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Mazda Philippines Car Prices for 2018

Early this year Mazda Philippines, along with other automobile manufacturers, released an updated price list that is already in accordance with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) package.


If you’re curious how TRAIN has affected the retail prices of Mazda’s vehicles, we got you covered. Check out the updated prices in our table down below.

Mazda 2Premium SeriesPHP 998,000PHP 1,035,000
SkyActiv R 4DRPHP 975,000PHP 1,015,000
SkyActiv V+ 4DRPHP 895,000PHP 938,000
SkyActiv V+ 5DRPHP 865,000PHP 918,000
SkyActiv S 4DR M/TPHP 748,000PHP 849,000
Mazda 32018 SPEED with BOSEPHP 1,398,000PHP 1,490,000
SkyActiv R 5DRPHP 1,268,000PHP 1,290,000
SkyActiv V 5DRPHP 1,018,000PHP 1,078,000
SkyActiv R 4DRPHP 1,248,000PHP 1,270,000
SkyActiv V 4DRPHP 998,000PHP 1,058,000
Mazda 62.2L SkyActiv-D 4DRPHP 1,985,000PHP 2,150,000
2.5L Sports WagonPHP 1,845,000PHP 2,080,000
2.5L SkyActiv 4DRPHP 1,795,000PHP 1,950,000
MX-5 RFSkyActiv A/T (with Nappa Leather Interior)PHP 2,250,000PHP 2,280,000
SkyActiv A/tPHP 2,180,000PHP 2,220,000
MS-5 Soft Top2.0L SkyActiv A/TPHP 1,980,000PHP 2,050,000
2.0L SkyActiv M/TPHP 1,780,000PHP 1,850,000
CX32.0L AWD ACTIVPHP 1,480,000PHP 1,600,000
2.0L FWD SPORTPHP 1,380,000PHP 1,510,000
2.0L FWD PROPHP 1,280,000PHP 1,290,000
CX52.2L SkyActiv-D AWDPHP 2,200,000PHP 2,200,000
2.5L AWD SPORTPHP 1,950,000PHP 1,950,000
2.0 FWD PROPHP 1,650,000PHP 1,650,000
CX92.5L SkyActiv-Turbo AWD Grand TouringPHP 2,830,000PHP 2,830,000
BT-503.2L 4x4 A/TPHP 1,550,000PHP 1,550,000
2.2L 4x2 A/TPHP 1,395,000PHP 1,395,000
2.2L 4x2 M/TPHP 1,350,000PHP 1,350,000

Stay tuned for more 2018 price lists of other car brands in the Philippines.

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