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Samsung Galaxy J series discontinued

The Samsung Galaxy J series is now officially discontinued after the continuous launch of its Galaxy A-series line up this year.

The topic of discontinuing the Galaxy J series has been around since September 2018. However, thanks to an official video from Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube channel, it is now confirmed that the series is dead but has now merged to the Galaxy A-series.

Unfortunately, they didn’t specify the reason why they stopped the J series, but based on the video, the company highlighted innovations and improvements that can be found in the Galaxy A-series. These features include a longer lasting battery, fast charging technology, multi-lens cameras, Infinity Display, and on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Samsung is not yet done as they will be officially launching the Galaxy A70 and A80 today (April 10) in Thailand.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    The best decision samsung did. A is the new J! :D

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