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Converge ICT outs new FiberXtreme plans

Converge ICT has officially launched its services to the media as they have made a significant presence in the National Capital Region (NCR). To gear up its launch, they have announced new Fiber plans reaching up to 500Mbps with no data cap — the FiberXtreme.

The FiberXtreme consists of two plans:
Plan 4500 – up to 300Mbps
Plan 7000 – up to 500Mbps

These plans have unlimited volume allowance, unlike other ISPs so you can take advantage of your fiber speeds.

FiberX plans at lower speeds are still available. Converge even upgraded the speed on their FiberX 1500 from 20Mbps to 25Mbps. Existing subscribers will get the speed upgrade automatically.

PLAN 1500Now up to 25 Mbps from 20 Mbps
• PLAN 2500 – Up to 50 Mbps
• PLAN 3500 – Up to 100 Mbps

All plans of FiberX and FiberXtreme are subject to Php2,500 installation fee and a lock-in period of 24 months. And, as other ISPs disclaimer, they promise 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability.

Converge’s NCR fiber network as of May 2017

As for coverage, it’s pretty limited for now but Converge promises to keep its fiber optic network growing. They currently have the third largest fiber internet backbone in the country, just next to PLDT and Globe. It’s best to contact Converge for you inquiries through [email protected] or visit their website at www.convergeict.com.

Updated: May 17, 3:55 PM

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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53 Responses

  1. Doc says:

    Where available?

  2. Ace says:

    Holy shitballs. 500MBPS? Fiber? For 7K? Horishet.

  3. Plithh says:

    Please expand to Cavite pls pls pls.

  4. dzandueta says:

    If Converge ICT makes good on those offers, lalo in the next maybe 3-6 months, then that should force competitors to do better. Well, one can hope. :)

  5. Kevin says:

    After reading this today, I went to Converge ICT’s office in Pampanga to have my 100Mbps FiberX upgraded to 300Mbps. To my surprise, they don’t have a clue about these new plans! Why is this?

    • Levi says:

      maybe the higher officials didn’t say anything yet for that, maybe next week, they will be inform about that plan !!!

  6. Jomari says:

    before you even consider, do some research. Converge has very bad customer service and they are cheating the speed with rigged speedtest.net results since they host a test server in their network. If you really want to know your real speed in converge use testmy.net. My 100mbps connection was actually just 11Mbps being boosted in speedtest.net to look like 100Mbps. Lots of youtube videos also showing how poor the connection is.

    • Kevin says:

      This is the same with every ISP here in the Philippines. They don’t “cheat” per se. It’s how networks behave. A speedtest to their own test servers would of course give you maximum attainable speeds, it’s their home network, c’mon you should know better! When you do a test against US servers, it’s a different story as there’s a lot of hops involved.

    • Duane says:

      11 Mbps is still a lot better than the shit that PLDT, Globe or Sky provides.

    • Kevin Ong says:


      I guess you’re not aware of PLDT’s Fibr, are you? I’m using both PLDT’s and Converge’s 100 Mbps plans and I can say PLDT’s stability is better but Converge’s also good.

    • Volvo says:

      Actually 100mbps is 12.5MBps po sya. So normal normal lang test ng 11..( mbps po is megabits and MB is megabytes. 1MB is 8mbps po. ) 100mbps divide by 8 is 12.5MBps po.

    • Carrera says:

      Kevin – why wouldn’t it be cheating or false advertisement? He is suppose to have at least 30% of 100mbps. Thats the guarantee that every ISP is suppose to give. And right now he’s only getting 11% of the advertised speed.

    • Kevin says:


      That’s because the basis of that 11Mbps result (11%) is off of testmy.net (a destination server that is not based in the Philippines). Like I said, it’s all about routing.

      You’re as if saying that if your subscription is 100Mbps, you should be getting at least 30Mbps speeds from all destination servers around the Globe? That is just impossible! And this statement holds true to ISP’s even in the US, Korea, Singapore, or Japan (countries that are known to have good ISP’s). If a US-based Internet service is 100Mbps with 30% “promised” speeds and a speedtest is conducted against a Philippines-based host server, can you 100% say that it will reach that promised speed? It is possible, if the routing is good, but then again if the routing is bad the same bad result is to be expected.

      Does that make sense?

  7. jeffbora says:

    Expand please to visayas regions…

  8. Jonel Cervantes says:

    how about in the far province like palawan we need faster and reliable connection 7k for 500 mbs + No Data cap is pretty chip 100mbs is good 500mbs way much better, many foreign says that EL NIDO is a place for a PARADISE experience but a worst place for WEB user

  9. Nomar says:

    I pray Converge ICT will not give up so easily once the greedy SOB duopolies, PLDT or Globe offer to buy them out…

  10. Tim says:

    Dasmarinas please

  11. adrian says:

    meron na ba sa marilao bulacan

  12. Don says:

    Hi guys! Just to make you hope more, we are doing the best that we can to expand our fiber networks. We are aggressive in doing this and as such, we can cater fiber connections to different places as soon as possible. In some areas though, the connections are ready but the permits are not. So, expect us to grow more because we are doing the best we can to provide you the best ISP service you’ll ever had.

  13. Jerome says:

    Hi, is this available in Makati (Yakal area)? How soon before a connection is installed? Thanks

  14. Robert says:

    ask ko lng po kung meron na kayo sa Diliman/C.P Garcia Area kasi tumatawag po ako sa sales number wala naman po nasagot.. salamat po sana po meron kayo para makapagpakabit na po kami..

    • RTC says:

      They have laid down a cable along CP Garcia Ave. months ago. Whether you can hook up with it is another matter. The sales people at the office are not always updated with what the infra people on the ground have been doing.

    • RTC says:

      Like in a condo of a friend, naglatag na ang ConvergeICT (not yet activated though) pero nung tinawagan ang sales hotline, wala pa raw facility sa building.

  15. Jeff says:

    Hi. Good day! ask ko lang po kung meron sa Sampaloc Manila, near Ohayami transit. thanks!

  16. Alidon says:

    Where exactly in Mabalacat sir?

  17. Rence says:

    Marikinq Area. Is this available already?

  18. rick says:

    available na ba converge sa valenzuela?

    • Kevin says:

      All ISP’s here in the Philippines have their own FB hate pages! Most disatisfied customers are the one posting on those pages. That leaves a portion of the population (satisfied customers) not being taken into consideration. After all, why would you post something if you’re satisfied?

      Check the PLDT FB review page if you don’t believe me yet, I myself, is both a PLDT Fibr and a Converge FibrX customer!

      So you better be the one to “think again”!

  19. Liz says:

    Hi Sir Kevin!
    Since you’re a Converge user, I’d like to ask if it is really reliable?
    Bec I’m planning to start with a home-based job that requires a minimum speed of 3Mbps for download.

    I’m considering PLDT 1299 that says 3mbps.
    I’m also thinking about Smart Bro canopy plan.
    I just came across Converge and still reading reviews about it.

    Thanks for your reply!

    • Kevin says:

      I would say it is reliable but it is not perfect. The important thing is that you can call support easily (compared to PLDT’s sucky support hotline) when you encounter issues. There is minimal downtime with Converge so you’re good. Just don’t read reviews in Facebook because you only get negative reviews there for every single ISP in the planet, lol.

    • Joenel Saracho says:

      Dont go for cnopy of smartbro its sucks

  20. John says:

    Hopefully converge can also expand here in albay,bicol.. Soon… Please

  21. Christopher says:

    please maglagay po kau sa tramo pasay at makati salamat po:)

  22. Carlo says:

    Hi. meron na po ba ngayon nito sa Kawit, Cavite po?

  23. SSS says:

    Is this good in Imus, Cavite? 7 months would be done in almost 2 weeks from now if this timeline is pursued. No news of it yet and TelCos are racing for the spot of being the Third or Fourth Telco. Hopefully this goes as planned since they’re one of the contenders. Anyway, any converge users in Cavite ol?

  24. Hi my name is May Angelique Tumaliuan, I’m a sales agent for Converge, want to know the requirements for Converge Connection? Send me a text or email at 0925 736 7305 or [email protected]

  25. Shei says:

    Are you installing already here in Bella Vista, Bgy. Santiago, Gen Trias Cavite?

  26. Marie says:

    when are you going to install here in Brgy.San Francisco , Gen. Trias Cavite ?

  27. Marites Sol says:

    Please! Hope line would be available here in Lancaster New City, General Trias, Cavite City. Seems that this place is monopolized by PLDT but we’re really having a very hard time to apply on their Fiber. What we have right now is Ultera Plan which is very disappointing. Better have an option here so homeowners can have their best choice. CONVERGE PLEASE!

  28. Carlo says:

    Kawit please hehe

  29. Domeng says:

    Sa mga meron na connection. Malaki ba difference ng Plan 25 vs Plan 50?

  30. james says:

    meron na po ba dine converge sa sahud ulan,tanza sa cavite.

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