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Angkas only registered 2.2k out of 27k driver claims according to Motorcycle Taxi TWG

The Department of Transportation’s Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Run Technical Working Group (TWG) stated that Angkas only registered 2,204 drivers out of the service’s claim of 27,000.

Posted by DoTr on its official Facebook page, the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Run TWG collated data of the actual number of authorized drivers submitted by the service providers Angkas, Joyride, and Move It. The announcement was made in an effort to “set the record straight” as Angkas’ released an earlier statement that they have 27,000 bikers and that only 10,000 of those will remain due to the LTFRB’s decision to put a cap on the number of Angkas bikers.

As of today, December 26, the number of drivers each provider has is listed as follows:

  • Angkas – 2,204
  • Joyride – 1,438
  • Move It – 1,414

The Motorcycle Taxi TWG also noted that the service providers need to fully register and declare the names and numbers of their respective contracted riders to comply with the documentary and regulatory requirements.

UPDATE: As of December 27, 2019, Joyride has registered 6,907 drivers, while the number of Angkas and Move It drivers remain the same. DoTr has stated that the TWG Secretariat has been trying to reach to Angkas for a follow-up on their list of authorized drivers. 

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  1. elwin says:

    i’m not sure how the data works…but after reading the article “LTO ready to release plates from 2016” ….hmmmm…..it makes me wonder

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