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TNT announces SurfSaya 30 unlimited all-net calls promo

TNT has just launched an unlimited all-net calls bonus with its SurfSaya 30 promo.


For a limited time, TNT is adding unlimited calls to all networks in its SurfSaya 30 promo. The SurfSaya 30 promo also includes 300MB data + 100MB per day (for Facebook and Messenger), unlitexts to all networks for three days.

To register, simply dial *123# and choose SurfSaya 30 +BONUS on the menu. Promo runs until September 30, 2019.

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5 Responses

  1. diana tutol says:

    how to call to other network? when its unlimited call to all network

  2. I chose surfsaya30+bonus and I can’t call other network.

  3. Danica says:

    I can’t call other network

  4. DaRk says:

    This promo si shittyyy…
    I avail this surfsaya+bunos fuck you tnt i need add P30 to make calls for any network.. This fuck you gag0.. Putang inang promo to….

  5. Mentong says:

    Mga ewan all net lang to hindi pang all other net.. Pag all net yun po yung same network like tnt-smart (since iisa Naman ng net yan) I’m not sure if pwede sya sa suncell pero if u want to call other net like globe or tm, aba day/doy ano kayo siniswerte??? Hahahah

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