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Twitter’s core domain systems officially moved to X.com

Twitter has now officially moved their core domain systems to X.com. It was announced that the platform has completed moving its systems to its new domain over the weekend.

After more than a year since Elon Musk bought the platform, X taking over is a surely done deal. While Twitter’s old domain is still accessible to a certain extent, it’s going away very soon.

Musk purchased the platform with big plans, with some in effect like Grok AI. However, the most surprising move to date is rebranding the platform to X.

Musk wanted to develop the platform into something else outside of social media entirely. Now, it continues to veer away from what it originally was.

The platform also has a new landing page to mark the official change. With the blue bird no more, the new page commemorates the platform’s new iteration.

Despite the change, X still promises to prioritize data privacy and protection along with new features. Wrapping up, it’s time to say goodbye to Twitter and move towards Musk’s annually controversial X platform.

What do you guys feel about X.com? Share your thoughts on the platform in the comment section below.

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