Globe to roll out unlimited LTE broadband plans?

Globe to roll out unlimited LTE broadband plans?

UPDATE (May 2, 2018, 11:00AM): Globe executives maintain that the company does not offer nor have any plans to offer unlimited LTE broadband plans. Our original story was based on over-sharing of an enthusiastic Customer Service Rep who happens to be a Globe subscriber herself. We’ve re-classified the original story under the Rumor category.

A Globe Customer Service Representative has informed us that the telco will soon launch new LTE broadband plans with unlimited data.


Globe currently has its Unli Plans with unlimited data but available only on DSL, vDSL, and Fiber plans. LTE plans, on the other hand, are stuck with monthly volume allocations under Go Big Plans. That will soon change once Globe launches its new plans with unlimited data for its LTE broadband services.

Details about the plans like connection speed, Monthly Service Fee, and availability, are not yet available but we were told that Globe is currently upgrading its networks to accommodate the new service.

Update 3:51 pm: Globe executives reached out to us saying their CSR’s statement is not true and that there’s no plan to offer unlimited broadband LTE.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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14 Responses

  1. Inggo says:

    Kung makabalita naman akala mo ano ng meron samantalang pag binasa mo ng buo title pa lang andun na lahat ng kailangan mong malaman.

  2. Meh says:

    Has hell frozen over?

  3. MIKE says:

    Paasa na naman sila. Lagi na lang…

  4. Gel says:

    Put update on top. And change article. Kesa clickbait

  5. Lance says:

    Any news about prepaid globe at home :’)

  6. Lance says:

    Any news about prepaid Globe at Home? :’)

  7. yooga says:

    Fake news na naman galing sa yugatech… how dense can you be to take a word from a csr and not verify it with the company. The clicks must have been worth that much to ignore.

  8. A says:


  9. Jack says:

    Fake news. Might as well remove the article or append the “update” to the heading instead of posting an italicized footnote update.

  10. mototelic says:

    After reading the update I’m now ABSOLUTELY SURE that globe will hand out unli LTE plans soon. Always believe the opposite of what globe says. Always.

  11. J says:

    Fake NEWS

  12. Fake says:

    Na fake news tayo hahaha

  13. SunCell Subscriber says:

    Dumaan si Mocha Uson sa YugaTech HQ. hahaha! JK guys

  14. El Gato says:

    Nasa yugatech na ba si Mocha?

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