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The Apple Pencil Pro might be unveiled later today

In a few hours, Apple might be unveiling the Apple Pencil Pro at an event they recently teased.

We initially believed that the stage was set for a new iPad model. But with recent news and no mention of tablets leading up to the event, the Apple Pencil Pro launch is likely.

According to MacRumors , Apple’s Japanese website has a reference in its code suggesting the existence of the Apple Pencil Pro. Next, the event invite above subtly includes a graphic of an Apple Pencil.

With these coming together, we have somewhat of a clearer idea of what’s to come later today in Apple’s event. Given that it’s set to unveil at 10PM PHT, all signs point towards an Apple Pencil release.

However, to level our expectations, we have to reiterate that the reference is available only on Apple’s Japanese website. Other countries do not provide the same caption, so it’s possible that it could be a translation error.

It doesn’t help that the graphic doesn’t show us a new pencil design in any capacity, either. Anyway, we’re convinced that Apple’s stylus needs an update. The Apple Pencil hasn’t received any major changes since 2018’s second gen model.

Are you guys looking forward to tonight’s event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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