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Power Banks that are yet to arrive in the Philippines

We’ve reported a lot about power banks in the past especially those that were announced by big companies like Xiaomi, ASUS and Microsoft. Unfortunately, some of them are yet to be officially offered here in the country so they’re a bit difficult to acquire. But in case you are wondering about those power banks, here’s a list of them.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 16,000mAh

Xiaomi’s power banks entered the Philippine market in August 2014 starting with their 10,400mAh and 5,200mAh Mi Power Banks in limited quantities. A few months later, the Chinese company announced their power bank with the biggest capacity so far, the 16,000mAh Mi Power Bank. It’s taller than the 10,400mAh variant and features two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5,000mAh

A few weeks later, Xiaomi made a follow up to their largest Mi Power Bank with the announcement of their smallest in terms of capacity – the 5,000mAh Mi Power Bank. Although low in capacity it boasts a thin body measuring 9.9mm thin.

ASUS ZenPower 9600

ASUS, known for their ZenBooks and ZenFones, has also released their own power bank last month called the ZenPower. It has a capacity of 9,600mAh and comes in different colors. We were told that a 10,400mAh model is also in tow.

OnePlus Power Bank

Smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, has also announced their own power bank late last year. It has a capacity of 10,000mAh with two USB ports and comes in Sandstone Black or Silk White. It is slated to arrive in Europe and India next month.

Dell Power Companion

We encountered this power bank back in January when we attended a Dell event in Bangkok, Thailand. It comes in two capacities – 18,000mAh and 12,000mAh, with two USB ports for your mobile devices. The best part is that it is also capable of charging your Dell laptop.

Microsoft Portable Power

Microsoft also has a power bank of their own called the Portable Power. It has a capacity of 6,000mAh and comes in White, Bright Green, and Bright Orange colors to match their Lumia smartphones.

Motorola Power Pack Micro

Motorola’s Power Pack Micro doesn’t have a lot to boast when it comes to capacity. As its name suggests, it only has a capacity of 1,500mAh. What separates it from other power banks is that it’s small enough to be hooked to a keychain, features Bluetooth connectivity and uses the built-in Motorola Keylink to help you find your phone or keys if ever you misplace them.

Samsung Animal Edition Battery Packs

Announced just recently, Samsung’s Animal Edition Battery Packs are not just about power and cuteness. It’s about raising awareness about endangered animals they represent. It comes in two capacities – 11,300mAh and 8,400mAh, and works with the interactive Charge the Life app for Android.

As of writing, there’s no indication yet on when these companies will bring their power banks here so we can only wait. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to wait that long.

Got something to add to this list? Feel free to share them in the comments field below.

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15 Responses

  1. Avatar for benjie benjie says:

    eloisa elaine eulali available pa ba yun VOOC Power Bank mo?

  2. Avatar for Jm Jm says:

    Bilhin kona po powerbank nyu na vooc,how much po.just txt 099891*****

  3. Avatar for Smokescreen Smokescreen says:


  4. Avatar for evollove evollove says:

    The one I’m waiting for is Oppo’s VOOC powerbank, for very fast charging.

    • Avatar for eloisa elaine eulali eloisa elaine eulali says:

      Hi baka gusto mo po bilhin ung vooc powerbank ko.. Napanalunan sya ng asawa ko dito sa oppo racing :) wala kasi kaming phone na oppo eh di sya compatible..

  5. Avatar for Chuck Chuck says:

    It should be: “have yet to arrive”

  6. Avatar for bryan_mmx bryan_mmx says:

    You forgot to include a new power bank on mi.com the ZMI mifi power bank combo

  7. Avatar for shutter shutter says:

    wala din yung sa huawei?

  8. Avatar for RJ RJ says:

    No Anker? they create great powerbanks!

  9. Avatar for NotaSheep NotaSheep says:

    Every Xiaomi power banks here in cebu are fake and overpriced :P

    • Avatar for Reader Reader says:

      That’s why one should only order Xiaomi power banks from certified distributors. In our case, it’s only Lazada. Abang-abang na lang ng susunod na flash sale.

    • Avatar for mao ni xah mao ni xah says:

      I got a genuine one here in Cebu. checked the serial number on the xiaomi website. Cebu Gadget Zone for Php950, 10,400maH. Dako ang patong but I really need a quality and relatively inexpensive powerbank right now and Lazada is always out of stock :(

  10. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Yung iba mahal na dahil sa brand name

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