Asus K42J Review

Asus K42J Review

Asus’ new line of laptops brings a number of the latest Core i3 and Core i5 processors. The Asus K42J is among them — a typical 14-inch laptop, running a Core i5 430M @ 2.26GHz.

The laptop feels a bit heavy and thick on the side — not something you’d prefer lugging around with. The unit has a black glossy finish (with a slight dark printed accent) from the lid right up to the palm rest (expect this to be messy with finger-prints).

The usual ports are found on both sides — 3 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, VGA and LAN. The SD/MMC card reader is slightly hidden smack in the bottom front, right below the trackpad.

The full-sized keyboard comes with chiclet-type keys, spaced generously for comfortable touch-typing. Keyboard orientation seems normal with no odd placement of keys or additional special keys although would have been nice to have a bigger Enter key in here.

The trackpad is a little flushed to the left and inherits the same design and polished surface as the palm rest but is a bit recessed. The trackpad area is a bit small considering the size of the laptop and the clickers are not separated between the left and right buttons.

The 14-inch display is bright and clear, with a basic resolution of 133×768 pixels (which is usually the standard resolution of most laptops nowadays).

For a summary of the laptop’s specifications, here’s a screenshot from Speccy:

Asus K42JR A1 specs:
14.1″ display @ 1366×768 pixel
Intel Core i5 430M @ 2.26GHz (2 Cores, 4 Threads)
EG Park (ATI Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0
Weight: 2.2kg
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


The processor is a dual-core 2.26GHz Core i5 with 4 threads and can go up to 2.53GHz on Turbo Boost.

On a related note, this is the second time I’ve encountered that “EG Park” in the specs but if my additional digging is correct, it looks like an ATI Radeon HD5450 with 1GB DDR3 RAM.

The Radeon HD5450 is an entry-level graphics card for laptops that supports DirectX 11. It should be able to perform just barely enough (low to medium detail settings) at its maximum resolution of 1366×768.

Windows Experience Index gives the Core i5 430M a sub-score of 6.7 and a base score of 4.9 due to the graphics performance.

PassMark Ratings:
CPU Mark: 2630.4
2D Graphics Mark: 281.9
3D Graphics Mark: 338.0
Memory Mark: 559.2
Disk Mark: 826.8
Passmark Rating: 1019.7

The laptop comes with only a 4400mAh Li-Ion battery, which is not really that much so it’s not a surprise that the unit can only do around 2 hours of battery life on a full single charge.

The unit also comes with a pre-installed facial recognition software that works using the built-in webcam so you can login to Windows by merely posing at the camera when prompted.

We’re not sure with the actual price of this specific model (there are like over a dozen different configurations) but if my guess is right, it’s between Php39k to Php42k.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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101 Responses

  1. Wakocoke says:

    K42J laptops are 35k in foxcom gilmore :)

  2. riffcracker says:

    got my ASUS K42Jk from PC LIVE for P 33,900 (originally P35,900, P2000 discount if cash based) with the ff specifications:

    Intel Core i3 2.26 Ghz
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 1GB DDR3
    3GB RAM DDR3
    No OS
    and the other specifications mentioned in your review.

    the only problems with it is teh touch pad, which feels like a bit rough, and the speakers which anytime just makes a crackling noise when it tries to produce a sound from any applications running (even system sounds). it only goes back to normal after rebooting. i don’t know if i was just unlucky with the purchase.

    it still a good buy after all.

  3. riffcracker says:

    forgot the hard drive, it’s 320 GB :)

  4. yuga says:

    @Wakocoke – there are many model configurations – from Core i3 to Core i5. Price ranges from 33k to 45k.

  5. qwertio says:

    i got my Asus kj42 laptop last week but not sure which kj42. here are the specs

    Intel core i5 450M
    2GB ddr3 ram(upgraded to 4GB)
    320GB HD
    no OS
    Nvidia GeForce 310M
    39,990k @ pc-gilmore, gilmore i.t. center

    great laptop in terms of performance due to the fast processor and graphics card.
    I had a few problems though. btw, it’s my 2nd unit since the first had a factory defect. There is only one socket for audio output and input. For my 2nd replaced unit, the audio output for headphones is choppy/muddy but fine with speakers. the first unit(with factory defect) did not have the same problem.
    Since the laptop uses Nvidia Cuda-switchable graphics between the built in intel hd graphics and nvidia 310m, the W7 experience index gets the results of the intel built in graphics card. Same happens when i check if the laptop is compatible with a game in

    i tried installing crysis and it worked somewhat smoothly on medium graphics. nvidia cuda switched to the nvidia 310M graphics card. however, in warcraft, it is quite choppy.
    as i know about nvidia cuda, it automatically switches when the application requires higher end graphics from the default intel graphics card which saves power. so i think in warcraft, the laptop still uses the intel graphics card, making it choppy. can someone tell me a way to manually switch the graphics card?

  6. Wakocoke says:

    oops sorry, akala ko k42JC :)

  7. cindy says:

    too bad the battery don’t have a long-life knowing that it comes with only a 4400mAh Li-Ion battery.. so that means you need to take with you a charger ALL the time

  8. beef says:

    @qwertio — right now the only thing you can do is to get the latest profiles for the optimus graphics switcher. Its those profiles which determine when Optimus switches from your integrated to discrete graphics solution. It’s like an antivirus dat file for your graphics chipset. you need updated ones. Puzzles me though, cuz Warcraft is a pretty old game, there should already be an Optimus profile for that in the default Nvidia driver install.. and some users have said that it does switch in WC. (second hand info lang tho).. Try getting the latest Nvidia Verde drivers?

  9. neon says:

    i dont know if this can beat my k40in running for one week with no heat at the palm rest at all….

  10. tamlyle2k10 says:

    parang kamukha ng daddy ikaw ba yan ——>

  11. Peejhay says:

    i got my k42jr i bought it sa asianic 41k

    360gb hdd
    4gb ddr3
    windows 7 home basic 64-bit
    ati 5470 1GB gddr3

    i upgraded the os to win7 ultimate but in 32-bit

    kaso ang masama lang dito ung 3.5mm socket nya isa lang.. you need to choose kung mic o headset ang gagamitin mo

  12. Peejhay says:

    oh and one more thing na gusto ko dito sa laptop..

    hindi siya nainit :D.

  13. qwertio says:

    @beef: thanks.. ill look into the profiles..

    @Peejhay: as i know, there is a headset option when u plug a device. so i think you can use both.

  14. Ebengt0t says:


    r u sure? 1 lang 3.5mm jack?

    Pero ok na yung specs nya compared sa iba.

  15. Jay says:

    I’m planning to buy 1 laptop and 1 netbook by the end of October this year. Can you please have a review for the following units:

    Asus A42/K42f
    HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition
    Samsung R430
    Toshiba Satellite C650-18F

    or do you have any recommendation/s which one is better.



  16. jaz says:

    I got my Asus K42J at Octagon SM Megamall with a free Brother Multifunction wireless printer (scanner/printer/photocopier) at 38K. Here are the specs:
    Core I3 -350M 2.26ghz
    ATI Radeon 512MB
    14inch LED
    HDD 500GB
    Memory 2GB
    OS Windows 7
    I have not explored it that much yet but i like its keyboard,nice typing experience. In terms of appearance, do you think its attractive enough? Which is better Asus or Toshiba in terms of appearance and performance? Anyone give your opinion on this.

  17. qwertio says:

    i have a kj42 laptop but i have a problem with the audio. When I use my X-mini speakers on it, it sounds fine. however, when i use ANY earphone, it sounds muddy, unclear.

  18. cjane says:

    ahm.. audio ngah Lng ang problema to be perfect.

  19. mrie says:

    hello, i want to how much there the asus a42/k42f? is is good to buy?


  20. mrie says:

    hello, i want to know how much there the asus a42/k42f? is is good to buy?


  21. Jay says:

    @Mrie, according to my friends Asus A42/K42f is good (it’s within my budget also..hahaha). Current selling price here in KSA is around SAR2,200.00 (Php26,400.00), expect it to be higher there due to taxes. I planning to buy nxt week.

  22. Alvin says:

    I bought the 15 in version, K52JC last week for 35K.

    15.6in. LED
    Intel® Core™i5-450
    2.0Gb DDR3
    nVidia® GeForce® 310M 1.0Gb
    No OS.

    Will you recommend installing Windows 7 64 bit over 32 bit version given these specs?

  23. carlo says:

    @alvin, san mo bnili na 35k? cash ba kya 35k lng?

  24. mrie says:

    thanks jay..i will buy tommorow, is there a big difference without the nvidia ge force??

  25. Alvin says:

    Yep cash and after haggling hehe. I bought it at pc corner gilmore

  26. I have my ASUS-K42Jc Core i-3 with 2.26Ghz, 500Gb HDD, 4Gb DDR3, 1Gb ATI-Radeon Mobility, Windows 7 64 bit (downgrade to 32 bit and it’s a success) only the ratings become 4.9 to 4.8. It has a Face Recognition Log on features. This laptop is what we call the “Jack of all Trades” which is good for gaming (Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2, Swat 4, Doom 3, F.E.A.R., Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 and etc.) and excellent in multi-tasking and a very wide range when it comes to Wi-Fi. My Negative Comments for ASUS is their “touch pad” which is not that good and smooth and their speakers which is not that good (needs improvement)..alternative solution is to buy a speaker, keyboard and mouse..and don’t forget to buy your cooling pad.. :)

  27. Khen says:

    Where can I buy this laptop in manila, the one with core i5 w/ati raedeon graphics card and what store sells the cheapest?

  28. jhe12826 says:

    I had a K42JC VR031 core i3 – 350M
    I bought it last Oct 2 at MOA for 31T w/o OS
    My proble are,

    1. Touch pad feature was GONE (can’t zoom in/out & scroll with 2 finger)
    Is there any short key to activate it?

    2. How to activate the Facial recognition logon?

  29. FATI says:

    how to active the facial recognition logon ?

    tanks for answer

  30. kim says:

    i got an asus k42j, when i plugged my speakers, it cant be unplugged… it’s lock it was stocked but it worked well with the sounds, how come that it could not be unplugged? help!

  31. blocklisted says:

    got 1 Asus k42j series… core i5, 320gb , 2gb, and 2gb ati video card already.. its awesome. like to play nba 2k11 for the whole day…hehe.. got this at P 38,500 at sm marikina. ph.

  32. Khen says:

    – in what store did you bought that in marikina?

  33. Ray says:

    Yes bought 600 dollars last 2 months ago..its very nice like piano finish.,very easy to install the driver and applications in just one click.., i like the sound altec lansing,
    Asus K42J
    Core i3
    LED display
    HD 320
    Radeon 748mb
    I Like it overall…
    But the Battery problem..only 4-5 hours…

  34. barcode says:

    Peejhay’s right.. only one outlet… i did not notice this before so now i’m going to look for USB headset hoping it can accommodate both headset and mic..

  35. Jessie Yaneza says:

    can you give a feedback if the USB headset fit on you asus k42j? If its fit…I’m gonna buy one for my asus.
    I like my k42j, I use it everyday 1 hr in the morning and almost 3 hours at night.

  36. dennis says:

    got a k42j i5, 4g ram, 500g hd and 2g ati video card @ P36k. works better than expected and a breeze. my only complaint is cramped usb ports on the left side.

  37. spyler says:

    Guys, meron ako asus a42jc.
    core i5 siya. Napansin ko lang kasi nung nag eedit ako sa sony vegas 10 mabilis siya walang problema. Pero nung sinaksak ko na yung AC adaptor niya, bigla mag drop yung speed ng processor at mawawala ang turbo boost so in result babagal ang editing ko sa HD. Pero pag tinanggal mo ang AC adaptor niya bibilis ulit at meron na siya ulit turbo boost. Any one experience the same problem?

  38. Ty says:

    i bought mine last june at complink for 34k. it’s a good buy. though i do have some complaints. the keyboards have good feedback for typing but it gets tiring on gaming. maybe its just me or the wide spacing of the keys. audio is somewhat good. i just turn off the srs option when in laptop mode and turn it on when using ext speakers. graphics are okay. hd movies look crisp. games run better on low-to-medium settings.2007 and older games can do high settings. max cpu temp while gaming heats up to 85º C. lag is acceptable but when hdd runs at 55ºC temp it freezes up to about 10 seconds while playing. games played are mafia 2 (med-high settings), nba2k11 (high), bad company 2 (med), just cause 2 (med), call of duty 4(high), swat 4(high), sniper ghost warrior(med), halo combat evolved(med), sniper elite(high). one more thing, my screen developed a white vertical line on the left side. i dunno if its a hardware or just a driver problem.still googling it. it’s still in warranty but i dont want the lcd to be replaced just yet with a refurbished one. anybody who has the same problem though?

  39. laura says:


    good thing i saw this thread… i have k42jc… but its video card, ati radeon, says its only 512mb… can i increase it to 1g or 2g like you guys? i dont mind spending if i can make mine faster…

    coz overall, its really a great laptop… just cant sleep sometimes thinking if this laptop of mine is slow…. i really invested my money on this thing…

    ooh, can the built in camera be changed too? or do i need to buy a new usb cam? i really like asus as my brand but so sad they cant increase their built in cam to 1.3 megapix like acer…

    please, if u have time.. pls reply =)

  40. laura says:

    and oh… where is the built in microphone? just simply curious as to where it is…

    will be waiting for your answers =)

  41. rey says:

    1st i will buy vaio but looking in intrnet discussion about laptops and computer expert Asus is one a heck good laptop compare to other brand mostly expert just give 4 best brand which is 1st Mac 2nd Asus 3rd Toshiba & 4th is Lenovo…I go to Asus K42f intel corei3-370M processor 2.40GHz, 3GB, 320GB, 14.1 inch HD LED Display and it just cost around almost 26,000 pesos here at saudi. Great laptop…..

  42. TJ says:

    I got my K42JC-VX167 for Php40,8995 package.
    Here are the specs:
    Intel® Core™ i5-460M Processor
    (2.53GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.80 GHz, 3MB L3 cache)
    Genuine Win 7 Basic (UPGRADE)
    Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset
    Main Memory 2GB DDR3 +2GB DDR3 (UPGRADE)
    14″ HD (1366×768) LED backlit
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 310M, 1GB DDR3 VRAM
    2.5″ 9.5mm SATA 320GB,5400rpm

  43. Horny Angel says:

    @dennis– wat exact model ng k42j mo? san mo binili? ilang hours ang tinatagal ng battery? ang taas ng specs for 36k… baka mas mababa na ngayon yan… cash yan for sure at walang os right?

  44. Paeng says:

    Im selling my k42j laptop.. 3months old. hindi nagagamit.. as in seldom.. very seldom..

    Intel core i5 450M
    2GB ddr3 ram
    320GB HD
    no OS
    Nvidia GeForce 310M (1GB VRAM)

    add me or message me sa ym ([email protected])

  45. ashe says:

    @yuga pwede mo ba akobigyan ng cheap gaming laptops w/ 1g video card w/ few problems around 30-40k budget ko. thanks.

  46. Paeng says:

    @Ashe: selling my Asus k42jC laptop .. 3 months old.. 30k lang.. add me sa ym.. frostisnowman

  47. ashe says:

    @paeng nope pre. wla akong cash. credit card gagamitn nmin e.

  48. Hi, great review!

    I’m also planning to buy this. Can anyone suggest a laptop(specific model) with these specs:
    BRAND NEW dpt
    Core i5
    2gb ddr3 RAM
    1gb vram
    300gb will do
    price range: 30k – 35k
    location: pangasinan, tarlac, benguet area,

    If you could suggest a shop where I could buy, that would also be great!

  49. and oh, acer, asus, msi are what I would prefer.

  50. Kraken says:

    I bought a new one and its really cool! I like the design, the specs and its performance.

    Di sayang ang pera ko.

    Nicely done ASUS.

  51. kyonshii says:

    naayos nio ung sa bug sa graphics ng nvidia dba ang nba2sa lng nia nsa 758mb???n fix nio ung gnung bug??pa share nmn kung pnu nio gnawa

  52. ashe says:

    magkano kaya i2 sa gilmore pag cash and pag card? please pasagot nmn.

  53. rexus says:

    pde ba siyang installan ng windows xp? or pang windows 7 lng talaga siya pde?

  54. @kyonshii: gnyan din prob ko. pero naayos ko na, update mo sa latest BIOS mo ung asus. You can get the latest asus BIOS sa support ng asus. Next is you will need to download the latest VGA driver pra sa NVIDIA 310m cuda 1gb, then, open the nvidia control panel, pnta ka sa 3d settings, then iset mo sa “global high quality”. Restart PC, then go to dxdiag and see 1680mb for display. Enjoy!

    @ashe: bought ours for 31.5k after a ton of haggling sa north edsa 4th floor gilmore/asus store.

    @rexus: pde mong installan ng kht anong os yan, xp, vista, pero I would advise you to use windows 7 nlng. Much better, pero, kng xp guy k, ok din lng.

    • paul says:

      pero kuya, pag 32 bit nag loloko di xa pumapasok ng desktop! nag ha hang! kelangan ba talga 64 bit?

  55. ashe says:

    @digiknowzone – card na po ba yon? anu specs ng nkuha mo?thx sa rep.

  56. @ashe: e2 nkuha ko, pero, mkipaghaggling k p, normal price nyan eh, 37, hehe nkpagsapalaran lng tlga ako. Asus k42jc vx167.

    Processor: core i5-460M
    HDD: 320 GB 5400rpm
    Vcard: Nvidia 1gb Cuda 310m
    RAM: 2GB DDR3
    Battery: 6-cell Li-On battery

    Hope that helps

  57. arnel says:

    Hi. Got my K42JC-VX167 the other day. Problem is the DVD won’t play. It recognizes and play CDs but when I insert a DVD it doesn’t even recognize it in the DVD drive. Any settings I need check or configure? Hope it’s not a hardware malfunction. I still have trauma from that damn HP Pavilion laptop with overheating and videocard issues which HP doesn’t admit. Damn you HP.

  58. ashe says:

    @digiknowzone – thankyou. try ko sa gilmore mkipagsapalaran. nice specs for just a 32k.

  59. @arnel: haven’t tried my dvd player yet, but if you thinkg there’s a problem, try updating your OS and drivers. Sometimes, the suppliers forgot to install proper drivers. Just like mine, they forgot to install and update the driver of the 1gb cuda vcard.

    @ashe: No problem, a schoolmate of mine both the same model as the one I bought in PC Gilmore/ASUS in SM North Annex 4th floor, besides NEO Shop.

  60. Mandirigma says:

    Mga sir paano magboot from usb sa asus K42JC? please help

  61. @manidirigma: gamit po kyo ng bootable usb program

  62. Mandirigma says:

    @digiknowzone: pwede ba ung wintoflash? can you please suggest one?

    sir naguguluhan kasi ako sa bios ng lappy ko e haha. Paano ko iseset ung mga priorities sa pag boot dun?

  63. Mandirigma says:

    salamat sir

    Mga sir, alam nio po ba kung san pwede makadownload ng mga drivers neto for 32bit? :D

  64. Mandirigma says:

    sir dun sa dialogue box na may mga option kung anong OS, e malamang ung windows7 (ung walang nakalagay na 64bit) ay 32bit?

    thanks :D

  65. Yung shortcut key eh, “Windows + Pause/Break”, dun ung System Information. Pde ring i-right click ung My Computer > Properties. Mkkita dun kng ilang bit ung OS nyo.

  66. Mandirigma says:

    hindi po yan sir, dito po sa site na to:

    ung sa pag pili ng OS,

    Select OS
    Windows7 <- 32bit ba to?
    Windows7 64bit


  67. pingoi says:

    bought my k42jc at sm marikina, i returned the first one because of a dead pixel on screen, some k42jc’s on market has different configurations, first one i got has (aside from the processor, memory, and video which is an nVidia 310M 1gb)

    320gb seagate 5400 rpm hdd (second one has a WD scorpio 320gb 5400rpm drive)

    TSSTCorp(SAMSUNG ?) DVDRW Optical drive (second one has Slimtype DVD A DS8a4S)

    weird whilst the same model, the first one only installs upto v189 geforce drivers for nvidia optimus(newer versions just freezes and have to resort into a driver rollback), while the second one can have upto v257 forceware drivers, all from the asus site

    bios versions differ 1st one has v210 and second one has v208

  68. pingoi says:

    p.s. the exact model i got was an Asus K42Jc VX-167

    solved the optimus drivers freeze issue (updated to v214 BIOS) and can install latest forceware even from nvidia site

  69. @mandirigma: yes,obviously, “Windows 7” is the 32-bit.^^

  70. Jaymar says:

    San po mkikita yong power 4 gear sa laptop asus?

  71. search mo sa start mo ung “control deck” dun, pde ka mamili ng mga options kng anong power4gear mode ang ggmtin mo. Pde mo ring ipress ung “Fn” button + “Space Bar” pra magshift sa different power4gear options. Hope that helps.

  72. havergara says:

    pre…WINDOWS 7 64BIT lng b pwede sa K42JC-VX167?

  73. @havegara, nope. Any OS will work.

  74. reinfrooze says:

    im having problem with asus k42jc with windows xp 32/64bit version, i sick and tired for the nvidia video card issues coz i cant find the right driver for it, but when you used win7 32/64bit you can used the CDs that came with the laptop. how can i make the nvidia video card issues on windows xp, i want to make it work coz i need it on my job.

    can somebody help me with this. thanks.

    • spylder says:

      It is not designed for winXP.
      No problems with win7 32/64.

    • If your having problems with the Nvidia driver(even w/ windows XP), here’s what you need to do:

      1) Update your BIOS to the latest version
      2) Update your Nvidia driver(from the official nvidia website).

      If you still encounter problems, let me know.

  75. p0tp0t says:

    i have an asus k42jc, inupdate ko ung BIOS sa version 214, after nun naghhang na ung windows ko di na mkalogin. help pls? im using Windows 7 64 bit

  76. sir how did you flash ur asus k42jc laptop? its a very critical/risky job to do so pls make sure you flashed your bios properly.. you may have to use a latest winflash program.

    also if you’re having problems about the most discussed nvidia problems.. search for the lasest drivers of this “nb9x/nb10x optimus”. matagal ng rumours sa gilmore ave. ang incompatiblity ng latest drivers sa nvidia cuda 310m particularly. (at first i thought some of samsung’s working crew are just sabotaging asus products so people wont buy their laptops..) but sadly to discovered that it was really true. nagulat ako ng half of my whole files from drive c: were gone before my eyes. oo nawala while im using my desktop..

  77. specs ng binili kong laptop from ASUS store:

    around march this year ko pa sha binili
    (exactly 31,000php w/o freebies but who needs it anyway?) and guess what? included na ang genuine windows 7 ultimate (x64) na accidentally pa nga dahil nasama sa package ng box ung hard copy. which is babayaran mo pa ng plus 5000php)

    asus laptop k42jc-vx167

    intel core i5-460m 2.53ghz with turbo boost up to 2.8ghz

    2gb ddr3 ram
    intel hd graphics 6

  78. caye says:

    kapag nagnenet po ako uisng smart bro or wifi, may lumalabas na SSL error message using Asus K42J model.

    please help.

  79. ferdinan lopes says:

    sir help naman po paano po bang install ang invidia graphics dalawa po ang video graphics po nya pareho na de detect sa device manager paano po ang gagawin!?????????? gusto ko po sanang install ang invidia! paano po ba i activate ang invidia!

    • Here:
      Update your ASUS bios to the 212-update. Download latest nvidia driver. Remember to use the ASUS EZFlash software at the BIOS boot.

      And voila! Nvidia will work.

    • Jay Quing says:


      i updated my asus bios to 214 (latest, downloaded from asus website, under support) ok naman ung update. pero etong nvidia ko eh talagang freeze-screen or hangtime ako, i downloaded two Nvidia graphics updates (one from the asus website, and one from the Nvidia website) at parehas silang hindi gumagana. ano kaya problema nung akin? sinunod ko naman ung instructions. 64bit pala ung laptop ko.

    • rein says:

      just used the bundle software and drivers para hindi ka magkaproblema…. ganon lang ginawa ko…. di sya compatible sa mga latest driver na nvidia…. this laptop is bundled with its own CDs….

    • rein says:

      saka di pede hindi iinstall yun inteld hd graphix kasi yan ang una nya hahanapin kung imamanual mong iupdate yun nvdia mo….

    • rein says:

      katakot kasi mag update ng bios nya…. risky masyado saka di rin sasagutin ng company pag ngkaproblema sa pagupdate ng bios….

    • Jay Quing says:

      so far mr.rein, nung ngupdate me bios e walang problema. kasi kung may problema eh hindi na ako makakagamit ng laptop ko. ung lang talaga sa nvidia graphics, gusto ko mautilize ang function nya gawa ng mrami me games na talagang mamaw sa system requirements. at tska hindi ganung ka-“intelligent” ang switching ng Optimus ng Nvidia, update lang daw ang kailangan. thanks na rin sa info.

  80. rexon says:

    BIOS VERSION 212 dapat ang iinstall mo..

    wag 214 and 202..


    Please post your WEI here..
    Mine is 4.1 :(

  81. Jay Quing says:

    yeah, nagawa ko na syang 212… epektib, no freezes na laptop ko… nvidia verde (ver 275.33) na nga ung akin e. maraming salamat sa mga payo… :)

  82. rexon says:

    post niyo naman ang windows experience ,index. geh na.

  83. lanz says:


    can u help me about the problem of NVIDIA
    k42j ASUS / i5 / windows 7 / 32bit / NVIDIA 310 cuda 1GB /

    i know im not the only one who encountered this problem. pls help me. i havn’t tried to install 64bit if this is s=the answer. in fact im at Philippines more on 32bits programs!

    tnx! :(

  84. I realized more a new challenge on this fat loss issue. One issue is that good nutrition is very vital when dieting. A massive reduction in fast foods, sugary food, fried foods, sugary foods, pork, and white colored flour products may be necessary. Retaining wastes parasites, and poisons may prevent ambitions for fat loss. While a number of drugs temporarily solve the challenge, the awful side effects are not worth it, and they never present more than a short-term solution. It can be a known idea that 95% of fad diet plans fail. Many thanks sharing your notions on this website.

  85. audioatoms says:

    bought a newer descendant of K series. even just with i3, equipping it with 4gig ram does all the work. speed’s like an i5 and NVidia CUDA working well with games.
    asus rocks.

  86. cheAP! says:

    still cheap for me…asus is so cheap…yuck…buy something else but not ASUS….

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