Test Drive: Pushing Jaguars and Land Rovers to their limits

Test Drive: Pushing Jaguars and Land Rovers to their limits

Coventry Motors Corporation, the distributor of both Jaguar and Land Rover here in the Philippines, held a test drive event last weekend May 26-27, at the Mega Tent in Quezon City, giving everyone a chance to drive some Jaguars and Land Rovers while putting them through some challenging obstacles. 

If you were one of the those who registered, then you got to experience what Jaguar and Land Rover have to offer in different driving scenarios. Safety, of course, was of utmost priority, which is why instructors were involved throughout the experience. First, they gave us a run through of all the obstacles with them behind the wheel. After that, we were given our chance to try out the courses ourselves.

Jaguar’s “The Art of Performance Tour” shows the impressive handling capabilities of their vehicles. We put some of them, like the XF, F Pace and XE, through a high-speed slalom, high-speed braking, through a very slippery surface, and even got to do some doughnuts.


Land Rover, on the other hand, gave us a taste of their vehicles’ off-road capabilities with their  “Above and Beyond Tour”. The obstacles included going up a very, very steep incline, wading through a deep pool to simulate flood situations, and going down a fleet of stairs, and driving at a steep horizontal angle. This experience, though impressive, only shows a little bit of what their vehicles are capable of.

Overall, the experience was very satisfying and was a great look at the capabilities of the vehicles from these two British car manufacturers.

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