BDO stops accepting non-EMV chip Debit Cards

BDO stops accepting non-EMV chip Debit Cards

BDO has finally stopped accepting debit cards without the EMV chip since January 31, 2018. Any ATM transactions done in any automated teller machines will no longer be accepted.

We would like to remind you that all non-EMV Chip BDO Debit Cards have expired as of January 31, 2018 and may no longer be used.


Since the third quarter of 2016, BDO has been working to ensure clients are able to make the shift to the EMV Chip Debit Card.

For clients who have not yet claimed their new BDO EMV Debit Card, we urge you to get your new card from your branch.

For Kabayan and Payroll Account clients, usage from your non-EMV chip card will still be accommodated. Please contact your branch for inquiries.

EMV-chips are more secured and less prone to skimming which has been happening with a lot of BDO ATMs lately. The move to convert everyone to EMV-chip ATM was mandated by the BSP years ago.

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3 Responses

  1. K L says:

    While bpi ay magstripe parin eh mas marami ang customers ng bdo, may bayad pa kung ngayon ka mag papapalit

  2. Jude says:

    I hope all banks should start updating their ATMs integrating the EMV tech. Hopefully, the new ATMs will read the EMV and magstripe before any transaction can take place. This will make our cards more secure from skimming. Next naman, ung mga card readers sa mga establishments naman ang i-upgrade to use EMV reader. Para hindi na rin mabiktima ang mga card holders.

  3. uni says:

    scammers will always be one step ahead.

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