Globe to roll-out LTE eMBMS and LTE-CA in 2015

Globe to roll-out LTE eMBMS and LTE-CA in 2015

Just three weeks after Smart announced the arrival of LTE-Advanced in the country, Globe Telecoms expressed its plan to launch two new LTE technologies in the country, namely LTE-CA (Carrier Aggregation) and LTE eMBMS (enhanced Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service) aka LTE Broadcast, that will further enhance the mobile internet experience of their subscribers.


Currently on the testing phase, both the LTE eMBMS and LTE-CA are slated to be rolled out next year in select areas in the country. The former is targeted at improving the efficiency of delivering video and other multimedia contents to other users under the same network without eating up too much of the network’s bandwidth resources.

Some of the benefits of LTE Broadcast include mobile live TV watching on smartphone and tablets through a downloadable Live TV Apps. In addition, content providers and multimedia companies can take advantage of this technology to provide exclusive contents to their viewers who are also under the same network.

“The LTE Broadcast solution addresses such challenge as it enables transmission of live video contents to a large number of users without using huge amount of network resources. The technology enables a more efficient use of a mobile operator’s bandwidth resources, allowing customers to enjoy seamless video services in a wireless communication network,”

Emmanuel Estrada, Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy


LTE-CA, on the other hand, increases utilization of frequencies, allowing Globe to use non-contiguous blocks of spectrum in multiple frequency bands to achieve higher bandwidths to meet growing demand for wireless broadband services.

In a statement, Emmanuel Estrada boasts that LTE-CA was able to achieve an average throughput of 220Mbps with a total 20 MHz of spectrum and has reached a top speed of 230Mbps during the dry-run that they’ve conducted last April.

“The LTE CA technology would translate to improved data rates and broadband capacity for Globe wireless broadband network and result to high-speed mobile data access. This helps address the demand for data-heavy multimedia applications which are becoming more and more popular. This means that our customers will experience faster data connectivity in areas where this will be implemented as LTE CA becomes commercially available in the near future,”

Emmanuel Estrada, Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy

No specific dates were provided as to when these new LTE services will be rolled out, but according to Globe it’ll be commercially available in select areas in the country by next year.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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12 Responses

  1. r3JAM says:

    What’s the use of a fast connection if your data is capped…

  2. fup says:

    1gb/day is not more than 20 HD trailers on youtube.

  3. Mon says:

    I’ve heard that you only need 15Mbps speed for 4k movie streaming.

    So instead of increasing the speed, why can’t they improve the infrastructure to allow more bandwidth, make the speed stable at 40-100Mbps (which is more than enough for now), and remove those damn data caps?

  4. TUBOL says:

    Globe god damn it, do something about data capping. I care less about your speed I want unlimited bandwith.

  5. Justin says:

    To Globe: Ayusin muna ninyo ang “Customer Service” ninyo!

  6. moonman says:

    Atleast di nila tinatawag na 5G

  7. fireice2 says:

    dapat roll out nila LTE sim swap for pre-paid users.

  8. Lee says:

    patak patak nga 3g signal nyo may pa upgrade pa kayo nalalaman sa LTE nyo and very poor customer service. Globe sucks big time!

  9. SgMlAoRbTb says:

    ang mga telco sa PH parang 80 na hindi ma outgrow ang pag inom ng gatas gamit ang tsupon.

  10. GsLmOaBaEt says:

    80yo na tao* :-))

  11. cy says:

    Hello??? ung 3G nga nde stable nakakasagap pa ko minsan ng Edge tapos ngayon LTE pa kayo dyan… haha! Pakiayos muna ahh plith??

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