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Lenovo buys Motorola from Google

In a surprising news, Google has agreed to sell its newly-acquired phone company, Motorola, to Lenovo for just $3 billion. Google bought Motorola 2 years ago for $12.5 billion (story here).

Since Google bought Motorola last August 2011, it has released very few phones, including the highly-customizable Moto X and the really affordable Moto G.


However, Google admitted it could not quite handle running a hardware company. Lenovo steps in to take over the handset division and a few related patents for a mere $3 billion. Google will retain a sizable number of the 2,000 patents it got from Motorola.

Lenovo is currently the number 1 PC maker in the world but has not set any good foot-hold in the western world. The Motorola brand could very well its ticket to the US.

Earlier this month, Lenovo has also announced it is buying IBM’s server division.


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21 Responses

  1. john says:

    this could mean a cheaper Motorola devices with better build quality in the future :) I just hope that they would not put bloated software in their motorola devices. sana pure Google ang OS na ilalagay nila sa motorola

  2. genius says:

    Long live China! Go! go! go! Conquer the world!

  3. yeshun says:

    China, China,China,!! all hail to China

  4. ?????? says:


  5. i hate siopao says:

    made in china again,,cheaper phone,,poor quality,,

    • bajigjig says:

      Poor quality? LOLs

      Try telling that to Sony with their failing LCD’s on a huge number of Xperias.

      Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    • FelixTheMatt says:

      Ummm rrriiight… Because iPhones, iPads, expensive android phones and tablets are not assembled in China…

  6. lovidoo says:

    long live china the asian bully..

  7. Benchmark says:

    Aw! This is a sad news ata…baka maging rebranded phone na lang ang Motorola nito…nako wag naman sana…I like motorla. Most of my phones way back are motorola…they have good built quality and unique design…currently I own Moto Droid Razr (Kevlar back).

    Well sana talaga same pa din ang magandang quality ng Motorola after this aquisition…

    Hmmm bakit hinde na lang binili ng Cherry Mobile ang Motorola? toinks!

    • lakan tutero says:

      Cherry Mobile will never have the capability to buy or even rent such company like Motorola because Motorola has a lot of pricy patents and massive mobile division.

      Kaya lang naman binili ng Google yung Motorola kasi patents lang naman ng Motorola yung habol ng Google sa kanila.

    • Carlos says:

      How can Motorola be rebranded when they have their own manufacturers eversince? And even Lenovo smartphones are made by Lenovo itself and they are not rebranded phones.

  8. Justin says:

    Aren’t Motorola phones manufactured in the US? With the Lenovo acquisition, this might be the first China company that does its manufacturing in the US… unless they decide to move it back to China.

    • john says:

      Lenovo has PC manufacturing plant in US already. I dont think they will manufacture motorola devices in US kasi pricey ang labor. mas makakatipid talaga kung sa China imamanufacture ang mga gadgets.

  9. Paul Eugenio says:

    I think Lenovo has offices and production in the US.

  10. Yusuf says:

    Goodbye Moto. You did great.

  11. lakan tutero says:

    Oh the irony just when I’m about to buy the Moto X here in the States. Oh well.

  12. Crappy says:

    Great! More kobe dumbass bryant endorsees… adnaseum… VOMIT

  13. ocommon27 says:

    “Hello Moto!” =)

  14. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    Well, I guess that makes the moto maker easier for us to reach.

  15. evs says:

    It seems that Google did not really go after the mobile phones but more on the patents since they still retain the bulk of patents from motorola.

  16. DeeKaye01 says:

    So basically, google sold moto to lenovo excluding patents? hmmm

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