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Best features of Edukasyon PH and AWS Educate

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a platform that offers cloud computing solutions. In the Philippines, the Bureau of Customs and the BFP are just some of the institutions that utilize AWS. Education technology platform Edukasyon.PH partnered up with Amazon to bring AWS Educate in the Philippines. Utilizing cloud-based technology and hosting numerous learning resources for individuals interested in tech, check out what exactly Edukasyon.PH and AWS have to offer.

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Free of charge

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By registering on AWS Educate through Edukasyon.PH, individuals can gain access to numerous learning courses online. Users don’t have to worry as enrolling in an AWS Educate course with the use of Edukasyon.PH is free of charge.

Use of cloud technology

Edukasyon utilizes AWS to keep its main platform running, specifically in production and staging environments. Not only that, but Edukasyon also has development inside the cloud. It also allows the platform to utilize multiple stacks and organizations, enabling them to have accountability to their variety of virtual resources. The AWS cloud technology also allows Edukasyon to encrypt, autopatch, and auto backup to manage and maximize their assets.

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Realme Philippines

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Web-based skills development

Through its partnership with AWS, Edukasyon gives individuals access to numerous resources to build or develop tech-centered and web-based skills. Programs such as data science, software development, machine learning, cloud computing, and more are included in AWS Educate’s offering. Edukasyon aims to have these resources accessible to the next generation of Filipino IT and cloud professionals.

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Personalized training program

Once registered, individuals can now have access to numerous pathways in web-based resources. Dubbed as “learning pathways,” the training courses supplied by AWS have been co-created with individuals from Harvard, MIT, Caltech, and more, who are experts in their fields.

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Education to career focus

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After finishing a learning pathway, individuals will be able to access the AWS Educate Job Board immediately. The job board allows students to search and apply for web-based jobs and internships not just from Amazon but also from all over the world. Members can directly use the skills they’ve learned from the training program.

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