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Ambient Music Mod that recognizes songs nearby, now with no root option

Pixel’s Now Playing capability can now be used in different android smartphones using the Ambient Music Mod app. It’ll allow devices to recognize songs nearby and now it has been more accessible because it doesn’t need root access anymore.

Ambient Music Modv2 1

Screenshot | Kieron Quinn

Ambient Music Mod is a useful tool to recognize soundtracks played nearby, it works by just going near the source and letting the android device recognize the song and it’ll tell its user the title of the song.

The Ambient Music Mod now has a version 2 which doesn’t require users to do Root access as long as your Android phone is running on Android 12, but lower versions will still need root access based on the post of the developer, Kieron Quinn.

Ambient Music Modv2 2

Screenshot | Kieron Quinn

Some of the features of this mod are a notification album art, a log of recognized songs, and an option to manually trigger to attempt recognition and to adjust record timings.
Get the latest version of this app here on Quinn’s GitHub 15.

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