Google to develop Snapchat-like media content technology

Google to develop Snapchat-like media content technology

Google has been developing a Snapchat-like media content which will be called “Stamp” and will be announced sometime next week.

Stamp will be similar to Snapchat’s “discover” feature to step up its game on news dissemination in technology.

Google, along with other publishers such as Vox Media, CNN, Mic, The Washington Post, and Time Inc., will be participating in this project. The company said that it will be integrating the already built “AMP” service which has a faster loading time than the regular web pages. The project is called “Stamp”, where the “st” stands for “stories”.


Google’s goal for creating this technology is to deliver news and information on a faster speed. This new development will be a move from Google to step up in the digital media landscape since Facebook Inc. already has its instant article platform, and Apple Inc. having its Apple News App.

Google will also integrate this service to their famous search engine service. Stories will also appear on the publishers’ websites. This is different from Snap’s application wherein you can only view stories on the app itself.

It is also said that Google “Stamp” will hopefully offer to bring more “app-like” content to their mobile web audiences without sacrificing any fast loading pages in the process since apps such as Snapchat offers more dynamic-experience than the “AMP” feature of Google that it has to date.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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    Google trying yet another messaging app for the N-th time.

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