New Globe GoRoam promo for HK, Indonesia, Thailand

Globe is introducing new international roaming packages for three destinations this quarter — Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

Globe Goroam

The new country-exclusive Globe GoRoam promo starts at only Php400 pesos and is valid for up to 30 days.

PromoPriceGB AllocationValidity
GoRoam IndonesiaP40025GB30 days
GoRoam ThailandP50015GB8 days
GoRoam Hong KongP6003GB5 days

To enjoy GoRoam, customers need to register and track their data usage via the GlobeOne app. GlobeOne app users can also register other accounts to GoRoam and have the flexibility to pay using different options: charge to bill, charge to load, credit card or GCash.

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GoRoam promos only work in a specific country and each GoRoam offer also has its own allocation, validity and price. If Globe customers wish to enjoy all-access, cross-country data roaming, they can register to other Roam Surf promos via the GlobeOne app.

For more information about Globe GoRoam, visit (for Postpaid) and (for Prepaid).

Goroam Prepaid V2

Goroam Postpaid V2

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  1. Avatar for elwin elwin says:

    I actually tried the “Roam Surf” 1GB promo when i was in Dubai 3 weeks ago, it’s not working and they deducted PHP399 from my account. Luckily i got the free tourist SIM card with 1GB in it from the UAE instead after Immigration.

  2. Avatar for Christine Christine says:

    SIM card rejester

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