Starlink credits back Php2,700 due to shipment delays

While last week’s delay on shipments of Starlink Satellites continue to be a problem for DHL, subscribers are already charged their monthly service fee by Starlink.

This is due to the condition of the subscription that subscription fees will begin after 2 weeks from date of shipment of the satellite kit. However, due to the delays in import permit that held up the package at DHL, the monthly subscription fee of Php2,700 has already started even before the kits actually arrive.

Starlink has sent out another update on this:

We are reaching out to inform you of delays during the import process of your order and would like to assure you that Starlink and DHL are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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There is no action required on your part. Since billing automatically starts 2 weeks after your order shipped, we will issue a service credit which will be applied to your next service bill.

We apologize for the inconvenience and truly appreciate your patience and support.

Likewise, Starlink has issued a credit to customer accounts that have been affected with a Php2,700 towards the account.

This means the first month subscription fee is already waived.

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  1. Avatar for Christian Go Christian Go says:

    Please correct your posting. The import license is not a responsibility of DHL but it should be secured by the importer. I’m happy to shed more light into it but DHL is only the service provider for delivery.

    Christian Go
    DHL Supply Chain

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