Incheon International Airport rocks!

Incheon International Airport rocks!

Last week, I wrote about them blogger-friendly airports I’ve encountered in the last couple of years. Well, I’d like to add Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea on top of that list.

The Incheon Airport combines the best of Hong Kong IA and Changi Airport in terms of space, passenger-friendliness, accessibility and geeky leisure.

It’s geek paradise here — tons of open wide space and comfy chairs (good for sleeping too), free high-speed wifi all over, great bargain shops and a lounge that rocks. Food prices aren’t bad either.

incheon airport

At first I thought this section here was a restaurant or something until I realized it’s the a free lounge where people can stretch out in a corner, hook up their laptop and wait for boarding.


incheon airport

Each corner sofa comes with a small table for your laptop and drinks.  Most tables have laptops hooked up online that you can use for free (here’s one with a Macbook tied up to the table). Under the sofa are individual power plugs and a LAN port (if you don’t have WiFi laptops.)

incheon airport

There’s a compartment below the sofa you can use to store some of your valuable stuff (don’t know where you can get the keys). Best of all there are about a dozen WiFi hotspots that are blazing fast. Did one with SpeedTest below and it gave me 10Mbps down and 2Mbps up.

wifi speed korea

If there’s any other airport I’d rather be stuck with waiting for hours, the Incheon Airport will be it. Too bad it’s only open between 7am and 8pm each day so I don’t know if they cut the WiFi beyond that.

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12 Responses

  1. someone says:

    Nice, thought it was a mall or something. :D

  2. John Ray cabrera says:

    could anyone imagine this to spring up in any of our bus terminals? even if this is available and possible, that will be a perilous thing to do before boarding as that will make you a hot item for theives and robbers.

  3. Obed says:

    WiFi are still open for overnight passengers, the good thing about korea you can actually go out the airport just go to imigration for stamping and out you go to sleep in a hotel or something.

    they also have computers if you dont have your laptop with you.

    the only thing that i hate about that airport is their food, yuck =(

  4. Snow says:

    Wow, I could work there forever! Awesome! ^_^

  5. If allowed, i’ll make it an office. I’ll stay there forever.

  6. vance says:

    I would also like to be stuck on that airport.

  7. lance says:

    haha, too bad NAIA T3 is so crappy.

  8. keiko says:

    Coolness… way better than the first class lounge of Cathay in NAIA and in Heathrow :)

  9. Particulary alluring blog column.

  10. jmaa* says:

    Best airport ever!!!! Wifi is incredibly fast plus the free use of laptop is superb! Youll never get bored here!!! And the employees also are nice, best airport ive ever been to! Thumbs up

  11. David says:

    I don’t think they’re cutting the wifi. My flight arrived in Korea before was 6am and there’s wifi

  12. Roger says:

    Annother thing to like about Incheon: Asiana and Korean Air transit passengers can use those airlines lounges, complete with very nice private showers. I always carry a change of clothes inmy carry on bag. I can shower, shave, brush teeth, then head for the lounge chairs to websurf or take a nap. Makes a long lay-over enjoyable.

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