S3 Mini: Quick YugaTech Birthday Giveaway!

S3 Mini: Quick YugaTech Birthday Giveaway!

Since it’s my birthday today and we’re feeling a little generous than usual, let’s do a quick giveaway. How is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini sound? Check out below how you can score this phone.

Our friends from Globe is giving us a couple of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which, by the way, is currently exclusive to them and comes free with Consumable Plan 999 (and retails for Php14,990).

Let’s go make it quick and easy. Starts now and ends tomorrow, the lucky person will win a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini from Globe.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re interested to get a plan with it, the S3 Mini is free on Plan 999. Click here to get it!

You can check out our first impressions of the handset here while we complete our full review.

Update: Congrats to our winner — Xine Rivera-Reyes. Congrats!

Those who joined, we have another giveaway here!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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267 Responses

  1. Dang says:

    Weee! Go! Go! Go! =P

  2. Kenneth S says:

    Happy Birthday to the most awesome blogger that I am following!!

    P.S. I don’t see the instruction though ~.~

    • Kenneth S says:

      oops got it, done sending my entries, hoping to win hehehe

      I never used twitter but since I really want to support this blog, I registered and twitted wahaha

      happy birthday again ABE OLANDRE!!! more power and success, wishing you all the best in life, career and love life wahaha

    wee.. HOPE to win.. Im one of your great readers to your blog.. MORE POWER <3

  4. Wowie015 says:

    Happy B-day Boss.

    Keep it up!

  5. Gilbert says:

    Happy Birthday Tech Guru!

  6. Val says:

    Happy birthday Sir Abe!

  7. nino says:

    happy birthday po sir.. :)

  8. rockster says:

    Happy birthday sir!!

  9. Jennifer Jane says:

    Happy Birthday!

  10. harry says:

    Happy Birthday sir!

  11. Jed says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! :)

  12. donna maye dimaano says:

    wow!!! happy birthday….
    pa birthday mo nalang sakin yan!!!! :) birthday ko din friend :D

  13. MarJ says:

    Otanjoubi Omedetou Abe-san!

  14. Happy birthday sir abe :)

  15. Gus says:

    Happy Birthday Abe!

  16. Carl L says:

    Happy Birthday yuga! :D

    Teka, until tomorrow ang raffle pero 28 days to go pa yung nasa rafflecopter? :O

  17. condusa says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! :) Thanks for keeping us updated with technology :D

  18. Juan Paulo Ducut says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! (may vacancy ba kayo? I need work. thanks)

  19. russell says:

    maligayang kaarawan @abeolandres.!!!!!

  20. rodney valled says:

    happy birthday mr Abe Olandres.
    thanks your paarents because they are the one that make you of of this world.. hope you have a blast birthday. god bless and have a good health always.

  21. mang andhoy says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe!!!

  22. Jason Rey says:

    Happy birthday sir!

  23. Yen Lusarez says:

    Happy Birthday! =)God Bless!

  24. jov says:

    happy birthday!

  25. joseph says:

    Wish all you all the best., And many more birthday to come Yugatech.

  26. Jeff says:

    Happy Birthday sir Abe!

    More power and stay healthy ^_^

  27. Karen B. says:

    Happy Birthday, Sir Abe! :) Have a good one!

  28. ken says:

    Happy Birthday and may God Bless you always :D

  29. calvin berbenzana says:

    Happy Birthday , God Bless and hope to see ya :)

  30. Dazed_32 says:

    A very happy birthday to you, Mr. Abe. Ka-birthday mo pa unico hijo ko. More power to you and your blog. :-D

  31. hanna says:

    happy birthday :””> God bless you

  32. Anthony says:

    happy birthday!

  33. Ron says:

    Happy Birthday, Yuga!

  34. lily says:

    wow! Happy Birthday Sir Abe! I hope to win this! Just in time for my birthday din…haha :)

    I really have to put my Nokia phone to rest. :)

  35. Kim Simon says:

    Happy Birthday!

    cool gadget!

  36. Lee Ian Magpantay says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe :D

  37. billy francis hung says:

    Happy bday sir

  38. malu sawit says:

    Happy birthday! Cheers!

  39. royd says:

    happy birthday po….
    Ilan po ba ang ipamimigay?

  40. Arnel says:

    Happy Birthday Yugatech!!!

  41. Harley Mah Son says:


  42. Anthony A. Borlado says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Baliktad, dapat ikaw ang binibigyan. haha

  43. Durubz says:

    Maligayang Kaarawan! Master Abe…enge S3 Mini!

  44. Nerbie says:

    Very Nice Giveaway! Happy Bday!

  45. Mae says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    Happy Birthday!
    More power to Yugatech!

  46. anunymuse says:

    Happy Birthday! :)

  47. Carlos says:

    Aba, aba, naman! Iba na talaga panahon ngayon–kapag birthday mo ay ikaw na ang nagreregalo…but I’m not complaining! :)

  48. Jep M. says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! May you have more birthdays and gadgets to come! ^^

  49. Yuja says:

    Happy Birthday Yuga. Hope win ako this time :)

  50. Jek says:

    Happy birthday Sir abe..

  51. Cyril says:

    Happy Birthday! Godbless you.

  52. Ben Astorga says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! More and more birthdays to come! Have a great day ahead! The Sun’s starting to show. ;)

  53. Happy Birthday!!!! More POWER!!!

  54. josie says:

    happy birthday sir abe

  55. Jason Ryan Celeste says:

    Happy Birthday! Go lang ng go!

  56. Happy Birthday :) di ba dapat kami magbigay ng regalo sa iyo? hehehe

  57. Happy Birthday Sir! :)

  58. leika says:

    happy birthday! more techie blogs to come!

  59. Waldon Carpio Ricio says:

    HAPPY birthday! Godbless!

  60. Ralp says:

    Happy birthday Abe!

    Wish you all the best in luck in the world and more blessing to come.

    We all know your one of the “Pioneer” in Tech blog here in the ph. for you and to your team keep up the good work! and More Reviews to come!


  61. ojliwang says:

    Happy Birthday!!! =)

  62. Lance says:

    Cheers to you! happy na Birthday pa.. God bless you.

  63. RyanV says:

    Happy Birthday sir.. ;)

  64. Rex says:

    Happy birthday Sir Abe! Continue helping people and making us happy with your yugatech and ofcourse the giveaways! Enjoy your day!

  65. Rye says:

    Magko-comment lang ba dito? Happy birthday!

  66. weekid55 says:

    Happy birthday sir! Keep up the good work.

  67. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Abe! May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You! :D

  68. darren philip says:

    Happy Beeerday sir Abe! :D Regalo namen sayo, ang LOVE namen.

  69. Jose Nies says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Abe :) Best Wishes for you

  70. jean says:

    wow.. happy birthday!

  71. Almer says:

    Happy Birthday! Salamat sa napakauseful info at updates ng site niyo.

  72. epi cent says:

    Wanna try this :)

  73. JCKNTHBX says:

    Maligayang Bati sa iyong Kaarawan Sir Abe!

  74. JasonAnthonyCanete says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe!

  75. giselle says:

    happy birhday sir Abe! more freebies and more blessings to come!

  76. dianne david says:

    happy birthday mr. abe :)

  77. Jc says:

    Happy Birthday po ^_^

  78. cleochris08 says:

    Happy, happy birthday sir Yuga! More gadget reviews and giveaways to come!

  79. John Renn says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! God Bless!

  80. Janice says:

    Happy birthday! :) My birthday was yesterday. Hope I win the giveaway. :)

  81. Kayce says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! Continue sharing and informing us through your news and reviews of the latest technologies. ^_^

  82. Happy happy birthday and more success to you, Sr. Abe!

  83. Janel says:

    Sir Abe happy birthday and m0re reviews of gadget. I always rec0mmend to my friends ang yugatech b4 sila bumili ng ph0nes to check reviews. Very useful 1st hand unbiased info.

  84. Elmyr Cruz says:

    Happy Birthday, Sir!

  85. WinstonM says:

    Happy birthday more blessing and bday to come.

  86. NoxRig says:

    Maligayang Pagtanda sir Abe!

  87. William says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe !!!

    Time to own my 1st Android phone….. for FREE? Wishing………

  88. dioren says:

    happy birthday..sana wag po kayong magsa2wang magshare ng mga tech infos sa amin!!

  89. scarletsupernova says:

    sir, happy birthday! you’re very thoughtful. we should be the ones getting you a gift :P

  90. rjay mercado says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! Keep posting and thank you for the reviews. :D

  91. Shanz says:

    Happy Birthday Kuya Abe! :)

  92. gian says:

    Happy birthday :) im a avid fan of yugatech

  93. Happy Happy Birthday! More blessings to come! Godbless you always! :) x

  94. Amberry Heavenly says:

    happy birthday Mr. Abe!

  95. Rene Gatdula says:

    hbd..dapat kayo ang reregaluhan pero kayo itong nagre-regalo..more power God bless…

  96. MyMaria says:

    Wishing you many happy returns, Abe!

  97. ChowChow says:

    Happy Birthday Mr.Abe! God bless you always and many more blogs to post =D

  98. Lorenzo Aquino says:

    Happy Birthday po sir

  99. Carl says:

    Happy Beerday po Sir Abe! More Gadgets to share! ^_^v

  100. frenchy says:

    Happy Birthday, Abe! More power.

  101. deej flores says:

    happy beerday sir abe! cheers!

  102. ryga says:

    HapHappy Beerday Mr. Abe!!!

  103. Cxian says:

    HBD! more tech news! Keep the cool articles!

  104. nsmorado says:

    happy happy bday, sir abe :)

  105. Macky says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  106. Joseph Soledad says:

    Happy Birthday sir & God Bless!

  107. Happy Birthday Sir Abe!
    Winsome :3

  108. bfd says:

    happy birthday abe! thanks for the s3 mini ;)

  109. Rey says:

    Happy birthday!

  110. Mikoscience says:


  111. Elton says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!! Keep doin’ the great job!! :)

  112. Elton says:

    Keep doin’ the great job!! :) Happy Birthday!!

  113. Manuel says:

    happy birthday sur abe!!

  114. Maria Fe Lanie V. Pr says:

    Happy birthday! :) God bless and more power!

  115. JBC says:

    Happy Birthday sir! :)

  116. Henry Cañizares says:

    hapi b day

  117. Ralph says:

    Happy Birthday, Sir!!! :)

  118. epi cent says:

    happy birthday po more to come:)

  119. HAPPY BDAY POH SIR ABE!!! maraming salamat poh sa tablet. Sana poh manalo poh ako ulit this time kasi poh nanghihiram lng ako ng phone. =((

  120. HAPPY BDAY POH SIR ABE!!! maraming salamat poh sa tablet. Sana poh manalo poh ako ulit this time kasi poh nanghihiram lng ako ng phone. =(((((

  121. Ced says:

    Happy Birthday. God Bless You :)

  122. Ron says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe!

  123. Kenneth Escalona says:

    Happy Birthday Abe!! More Blogs and Tech!! God Bless!

  124. Edith says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! Enjoy and have a blast!

  125. Andrew Reyes says:

    Happy Birthday sir abe! God bless :) Hope I’ll win here. More blessings to come and more power to YugaTech!

  126. Hapi Bday ABE MOre techies to come ;)

  127. maricris abarabar says:

    happy birthday sir…

  128. anjorafael says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! More blessings and success to your site! :)

  129. happy birthday! keep on sharing love through your blog! :)

  130. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Happy rainy birthday!

  131. Luz Soriano Broqueza says:

    Happy Birthday!! Wish you all the best! More blessings to come:-)

  132. Nhoel says:

    Happy Birthday po sir Abe!
    More power to yugatech! =D

  133. robert francis says:

    Happy Birthday! wishing you more reviews to come!

  134. nathniel says:

    thanks for the opportunity to join this contest sir! , happy birthday po and god bless! more powers to your page! :D

  135. mikibabs says:

    yuga eh libre! happy birthday sir abe!

  136. CurtDRB says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! Thanks to Yugatech and Globe for this giveaway! Hope to see more reviews on gadgets this year! I always take a look on this site for some news on the hottest and newest gadgets in town. :)

  137. jojeju says:

    Happy Bday ABE..God Bless!

  138. jeykoy says:

    Happy Birthday Abe! i hope i win :)) *fingers crossed*

  139. kenito says:

    Happy birthday sir abe! May you have more birthdays to come!

  140. Marilyn Gomabo says:

    Happy Birthday po Kuya ABE!!! more bdays and blessings pa po to come!!! God Bless :)

  141. wee says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe!

    More power to Yugatech

  142. James says:

    Happy Birthday Sir! :)

  143. Lann Bacoy says:

    Happy Birthday sir Abe! Sana marami pa kayong mapasaya at mabigyan ng mga latest tech. info sa panibagong taon ng iyong buhay! God Bless!

  144. sarj says:

    Happy birthday Sir Abe! May God bless you more! \m/

  145. Sedfrey says:

    Happy birthday sir abe. Long live Yugatech! =)

  146. Rommel A. says:

    Happy Birthday Abe aka Yuga! My favorite tech blog of all time :)

  147. Euri says:

    Happy birthday! :D

  148. Brein says:

    Its your birthday and you are the one giving gifts. So kind of you

  149. Mj says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Yuga!

  150. mariel says:

    happy birthday power! :)

  151. DomDom Amarado says:

    What better way to share your blessings on a very special day :D Thanks Sir Abe! :D And Happy Birthday!

  152. JV S says:

    Happy Birthday! More power to Yugatech!

  153. edwin says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! More Power!

  154. Happy Birthday Sir Abe! I’m hoping to win your pa-giveaway though you should be the one na bigyan ng gift hehe. God bless u always sir. keep up the good work!

  155. Neal Corpus says:

    Happy birthday and more power to Yugatech! :D

  156. Christian says:

    HAPPY BIRtHDAY SIR ABE! More Enjoy your day! :D

  157. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope this will be my chance to finally own A Samsung Galaxy S3 mini! My dream phone!


  159. mig says:

    piiBDAY ABE!! akin nalang ung s3 mini! :P

  160. Sam says:

    Happy Birthday. More birthdays and reviews to come.

  161. Jerry says:

    Happy happy birthday! What a nice brithday surprise for your readers!

  162. berkanoshow says:

    Maligayand Bati!

  163. wharen says:

    happy natal day sir yuga

  164. meh says:

    Happy birthday!

  165. William Lombog says:

    Happy birthday! ! Bday high five for you!!

  166. Marco Solomon says:

    Happy birthday, Sir Abe/Yuga!

  167. David Z says:

    Happy birthday, Abe. Keep blogging. :)

  168. Anne Rosario says:

    Happy Birthday po Ka Abe! More power to you!

  169. themaxchang says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR ABE/YUGA! Please continue to make YugaTech the best Philippine tech website! :)) God Bless and have a good one! :D

  170. Tabbymon says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Sir Abe! Late greetings, so just enjoy your night. Haha. Anyway, more powers to your jobs and for my favorite techsite of all times, your yugasite. =) God Bless Yuga!

    By the way, you did surprise us by this giveaway! ;)

  171. Frank says:

    Happy birthday! More S3s to come! heheh

  172. A Happy Birthday Greetings to you Sir Abe! :) May God bless you all the way. Best wishes! ;)

  173. gian says:

    Hoping that its my time to win :) happy birthday sir ABE

    im an avid fan of yugatech

  174. KaiserG says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! have a good one! Cheers!

  175. Rad says:

    Happy Birthday Sir ABe. More power to your site and your podcast! :D

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    Happy birthday yuga master

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    Happy happy birthday, SIR ABE!

  178. Gab says:

    Happy Birthday po Sir Abe ! :D

  179. Berto Putik says:

    Maligayang Bati sa iyong kaarawan Sir Abe!

    God Bless po!

  180. Gbreaker25 says:

    Happy Bday Sir ABE!! Have a blessed day!!

  181. elie says:

    happy birthday!! PICK ME!! :)

  182. Hiro says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! I would be honored to be picked! :)

  183. chy says:

    Happy Birthday and God bless you more! :)

  184. freejosef says:

    More power to you Sir Abe! Happy birthday!

  185. Happy Birthday Sir Abe! May you have more birthdays and Reviews to come! :D

  186. Happpeeee birthdeyy sir Abe!! be a blessing to others. thank you. ::)

  187. Sai says:

    Happy Birthday! :)

  188. Blue says:

    Happy birthday. :)

  189. HeyBacolod says:

    Happy Birthday! Cheers!

  190. diane says:

    happy birthday!!! Cheers! :D

  191. Mark says:

    Happy Birthday sir Abe! Hope you have a good one! More power to you and yugatech! :D

  192. John Xavier Ursabia says:

    Hapi Beerday Sir/Boss ABE!!!! More power to you and to all our endeavors!!! :)

  193. Adam says:

    Happy birthday sir abe

  194. ron says:

    haberdey! painom kana abe! =)

  195. Kevin says:

    sana manalo ko para may regalo ko kay mama sa birthday nya.

  196. Al says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe!!!! Sana manlo ako. ahahaha!

  197. Ryan Mortiz says:

    hABErday po :) more power!! Good Health, Blessings and more bdays to come

  198. Kevin says:

    happy birthday sir abe.

  199. Alden says:

    Happy Birthday sir!

  200. Sarah Quijano says:

    happy birthday sir :)

  201. Ron says:

    Happy birthday!

  202. anthony a. borlado says:

    What a nice phone!

  203. Pocholo Ocampo Molin says:

    happy birthday sir :)

  204. Berto Putik says:

    Eto na ang chance kong magka Samsung Galaxy phone.
    Mangyari nawa ang kalooban ni God, ang mananalo ang talagang nararapat:D

    God Bless to all!

  205. ladydada62 says:

    amazing phones Samsung Galaxy S3 ..hope to win ;-)
    Happy Blessed Birthday to YOU..share that Samsung to me ;-)

  206. zasam says:

    Happy Birthday Sir!!!

  207. cris says:

    hapi bert day sir abe!! sana manalo ako para kay gf.. hehe.. more power!

  208. superdan says:

    happy happy happy birthday! happy birthday to you!!!!!! happy birthday sir abe! this would be a nice wedding gift sir abe!

  209. Mikee Garcia says:

    Hope to win this as a graduation gift.
    Happy birthday! More power to you and to your blog. God bless!

  210. Cristina A. says:

    Happy birthday bosing!

  211. gabriel07 says:

    sana manalo ako….. mini mini mine galaxy mini ko

  212. Hi Sir, enjoy your day! Happy birthday to you!


  213. peter says:

    Happy Birthday po! ^_^
    Salamat po sa mga giveaways…

  214. Jeraldine Tolentino says:

    Happy Bday Sir Abe Olandres!!!Im one of your biggest fan hope this time let me win for my son its his birthaday on the 3rd of March and its his biggest dream to have a new phone i mean a hitech phone,pls let me win!!!#beggingyouplease…

  215. James MIso says:

    Happy Birthday sir Abe! Hope I win this so I could finally replace my phone =))

  216. Joseph Eligio says:

    Happy Yippie Birthday! Hope to win.

  217. Elmer says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! God bless! =)

  218. Erwin V says:

    HapBday Abe!

  219. Shinichi says:

    Heypi Bertdey!

  220. Kenth says:

    Happy Birthday Abe. :) Nice of you to hold this contest … :)

  221. Gerald says:

    Happy Birthday, sir. :)

  222. Ferdinand C. Zapanta says:

    Happy happy birthday sir! More power n keep well!

  223. richard says:

    happy birthday po sir. :D

  224. Abby says:

    Hapy birthday :)

  225. bin says:

    Wishing you a cool drive through an awesome birthday.

  226. Happy Birthday sir Abe! Long live Yugatech and to Teamsquad!

  227. Laurence Beruin says:

    Happy Birthday Yuga-bro! More birthdays to come! =D

  228. Jennifer Aguirre says:

    Happy birthday Sir abe! Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest tech around!

  229. Jeremie says:

    THANK YOU FOR BEING SO GENEROUS!! Happy birthday na rin po~ :)

  230. Melanie Esponilla says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe!

  231. Carleen says:

    Happy birthday! :)

  232. Jhayr Savellano says:

    Happy Birthday…

  233. Anthony Borlado says:

    Excited to find out who the winner is. Hehehehe

  234. Dindo says:

    Happy Birthday Sir Abe! More power to Yugatech.

  235. Jeffrey Cachuela says:

    Happy Birthday! :-)

  236. Benchmark says:

    Nyek! Hinde kami umabot hehehe anyway we left a voxer message to you sir abe. Pls check it out. Belated Happy Birthday to you sir!

  237. Lord Rugen Hizon says:

    Happy Birthday Sir.!!

  238. arjay says:

    Happy Birthday Yuga!

  239. Richard says:

    happy birthday!!

  240. Cocopako says:

    Happy birthday!!!!

  241. Mara Mina says:

    New reader LOL :) Thank you for hosting a giveaway on your birthday. For that… Happy birthday! Thank for the awesome insights re: the latest gadgets~

  242. Marlon says:

    happy birthday. I’m a fan.

  243. ken says:

    who won the galaxy s3 mini?

  244. techatbp says:

    Kung nokia asha naman ang gusto nyo, click my name. Hehhe

    Hbd yuga!

  245. madie palero says:

    happy burstday po!!!

  246. Xine says:

    Happy birthday Abe!
    Yay! I won! Thank you! ^^

  247. jimmz says:

    Happy Birthday Yuga =)

  248. Jill Santos says:

    Happy birthday Abe! Been following ur blog in fb, twitter and g+ so i wont miss any of ur posts! :D

  249. royd says:

    isa lang pala ang pinamigay. anyway… congratz saiyo

  250. cocoie says:

    happy birthday yuga or yugatech…hehe..nweiz sayang di ko to nakita agad..

  251. yugascammer says:

    kaya mas sikat na si sir mark of techpinas dahil puro pandaray dito ke yuga. di pala rafflecopter ang namili ng winner. pwe! anong palagay mo samin, tanga?!

  252. airah says:

    happeyyyy birthdayyyyy yugaaaaaaa! <3

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