Leaked Web App: Jollibee Mobile Delivery

Leaked Web App: Jollibee Mobile Delivery

At first I thought this photo and video sent to me was for an upcoming iPhone App and Android App for Jollibee Online Delivery but close inspection revealed it’s something simpler.

The leaked video shows the alpha version of JollibeeDelivery mobile website (I reckon it’s going to be a dot.mobi site)

The mobile site allows for online ordering system that supports most mobile devices (I remember they had a Jollibee WAP delivery a couple of years back). The photo below shows the site browsed on an iPod Touch and Google Nexus One running Froyo.


I am told that “These .mobi sites will be launching within a couple months, they are extensions of our recently released public betas of Jollibeedelivery.com and Chowkingdelivery.com .”.

It would have been nice if it’s an actual iPhone or Android App but I guess they’re targeting the most number of mobile devices so a “web app” is a more logical route for the meantime.

Anybody out there using Jollibee Online Delivery?

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8 Responses

  1. Aiza says:

    Hala! Who leaked this? :P

  2. mike says:

    so what’s so special with it yuga? That’s a very simple web application. There’s nothing to it.

    Haven’t you seen a web application before?

  3. Jon says:

    I use jollibee’s online delivery service. I find it way better than mcdonald’s. Less buggy and very easy to use.

  4. yuga says:

    @aiza – his name is in the Vimeo video.

    @mike – a web app that allows me to order Chicken Joy from my iPod Touch? Nope.

    @jon – tried the WAP site before but it didn’t make sense to order online if Jollibee and McDo are just 2 streets away.

  5. Whoa… what a leak. hehe

  6. Lamia says:

    It’s not just a simple web application. It’s a web application that allows you to order Chicken joy from Jollibee. XP

  7. Boffill says:

    An innovative web apps and a great way to reach their target market!

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