Fast Five: Cool Gizmos You Can Buy at CD-R King (2016 Edition)

Fast Five: Cool Gizmos You Can Buy at CD-R King (2016 Edition)

Every Juan knows CD-R King and its plethora of gadgets and accessories offered at prices lower than that of other brands, oftentimes dubbed as the ‘Mecca of anything made a lot cheaper’. In this Fast Five edition, we take a look at some of those cool things you can buy at the big yellow store.


We made a list of this in 2014, and we ought to update what was initially a pool of ten cool gadgets you can purchase. Looking back at how CD-R King has evolved, what was then a retailer of CDs back in the day aggressively increased its offerings throughout the years and now spans onto home living items, transportation vehicles, mobile devices, and even ready-to-wear clothes. No kidding. Items are listed in no particular order. Fast Five posts ain’t sponsored, yo.

WiFi Smart Power Plug


Looking to control electricity with your smartphone? Well, here’s the answer. This smart power plug not only controls and automatically cuts off the current flowing into your device, but can also act as a repeater for a better WiFi signal in your home. This one retails for Php1,280.

CD-R King WiFi Smart Power Plug specs:
10A Current Rating
90V-265V Voltage Rating
10°C -55°C Temperature range
90V-265V AC voltage range
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, 802.3u

The iRover


If you can’t afford that thing called Hover Trax, then there’s a CD-R King counterpart for that. After teasing on their facebook page a few weeks ago, the new hoverboard smart balance wheel is set to be available in stores for Php10,990.


CD-R King iRover specs:
Rated Power: 300W
Rated Voltage: 36V
Battery: 36V / 4.4Ah Lithium-ion
Charging Time: 2 hours
Max Climbing: 15 degree
Load Capacity: 100kg
Max Speed: Up to 10 kph
Riding Distance: Up to 20 kph
Tire: Tubeless Tire
Motor Type: Brush DC Motor
Weight: 10kg

This Php200 universal car mount


Hey, does that design look familiar? This universal windshield car mount holder resembles a character from a huge movie franchise, and is yours for a price that wouldn’t hurt your pocket. It’s a good addition to your car if you’re one who likes to keep track of map directions via your smartphone, or simply showing off that taxi fare from your GrabCar or Uber work.

A cheaper Crank USB Charger


We featured this back in 2014, but the apparent immense popularity of this item, among those who want to charge their devices in a mechanical, but fun way, gave birth to a lot cheaper ones than what we initially saw, now for as low as Php99. This one’s a good gizmo to keep alongside your emergency bags, or use in an overnight hiking trip.

Power generator


Just in case you can’t find one power generator, this one offers the same function at a relatively lower cost. The 2HP Stark power generator can generate electricity for 3.5hrs on a full fuel tank, and this product that’s rounding up our list is priced at Php3,580.

Stark Power Generator GEN-001-M specs:
650W Rated power output
800W Max power Output
220V Rated Voltage
347V Max Voltage
3.8A Rated Current
60Hz Frequency
1E45 Engine style
4L(Gasoline+2T Oil mixture) Fuel Tank
3.5hrs Usage time (full fuel tank)
2HP Engine power output

And that’s it for some of the coolest gizmos you can get at CD-R King. We all know how many items they have in their stores that sometimes the store representatives themselves can’t memorize, so do drop in the comments section for some recommendations, if you find a cool needle among the haystack.

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