What will happen to Sony-Ericsson Philippines?

What will happen to Sony-Ericsson Philippines?

Now that Sony has finalized the buyout of Sony-Ericsson, the new handset company will be named Sony Mobile Communications. So what happens to the folks over at Sony-Ericsson. I happen to talk to one executive from the company who gave me some possible scenarios.

I am told that Sony-Ericsson Philippines will eventually be dissolved and Sony Philippines will take over the mobile phone brand.


As for the folks from SE Philippines, they will all be invited to move and work for Sony Philippines under the mobile handset division. What we’re not sure is if the GM and some of the top executives of Sony-Ericsson will also join the Sony Philippines team under the new division.

We’re likely to see the new Sony Xperia handsets (i.e. the Xperia S) will be launched in the Philippines by 2nd quarter of 2012.

Updated: I have just been told by someone from inside that the Sony Xperia S will be released in the Philippines after the Holy Week, that’s first to 2nd week of April 2012.

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13 Responses

  1. bern says:

    No more SonyEricsson. How about phone warranty, is it still valid when sony take over?

    • Ian says:

      Sony Ericsson is becoming part of Sony

      Dear Ian,

      I wanted to give you some more information about Sony’s intended purchase of Sony Ericsson and what it means for you.

      Some things won’t change at all. For example, your existing warranty will remain completely valid and you’ll still get the same great service and support that you’ve been used to. But you will see some important new benefits.

      Your Sony Ericsson phone already features great Sony technology. But in future, you can expect even more leading-edge Sony capabilities – and easy connectivity with other Sony products including TVs, PCs and tablets to allow you to share content seamlessly across multiple screens. There will also be more opportunities to enjoy premium entertainment content from Sony including music and film services from the Sony Entertainment Network.

      The first smartphone product from Sony, available this Spring, will be the new Sony Xperiaâ„¢ S

      We’re really excited about the future and we’d like to keep in touch with you as we become part of Sony. To help us with this, you can update your profile info as usual. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.


      Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, Sony Ericsson

      For any queries, just contact our customer support.

    • ChinChinTabernacle says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the Sony Ericsson Philippines employees, specially the ones who simply do not care about the client base, will get the boot. We don’t need employees like these, who simply do not give a damn. Good riddance.

  3. lolwut says:

    Guys, check out the new sony mobile website, kills sonyericsson.com

  4. bye bye says:

    Waiting for the Sony Xperia S, touted as the best camera phone, even beating iPhone.

  5. celestia says:

    I love Sony when it comes to their phones. To think even their mid-range models give real good audio & image output. And they real make it worth the money when you get a high-end model coz it really comes in handy for enhanced image & audio usage.

  6. nick says:

    Tagal pa ng Xperia S!!!! Grrrr! :)

  7. jech says:

    is Sony Ericsson phones still available at Sony Mobile outlet??
    I still wanted WalkmanPhones..

  8. jp says:

    Edi mababakante na yung 22th floor ng Netsquare bldg?

  9. JM says:

    What will happen to old sony ericssson phone, are they gonna be obsolete in the market, are they gonna be phase out or Sony will still mass produce this product?

  10. francis fer eding says:

    i am an avid fan of sony erison and i wanted to buy a new phone w/c is so called android phone but since it is my first time to have and to use such phone,, i would like to ask your opinion/ideas about what kind of android phone shall i use as a beginner….thank you…

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