PLDT outs Fibr Plan 1699 with up to 5 Mbps connection

PLDT outs Fibr Plan 1699 with up to 5 Mbps connection

PLDT has released the new Fibr Plan 1699 which can provide Internet speeds of up to 5 Mbps.

Fibr Plan 1699 is the company’s newest and most affordable Fibr Plan in their lineup. This is after PLDT released the Fibr Plan 1899 with up to 20 Mbps back in November.


Like some of PLDT’s Fibr Plans, Fibr Plan 1699 doesn’t have a monthly volume allowance although you will need to pay for the modem and installation fee amounting to Php3,300 or pay Php109/month for 36 months.

To apply for PLDTs Home Fibr Plans, hit the source link below.

source: PLDT

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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40 Responses

  1. Sanchi says:

    Lokohan yung 5mbps fiber plan. Nag fiber plan ka pa.

    • Christian A says:

      I believe kaya may ganitong plan, kasi hindi na need ng phone line unlike the DSL Plan na you need an existing PLDT phone line.

  2. Perry says:

    these modem rentals are annoying? they still force you to rent the pldt modem even if you have your own equipment.

  3. Mr Cool says:

    From 5Mbps to 20Mbps…. 200 pesos lang difference. Dapat baguhin Sistema dito satin imbes na UP TO ang ilagay dapat MIN SPEED para hindi naloloko mga customer. Halimbawa 20Mbps plan MIN SPEED 256kbps.. o di ba ganern.

  4. Kalurky says:

    Pang exclusive villages lang ang Fibr, according to their area coverage listing. In short, pangmayaman lang. For lower income brackets kagaya namin na walang gate at security yung lugar, yung bulok nilang DSL plans lang ang available.

    • Nethnet says:

      Available ang Fibr sa mga establishments at bahay na nakatayo katabi ng major highways. Samin dito sa Minuyan part ng San Jose del Monte City mas nauna pa magka Fibr kesa 4G at 3G ng smart.

    • Nethnet says:

      Available ang Fibr sa mga establishments at bahay na nakatayo katabi ng major highways. Samin dito sa Minuyan part ng San Jose del Monte City mas nauna pa magka Fibr kesa 4G at 3G ng smart..

  5. phillip says:

    Globe plan 1599 is up to 15mbps / 20mpbs(fibre) with 150GB data allowance which will be throttled down to 30% 4.5mbps / 6mbps(fibre). Which means mas ok pa din ang globe kahit may data allowance pa yung sa kanila.

  6. Pldt sucks says:

    5 Mbps na yung Plan1,299 DSL plan nila with landline. PLDT sucks!

  7. Gustavo Woltmann says:

    I hope it is true that you will get 5 Mbps. Anyway this is a good offer of PLDT.

    – Gustavo Woltmann

    • Humble says:

      Fibr plans po may data cap. Sa 1299 fibr plan, 50GB a month. Baka sa ito 70-80GB. Isip tlg, 36 months is a very very long long time po.

  8. meltskie says:

    hindi dapat 5mbps dapat mga 10 mbps
    kc kung kumpara mo sa plan 1899 naka 20mbps k na 200 php lng halos pagitan

    • Al says:

      Mindgame nila yan para mapilitan kang 1899 kunin kasi konti lng dagdag sa presyo mas mabilis pa.

  9. Justin says:

    PLDT HOME DSL Plan 999 (FAMPLAN999) is also up to 5mbps but not including landline MSF.
    and landline MSF is usually cost 600~700.

  10. Humble says:

    Eto PLDT fibr plans patawa. Tanga lng tlg ang mag avail nito. 36mos pa lock up period. Kahit 1000mbps ang speed pro data cap is 50GB. Wala pang isang linggo, cgurado sobra na ako sa data cap. Mas okay pa yung 1299 nila, 3mbps lng speed pro unlimited data.

  11. binoy says:

    No wonder Globe is clobbering PLDT in every aspect of their operations. Instead of creating competitive plans that will grab market share, they ruin it by slapping additional costs to customers that can be avoided in the first place. PLDT needs out of the box thinkers if they want to regain their lost standing.

    • Orange says:

      No, both are evil but I will never get a Globe. They’re billing is the most horrendous you’ll ever encounter. To make those kinds of error, either Globe’s billing department is full of idiots OR they are unscrupulous and just plain thieves. Either way hindi maganda. So no matter how enticing their offers are, I look back when I was fighting them tooth and nail over their horrible billing and downright dishonesty and nope, never EVER again Globe.

  12. ren says:

    Matagal na nilang plan yan since September 2013 pa ganyan plan ko, hindi kasama sa official lists ng mga villages/subds. Yung lugar namin pero may fiber connection kami. PLAN 999 yan ng gaya ng PLDT homeDSL speed plan 999. Tawag ng costumer service nila fiber powered DSL. Ang binabayaran ko monthly ay 1690.74, pero speed lang nya dati ay 3mbps. Tapos pina downgrade ko sa plan 1299 last Nov. 2015 kasi umalis ako ng pinas pero sa ngayon ang speed nya ay 3mbps.

  13. orak says:

    Not every sweet PLDT promo
    or PLDT fbr sales campaign
    comes with a sweet intention,
    always be mindful of that.

  14. bodong says:

    gago mga telcos sa pinas dapat maturuan sila ng leksyon

  15. Matthew says:

    I’m paying P1650 monthly for a PLDT Home Fibr 10Mbps with landline. :P

  16. amateur says:

    may data cap ba ito monthly? or unlimited?… wala kasi details sa website nila.

  17. Zion21 says:

    Hi ung modem b nito my lan?? For wired connection?

  18. sam says:

    Kaka-kabit lang ng fiber plan 1299 sakin kanina..pag katest pumalo ng 10 mbps by 11 pm naging 1 mbps nalang..loko talaga tong pldt…. yung gusto ko sana na plan is 1899 20 mbps unlimited kaso hindi daw available… any review sa fibr pla 1299? may capping ba? thanks

    • Daryll Jan Dela Rosa says:

      Mukhang yung may cap sayo kasi ang bilis ng speed for 1299. Saamin Fibr 1299 pero 3 Mbps lang kaya siya unlimited.

  19. Royce says:

    Ako wala pang 1 week ang 10 mbps ko naging 2mbps nalang tang ina. akala ko sandali lang yon pero nagtuloy tuloy na. okay lang sana kung kahit mga 6mbps lang ang maabutan kasi with bundle kami. Kaya lang parang PLDTHOMEDSL lng kami ngayon wala pang isang buwan. Gagong PLDT toh

    • Trixie says:

      Unlimited ba yung inavail mo? alam ko each plan may dalawang options eh. I’m planning to get Pldt fiber pa naman.

  20. james rid says:

    yung 5mbps connection ko super ganda at super bilis,damn minsan umuusok na yung modem sa sobrang bilis king ina

  21. Jlix19 says:

    Unlimited po ba yung PLDT Fibr 1899 PLAN? Di bali na kung yung 20mbps babagsak ng 4mbps dahil yung PLDT Ultera namin ay 3mbps lang yung bilis kahit 10mbps yung aming pinaconnect.

  22. pldt fibr 5mbps po plan ko..pero bakit 700kbps lang yung magagamit..

  23. Dave Sample says:

    Hi pano malalaman if yung pldt fibr box pwede ng iconnect sa place namin ? Kasi medyo malayo pa sa bahay namin yung box eh . Nag try na kami once sa isa pa naming bahay pero medyo malayo din sya sa box , minsan hindi kinakaya yung connection lalo na pag wifi pero napag tatyagaan pa naman . Eh balak sana namin lumipat ng mas malapit na fibr box kaso di pa available . TIA :))

  24. Luhan says:

    ano pong pinag kaiba ng home dsl 5mbps sa fiber plan 5 mbps ?

    • Hagen says:

      Ideally parehas na 5mbps yun UL/DL speeds ng fiber.

      5mbps/1mbps yun max UL/DL ng DSL pero may landline sya AFAIK

  25. antonio yoma says:

    Ung 5mbps naging .47 mbps grabe talaga tong pldt na to. Nung una lng mabilis

  26. marianne says:

    Naano lang ako, Yung bill namin sa pldt is 2082 eh ang inavail ko is 1699 lang bakit po kaya

  27. Maria salome Sugui says:

    I want to avail the 1,699 pldt fibre

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