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How to help find Malaysia Airlines MH370 from your PC

We are all still saddened by the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 over the weekend, but it is now possible to help since the Colorado-based DigitalGlobe is now crowdsourcing people who have a computer and Internet to join the search for the missing aircraft. Find out how after the break.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

Last Saturday, Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost communications with air traffic control and just seemed to vanish from the face of the earth. Since then, search and rescue teams from different countries (including Philippines) joined forces and have been looking for clues and considering different angles just to come up with a possible explanation — but still to no avail.

It was reported that US firm DigitalGlobe have been taking detailed photos of the Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea, and the Strait of Malacca using its satellites since there are areas in these places that haven’t been searched by other satellites as of yet. The images are being uploaded to Tomnod, a crowdsourcing site that helps identify bits and pieces when natural calamities strike or other incidents happen.

Source: Tonmod

Source: Tomnod

This is where we come in: By signing up on Tomnod, we could help comb through the vast space of water and look for debris that might have come from flight 370.

“This is a real needle-in-the-haystack problem, except the haystack is in the middle of the ocean,” said Luke Barrington of DigitalGlobe to KMGH. “I will ask you to mark anything that looks interesting, any signs of wreckage or life rafts.”

So far hundreds and thousands of visitors have swarmed the website, scouring through the images. It even got to the point that the site crashed, but was soon fixed and is now operational once again. If you have time to spare then head on to Tomnod and be part of the search!

You may hit the source link for more info on DigitalGlobe and Tomnod.


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  1. Abed says:

    Server down sir. :(

  2. testUser says:

    Google warns people NOT to use Google Maps to search for missing plane


  3. benchmark says:

    i was able to connect to their server and was able to view and tagged two boat. but no plane. I stop it after I thought China already found the plane….but there was no debris in the area according to vietnam…will continue searching via online to help.

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