post from Engadget has a press release from Samsung:

    “The antenna is located at the bottom of the Omnia 2 phone, while iPhone’s antenna is on the lower left side of the device. Our design keeps the distance between a hand and an antenna. We have fully conducted field tests before the rollout of smartphones. Reception problems have not happened so far, and there is no room for such problems to happen in the future.”


  95. Fleeb says:

    Wow, ad hominems flying all over.

  96. Arvee says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA can’t help but LOL

  97. salad says:



  98. Arvee says:

    ^Grabe ka naman para ipagdasal na mamatay si Steve Jobs!

    Pero kung bumili din siguro ako ng iPhone 4, baka ako pa pumatay sakanya hahahaha just kidding! Baka mamaya may cyberpolice dito. Iba ang powers ni Jobs!

  99. android_fanboi says:

    apple and iphone haters = sucks!
    android lovers = winner!

    reality bits:

    According to Goldman Sachs, Apple makes more profit from mobile phone sales than the entire rest of the industry combined.

    Update: Actually, it doesn’t appear to be the entire industry — just RIM, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, and Sony Ericsson. So the list doesn’t include Samsung and LG. But still: striking.

    via Daring Fireball . net

  100. royguadz says:

    I think more than the drop in signal strength; the issue really is the number of drop call(s) experienced with the phone.

    In the US, AT&T has been largely blamed for the frequent signal loss and drop calls experience with the iPhone but with the recent developments, it seems the phone itself is also partially to blame.

  101. MrOrange says:

    actually haven’t seen the pics. blocked sa office namin kasi.

    But I personally tried this on our ericsosn phones and well…

    the Xperia X1 dropped 2-3 bars from full and took 5 seconds to gain it again, but yes quite awkward to hold a phone clasped in that way.

    Tried another phone to see if smartphone lang affected. a P800, no issue and a friend’s W580i, no issue as well.

  102. Myke says:

    as if you’ll hold your cellphone using a tight or closed grip. . .the death grip may loose some signal strength on other cellphones, but it will not lead to dropped calls like the iphone4. Apple’s reasoning behind the signal loss on their latest product is a joke. . .napaka-lame at nakakaasar na. . .better stick to laptop and desktop production steve. . .

  103. Neil says:

    I am not interested with the signals, I just want to comment dun sa steve jobs ba yun na all signals drop I own samsung omnia II and BB bold 9700, I tried holding them both in every possible way I can, haven’t experience signal drop down even 1 bar, probably gone down if there were signal testers but I did not lose a bar in every possible way. Except, when I sandwiched the omnia II with my palms (which you wouldn’t encounter on a normal usage of the phone) I lost 2 bars. You lose the signal on Iphone when holding it normally compare to other phones you lose signal only when you sandwich it like crazy with your palms. For me what you pay for I phone – 1. Lots of applications 2. The cool apple logo behind the unit 3. The resale value which 4. The fact that you want to be showy and cool just because you own a cellphone worth more than 40k pesos. :D

  104. Excellent article. I certainly appreciate this website.
    Keep it up!

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