Google Pixel 4 scores 112 at DxOMark, places below Galaxy S10 Plus

Google Pixel 4 scores 112 at DxOMark, places below Galaxy S10 Plus

DxOMark has released their camera review of the Google Pixel 4, currently ranking it 8th among all of the phones they’ve reviewed.

DxOMark gave Google Pixel 4 an overall score of 112 points, placing just below the Samsung Galaxy S10+ which scored 113 points.


According to DxOMark, the Google Pixel 4‘s camera produces vivid colors in bright light with quick and accurate autofocus capability, good levels of exposure under all conditions, and captures good detail at close and medium-range zoom. Unfortunately, it suffers from noise in all conditions, with moire patterns in bright light and some misestimation in depth resulting in artifacts in bokeh mode.

Additionally, DxOMark also stated that in video mode, the camera can handle noise well, giving good detail and exposure in both outdoor and indoor recordings with a fairly wide dynamic range.  Colors are also vivid and the white balance is also good. Autofocus is accurate and quick, and the stabilization is fairly effective. There are, however, noticeable motion in walking videos and suffers from a lack of detail when shooting in low light.

You can read DxOMark’s review here.

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