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Hearthstone for iPad, now available for download

Just weeks after it exits from open-beta, Blizzard Entertainment has finally begun rolling out the iPad version of their popular online card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, starting with Australia, Canada and New Zealand and will eventually be available to other parts of the globe.

hearthstone for ipad

For the uninitiated, Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital collectible card game (CCG) which has a somewhat similar gameplay to Magic: The Gathering and Yugi-Oh. Players get to choose from nine different Heroes/Classes (Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior) and each has its own unique set of cards and hero abilities which they can use once each turn.

To know more about the Hearthstone gameplay, you can check out this link.

hearthstone philippines

As mentioned earlier, the iPad version of the game is only currently available for download on iTunes Australia, Canada and New Zealand. But if you’re really itching to play Hearthstone on your iPad, you just need to change the country/region on your Apple ID by following the steps provided on this link.

Oh and if you’re asked to provide City and Postal Code, just use Berwick and B0P 1E0 for the code. Enjoy and as the Innkeeper use to say, “Pull up a chair by the Hearth!”


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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  1. carl says:

    Cool! Awarded with free pack. I hope the Android version comes out soon.. =D

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