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Vivo announces its own 3D sensing technology


Vivo has announced a new three-dimensional sensing technology that touts to be better than those currently available today.

Vivo Tof 3D Sensing Technology Yugatech • Vivo Announces Its Own 3D Sensing Technology

This, called the Time of Flight (TOF) 3D Sensing Technology, is achieved by detecting the time it takes emitted pulse light to return to the sensor to accurately map objects at up to three meters in front of it. Showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Vivo touts that this is the industry’s highest-resolution 3D sensing technology with up to 300,000 sensor points — 10 times more than Apple’s Structured Light Technology sensors in the iPhone X — despite being smaller and more compact.

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The new technology, according to Vivo, is not a concept anymore as it has been tested and certified to meet with industry standards. This enables new opportunities in facial, gesture and motion recognition, 3D photography and AR, expanding the capabilities of the next generation of smart devices.

“From last year’s debut of In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, the recent launch of the truly bezel-less Vivo NEX, to our ground-breaking TOF 3D Sensing technology, we continue to forge ahead and evolve towards the truly intelligent future by opening new ways for the AI to help the consumer,” said Alex Feng, Senior Vice President of Vivo. “By combining TOF 3D Sensing Technology with AI, we will continue to explore new possibilities for a better future.”

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Vivo aims to combine Artificial Intelligence recognition with TOF 3D Sensing Technology to create more a precise understanding of what it sees, and we may just see how this works with the company’s upcoming smartphone releases in the next months or years.

Source: Vivo

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