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Top 7 Gadgets to bring when you get out more

In the past seven years that I’ve been blogging full time, I never really cozied up to the idea of just staying at home and blog the whole day. The only time I’d ever want to stay at home is when me and friends play DOTA or Starcraft 3.

So, yes, even if all the dozens and dozens of gadgets that I have at home and all the time in the world to play with them, I’d often look forward to just get out, hit the road and stay in some place I haven’t been to.

Here are the top 7 gadgets I would always bring when I’m travelling — whether for a tech coverage or just plain vacation.

1) Ultrabook. My last 5 laptops were all ultrabooks, sort of. All three generations of Macbook Air 11.6″ and two generations of Asus Zenbook. They’re thin, light yet very powerful.

2) Pocket WiFi. I’d say I’m never out without a pocket WiFi like the ones from Huawei. I have that high-capacity battery that lasts like 10-12 hours on a single charge. I have a postpaid plan and a back-up SIM of all networks just in case.

3) Tablet. I started out with the iPad for many years, then moved on to many others as an alternative. I’m now hooked to the Google Nexus 7 because of its portability. For long haul flights, I turn to the Transformer Prime for extra long battery life (very useful during my 16-hour trip to Europe earlier this year).

4) Camera. Before, I’d always bring my Canon 7D and take 2 or 3 lenses along but that would easily add 2 or 3 kilograms to my backpack weight. I’ve scaled that down to a Canon S100 (just rbing an extra battery).

5) Smartphone. Funny that a smartphone is not at the top of this list. But then again, when I’m on a trip, I really don’t want to be bothered with the idea that I need to answer phone calls or text messages especially if the trip involves a lot of outdoor activities. While I notice many people would use their iPhone as a replacement to a point-and-shoot, I’d prefer something more rugged, shock-proof and water-proof.

6) Portable Battery. I got a lot of the portable batteries to recharge my gadgets (mostly for the pocket WiFi and the phone). I’ve tried the ones from Energizer, Mili, Noontec, Choiix and as long as they have high-capacity ratings, I’m good with it.


7) Portable Speakers. It used to be mostly X-Mini speakers (got almost every type of X-Mini that came out) but I’ve also tried a few others like the ones from Razer.

For the most part, I really liked using the iPhone with iMovie since I’m able to take quick videos and do a mash-up on iMovie then post it right away on YouTube.

Anyway, these 7 devices are always on the top of my list whenever I have a trip (whether it’s for coverage or personal).

After many years of just blogging, it’s actually refreshing to just have a change of scenario. I had this dream before of just going back to my home town in Guimaras, put up a cabana in our grandfather’s little beachfront property. I’d fill up the place with all the gadgets, get satellite internet and blog from there (I also bought a small piece of property in Tagaytay and was hoping to move there before).

These days, I just make it a point to really pick a new destination — the Surfing Camp in La Union, wakeboarding in Calatagan and CamSur, surfing in Caliocan, Samar or mountain hiking in Mt. Famy. These give me opportunities to maximize the use of my gears and gadgets and really take them to a stress test.

Anyway, do check out the video above (the first YouTube clip) and tell me if you can identify the places shown in there. Been trying to play it over and over again to pick which ones I’ve actually been to.

To make this more exciting, let’s do a little giveaway as well. Just answer the questions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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326 Responses

  1. chad says:

    nice list of gadgets

  2. jayphee labog says:


  3. CBGavin says:

    My GoPro Hero2!

  4. regulus crisostomo says:

    gimme!asus zenbook lo lXD

  5. Ryan says:

    I wanted to go to Batanes then bring an DSLR camera to capture the beautiful place.

  6. tom says:

    hoping for smartphone

  7. Mike says:

    cooool list of gadgetsss, although a nice headset would also be good:>

  8. Bryan says:

    and make sure that you dont lose your gadgets!! from my personal experience. :)

  9. Neil says:

    Underground river, my tablet :)

  10. ammiel says:

    I’d bring my laptop, x-mini, and galaxy note to any beach

  11. bsirot says:

    Visit Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte and don’t forget the Galaxy Note.

  12. regulus says:

    tagaytay!and i will bring a camera~

  13. ammiel says:

    I’d bring my laptop and galaxy note

  14. Wis says:

    can’t leave with out my xperia S…

  15. Rain Yap says:

    Camera and smartphone and handheld gaming device :)

  16. Paul Abug says:

    Again in Mong-Pong, Marinduque.. I’ll be bringing my ever reliable Panasonic DMC-FT1 waterproof camera.. Eventhough its an old model it’s still tough and very easy to use..

  17. Ghosthunter says:

    I usually bring my Canon SX210is camera, laptop (currently Asus Zenbook), portable battery to charge usb gadgets and my laptop (Energizer 18000) and my Nokia phones (N86 as my latest) which also serves as my wifi hotspot when needed.

    I never really caught the need for a tablet because I prefer using an ultrabook laptop.

  18. Ann Clare says:

    I’d go to Bohol and bring my camera with me :)

  19. dennis rosello says:

    wala pang starcraft 3 :P

  20. Jerome L. says:

    Camera & Smartphone.

  21. Kristine says:

    I will never be caught without my Pocket Wifi, smartphones and iPad. You can play music, stream videos, and practically never get bored. Plus, you get to make your other friends jealous as to where you are – all in real time :))

  22. alaine says:

    maybe one is a tablet. hehe

  23. alainL says:

    Dude, you have Starcraft 3? :)

    You have too many gadgets. Haha

  24. Chris says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring? – I would bring my Parviz X1 tablet, my Huawei E220 USB broadband and my CDR-King portable battery around Baguio! Just blogging my whole trip around the city. =)

  25. If given a chance to go out on a trip, I’d probably travel in Palawan. I want to know what it really looks like and not just in photos. I’m curious of what Palawan has to offer especially in it’s ECO-TOURISM. I also want to experience nature at its best! I’d bring a SMARTPHONE ‘coz it’s all in one already! I can CAPTURE PHOTOS, SHARE IT ON SOCIAL SITES through FACEBOOK and the like powered by WIFI.. I can even inform my friends and relatives by activating its PHONE CAPABILITIES.. if I’m lost, GEO-MAPS would help.. it be would be very awesome!

  26. Jeff says:

    I’ll go mountain climbing with an SGS3 since it has GPS,a barometer for the altitude and a camera.

  27. ronald says:

    I’d go to boracay and bring along my samsung galaxy tab 7.7

  28. Donnie Marania says:

    Wow! Sana naman manalo na ako. Thanks Yuga! =D

  29. dennis rosello says:

    “If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?”

    – a fully charged water proof smartphone will be my companion to Boracay (haven’t been there yet). Can call, text, surf, play, take pics and do office stuff if needed.

  30. Muriel Simbillo says:

    pocket wifi~~~

  31. Kenneth Pios says:

    psp is a must for any gamer during trips ^_^

  32. Paul G says:

    I’d bring a tablet, pocket wifi and a laptop. I’d probably substitute the camera with my Galaxy S when I oped to go to Cebu or Boracay

  33. LunaTech says:

    i can’t leave my galaxy tab for taking pic and browsing the net….

  34. lhois says:

    i’ll go to Palawan! i’d bring with me Google Nexus 7 for my reading/ movie/ games while on travel; a camera cause i like taking photos; a smartphone for my call, text, GPS needs; and extra batteries for all the gadgets i bought.

  35. Marvin says:

    Puerto Prinsesa Palawan..I’ll bring my DSLR (Nikon D3100) and smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S2) to capture the sceneries.

  36. bigmikememe says:

    Boracay with a waterproof point and shoot :)

  37. mark darryll angeles says:

    “If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?”

    i will bring a samsung galaxy II and a gaming laptop! :)

  38. ronzkie23 says:

    Sa Bohol gusto ko puntahan una tsaka Camera would be the best gadget dadalhin ko with LAPTOP.. para sulit ang vacation at mas lalong sulit kung mananalo ako d2! :D

  39. marj says:

    Siargao coz I wanna learn surfing! :D
    plus my guy is at Surigao del Norte as of the moment so we can have a cool quality time together!
    I’ll be bringing a waterproof digicam and a tablet to capture all the memories in and out of the water!

  40. In Boracay with a Samsung Galaxy S2 fully charged and loaded with my usual favorite apps..

  41. pj says:

    I’d go to Palawan. My must haves would be my iPad (3rd Generation) and my iP4s :)

  42. Jom says:

    A nice, secluded beach. And I’d take a camera with me.

  43. marjon says:

    camera and tablet ok na!

  44. john says:

    never leave without smartphone and charger. di naman din ako namumundok so ok na ako sa charger lang

  45. Benchmark says:

    I might be having a hiking trip at Mt. Apo. I haven’t been there. (Never had a hiking trip either.)

    Perhaps the only Gadget I will bring is my Motorola Droid Razr phone (plus perhaps a solar powered charger). It’s light weight, can take videos and photos to bring back memories.

  46. deuts says:

    If it should only be one gadget, then it should be the iPhone. All in one!

  47. rbb says:

    I want to revisit bora and bring along my smartphone that has camera + 3G/WIFI + GPS that’s it!

  48. Ramon says:

    Awww only a day?

    Explore El Nido or Coron in Palawan with my galaxy note, olympus tg-1 camera and my perkso powerbank (it’s not a device but a lifeline for my devices lol)

    anyone know a good waterproof case/sleeve for the note? XD

  49. richard says:

    i would love to spend the day in Baguio and bring my sony camera and nokia 701.
    tks. yuga.

  50. Joseph Curada says:

    I would definitely go to the Virgin Island in Bohol. I want somewhere serene and quiet and this would be perfect to bring along my Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 and read a Good for some food for the soul.

  51. Jerrick Sampang says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?

    Palawan, and I will bring a waterproof smartphone!

  52. migz says:

    Anywhere would be fine. But if ever you are going on a trip anywhere. The number 1 gadget that you should bring especially on a vacation is a camera. Number 2 would be your smart phone

  53. Lee Ian Magpantay says:

    if i have to spend the whole day on a trip i would bring a tablet. its very handy when you get lost you could just google map your way :D

  54. jay dela pena says:

    i want to go back to Sta.Ana Cagayan and bring with me Iphone4s to capture beautiful views and upload immediately in social networking sites.

  55. Richard says:

    I would like to try snorkeling on the reefs of El Nido, Palawan and capture the beauty of the sea with a rugged smartphone (preferably a Sony Xperia Acro S)! =)

  56. Fur Javier says:

    Always been a fan of dslrs but would have to agree that it could get in the way at times. On a recent trip with my fiancee, I handed her a S100 so she could also take photos. When I reviewed her shots, was surprised by the quality. now I just find myself bringing sa s100 and a tablet, oh and a pocket wifi. And I’m happy…=)

  57. Blake says:

    If I have to spend the whole day trip, I would go to Palawan because of it’s scenic views. And with that comes a camera handy because I don’t want to lose the opportunity to capture the beautiful views.. :)

  58. jums says:

    big lagoon, el nido
    ill bring a dslr with me.

  59. Chobie says:

    I always bring my portable battery with me. The iPhone’s battery just doesnt cut it, especially when on 3G.

  60. Chobie says:

    And that includes my smartphone by the way. My dream trip is in Barcelona. :)

  61. BA says:

    Anilao, Mabini with a good underwater camera for dive photos.

  62. Ronin says:

    I want to return to Batanes and bring a point-and-shoot camera (Canon G12 hopefully), which is not as heavy and bulky as my DSLR.

  63. Kenen says:

    Top of my lisT would be the camera then batteries

  64. Franz Ignacio says:

    Galaxy Note – for SMS/Call and SNS-pic update on the go
    Ipad 3 – SNS/games when destination is reached and luggage is already left
    Sun Wifi – in globe abot mo na ang mundo; ang sun galaxy eh hehe!
    Panasonic Lumix G10 (mirror less camera) – will do the job for pics and vids
    CDR King mobile bank – juice for all except lumix g10 (I have extra lithium battery for my cam)
    Xmini Max 2 – sounds during inuman session

  65. Mitee de la Cruz says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?

    I’d go to Camiguin Islands and chill in their many hot springs and a little bit of beach maybe. I’d probably bring a smartphone for photography and map guide :)

  66. Neil Vincent says:

    I’d have a food trip in Binondo and most probably bring either a tablet or smart phone for utility.

  67. Denmark says:

    El Nido Palawan! Smartphone (e.g. Iphone, Samsung Galaxy S3) with a good in-built camera. You can Surf, call, text, take videos and pictures

  68. kobejames23 says:

    i love the cold weather in Baguio…i’ll bring my smartphone and iPad 2 para iwas boredom sa byahe! :)

  69. Hideki says:

    my ICS phone. :D

  70. Shelemiah Castro says:

    I would definitely go back to the scenic landscapes of Batanes and bring a decent digital camera with me to capture its awe-inspiring beauty

  71. chakz says:

    I’ll definitely bring a camera with me… I super love taking photos :)

  72. Josiah says:

    i would visit Bicol because that’s where my grandparents settled before they went to America and i haven’t been there.i would bring my N8 because of the camera so i can take pictures of the wonderful settings there

  73. Timothy Francisco says:

    Pretty nice list. if you’re a techie you’d probably have all those things :D

  74. No particular place, as long as it’s in the Philippines, but I’d like to bring my smartphone, it’s portable enough and I can use it to surf the web, play music and videos, games and take a photo.

  75. Biggs says:

    I’d like to visit the lakes of Laguna together with my trusty Nexus tablet and phone.

  76. Franco Ramos says:

    If i will be on a trip, i will road travel up northern part of luzon, its due to different beaches, towns and travel points to be in using your digital camera, smartbro internet device(since smart signal is pretty good in northern area)and laptop for on the spot internet showing.

  77. Berto Putik says:

    Mongpong Marinduque! doon ko lang talaga pangarap na bumyahe dala-dala ang isang (Tablet-Google Nexus 7 sana, kung meron lang ako) Canon Digicam :D

    (pag nasa vacation di ko iniintindi cp ko eh)

  78. Joemel Oplado says:

    I would definitely go to El Nido, Palawan and bring a Phablet (Galaxy Note / Note 2) with me, It’s an all-in-one device with lots of battery juice to survive the whole day.

  79. quick brown fox says:

    A good smartphone in the mountains is the way to go.

  80. bursky says:

    i’d take my S95 and document everything i can in batanes. it’s a dream destination for me! :)

  81. Michael says:

    I would love to go to Cebu for a vacation trip.
    I would bring a camera and my phone.

  82. Bruno Marvs says:

    I’d like to spend an entire day at Camarines Sur and I’ll bring with me a Galaxy Note n7000 with a high capacity battery to last me the entire day – so I can take a snapshot of the water action, edit the pics with ease using the s-pen, and post it immediately on social networking accounts. Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying the moment while sharing!!!

  83. Christian says:

    I would go to Boracay and take Go pro Hero 2 with me so I can record my adventures

  84. James says:

    I will go to a beach probably galera or somewhere in batangas and bring an acro s. I can use that to keep myself connected and as a replacement underwater camera when I go snorkeling. :D

  85. Jel Dote says:

    I want to have one of those portable battery chargers too! :)

  86. arvinparedes says:

    i would love to have 3 of thos gadgets listed here.. lol

  87. Giannreli says:

    I’d love a rugged phone on a hot summer’s day trek. Then a tablet or a laptop for the nights in the mountains. An extra battery pack would help for a longer time of watching movies on each/any of the devices. Then a camera, to capture all the great memories.

  88. Ruben Umali says:

    It would be in Cebu,

    I’ll bring
    my tablet phone (unlidata sharing photos on the trip),
    1 smartphone (primary phone)
    1 smartphone (music player)
    my digicam,

    my most trusted portable charger (AAA Battery source)


  89. I’d like to go to Palawan or somewhere near Baguio but not the main city or probably Tagaytay just to chill out and I’d bring a smartphone probably a Lenovo P700 since its compact but packs a lot of juice. :))

  90. Lorenz says:

    if i could only bring one gadget, then i think it would be a smartphone. unfortunately i only have an old e72, but i think it would suffice

  91. Yey. I’d like to go to Palawan or somewhere near Baguio but not the main city or probably Tagaytay just to chill out and I’d bring a smartphone probably a Lenovo P700 since its compact but packs a lot of juice. :))

  92. ghendoquicoy says:

    I would love to go to Camotes Island in Cebu. I’ve heard there are a lot of undiscovered paradise there ranging from Caves, fine white sand, and preserved aquatic views.

  93. ghendoquicoy says:

    I would love to go to Camotes Island in Cebu. I’ve heard there are a lot of undiscovered paradise there ranging from Caves, fine white sand, and preserved aquatic views. I think a water-proof smartphone and an underwater DSLR camera would suffice that nature immersion.

  94. Curt says:

    Laptop,Camera,Tablet,Smartphone. Those things matter to me if i travel. :)

  95. rafaraf says:

    If I would spend a day on a trip, it would be in Batanes. I want to entice my eyes with the views and serenity of the place. And the perfect gadget to bring is a DSLR to capture moments.

  96. arvinparedes says:

    i would be most intrested to go to australia right now, watch x factor and go live tweeting with my smartphone.. :D

  97. Janardan Ladyong says:

    If it would just be a whole day trip, I would just go somewhere near like Tagaytay. The gadgets I usually bring for a trip would by my netbook, my tablet, pocket wifi, cell phone (I don’t have a smartphone :D), and a portable battery for my pocket wifi, cell phone, or tablet.

  98. Jerson says:

    I’d bring my Canon camera to the Atacama Desert (near the Paranal Observatory) and just take pictures of the night sky and the lurking creatures of the desert.

  99. rjzero says:

    Batanes with a camera to capture the sceneries.

  100. Chris says:

    I would go up to Baguio and track my trip using my Parviz X1 tablet, attached to my Huawei E220 USB broadband, and with my CDR-King battery charger for backup power.

  101. wilmer says:

    1. Ultrabook
    2. DLSR camera
    3. Cellphone/Smartphone

  102. aj dorkee says:

    I’d bring my samsung galaxy s2 once fixed. (Home buttons was chewed by my dog). I would go to either tagaytay or baguio with my friend. That would her first so being her personal amateur photographer to cherish the moments would be nice. :)

  103. Ryan Dawn Umadhay says:

    One word: cables

  104. PJ Cunanan says:

    great article..

    tnx :)

  105. Ryan says:

    Nice. I like CDO. been there when i was a kid. Love to be there again.

  106. ryanf says:

    I would like to come back to Ilocos. I love the long ride, exploring new things and tasting the foods a long the way. I’ll definitely bring my point-and-shoot nikon camera, my hp pavilion netbook, and my ever reliable nokia.

  107. Jeremiah says:

    Wow! you’re the ultimate boys scout for gadgets!

  108. Jefferson Ang says:

    How nice of you to have all those gadgets :)

  109. Ren says:

    big no no for touchscreen smartphone for me. i prefer a “low-tech” keypad phone to easily answer texts and calls during a long travel.

  110. Jeremiah says:

    davao looks nice and I’ll bring my point n shoot camera, phone and a battery charger

  111. JDRK says:

    My Galaxy tab2 10.1 and off to Ilocos!

  112. Jocarl Zaide says:


  113. ErvinC. says:

    my top gadget to bring would definitely be a digital camera. :)

  114. anthony torio says:


  115. 3pper says:

    Probably Cebu and my future galaxy note 2 (sana i-release na dito)

  116. karu_ibanu says:

    come here in BUKIDNON.. :D

  117. BryMarti says:

    In Palawan with my HTC Sensation

  118. John says:

    I agree with the tablet of your choice !! I already have an iPad but I might get the Nexus 7 because of its portability and price.

  119. Kaiser says:

    I would bring a camera, of course! Memories are best remembered with a High Definition picture with vivid colors.

  120. Yuja says:

    I would like to go to Palawan. A take picture perfect moments with my camera

  121. jonax says:

    coron will always be on the top of my all time great getaways. ill be bringing my panasonic lumix to get those great shots even in the water.

  122. Jun S. says:

    I’d love to go on an ATV adventure in Bukidnon bringing my Nikon p7100 to capture the moments.

  123. RJ de Leon says:

    A day trip to Tagaytay… with just 1 gadget? That’d be my Lenovo P700, then. Everything I need in a gadget that’ll fit in my pocket, with more than enough juice to get me through the day (and night).

  124. Jhomar says:

    I will go to Quezon Provices(Because that is my province) I will bring a simple camera and take some good spots there. Because A picture is worth a thousand words.

  125. Charles says:

    All I need is a good notebook with SSD

  126. Alex L. says:

    A great gadgets for outdoor trippings!

  127. rex says:

    I will go to Malaysia and bring my camera with me.

  128. lordy says:

    If I have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, Ii will be at Albay and will bring bring a rugged nd waterproof smartphone with me :D

  129. Vhon says:

    phone and cam..

  130. Angelo Torres says:

    If i have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, I will be on Palawan and I will bring my Blackberry Torch with me plus a super protective casing. what i love about my BlackBerry is its connectivity options. i can directly post and send BBM messages to my relatives and connect with them no matter what is happening on me :) Hope I win. I need to win soooooo bad!

  131. Vladimir says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, i will go to Ilocos norte and Ilocos sur, The gadget that i want to bring is a IP67 certified phone with longer battery,,, ^_^

  132. Eco says:

    If I have to get outand spend the whole day on a trip, I will be at Hong Kong shopping and will bring the latest iPhone with me.

  133. ramm says:

    cool nice one sir.. abe!! just a Camera for kulitan moments..

  134. JV says:

    HK. smartphone+tab combo.

  135. Alex says:

    I’ll maybe bring a smartphone on a trip to batangas. :)

  136. Jason Ryan Celeste says:

    If I have to spend my whole day on a tour, i’m going to Rome with an iphone4s.

  137. elizalde says:

    my notebook, smartphone and cam…

  138. Primon says:

    well, i can live by w/ my android smart phone & tablet.

    hey i can also bring along my new and handy compact camera for those outdoor activies!

  139. Norbert says:

    My itouch, galaxy tab and cellphone.

  140. Norbert says:

    I would probably go out to the mall for a trip. and i would definitely bring my itouch, galaxy tab and cellphone.

  141. Jeff Dela Cruz says:

    I wanna go to Palawan and bring with me my camera and smartphone.

  142. frenchy says:

    I’d love to spend the whole day trip to Palawan island and bring along an Asus Transformer with me and a rugged smartphone.

  143. Angelo Muyot says:

    An ultrabook, smartphone and a tablet. :)

  144. If I were to go out and spend the whole day on a trip, I will be in Batanes and I will bring my digital camera, my portable music player and ofcourse my smartphone.

  145. Xian says:

    Id bring my
    Sony Vaio
    Ainol Tab
    Nokia Lumia 800
    Nokia e63
    Sony Alpha 65
    Ipod Touch 4g

  146. Lovela Gina says:

    i would love to go in palawan (coron ) and bring my sony tx20 and phone :)

  147. Jonathan says:

    I’ll spend the whole day in Las Casas in Bagac Bataan with my digicam, Android phone, and iPad.

  148. Jeremiah says:

    To Palawan! I’ll bring a camera, smartphone, battery pack and probably a pocket wifi

  149. Howee Marquez says:

    I would love to be in Boracay and bring with me my smartphone and camera!

  150. I’ve never been in Bohol and i’ll bring my smartphone, ipod touch 4thgen and dslr with me! :)

  151. Alvin says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?

    I’d bring my blackberry! it’s not the best smartphone but it gets the job done! i can take photos and upload it directly to my social networks and even email a copy to myself.

  152. Alden says:

    I’d bring my phone and a camera. That would be simple enough to capture the moments. Hehe

  153. Alden says:

    I’d bring my phone and a camera. That would be simple enough to capture the moments.

  154. Wynner Ngoslab says:

    I’d bring my phone and a camera with me to La Union :D

  155. Wil says:

    palawan with my smartphone. :)

  156. Jaspher says:

    Id bring with me my Smartphone to Batanes!

  157. Jessy says:

    A camera to Tagaytay!

  158. glen says:

    I’d travel to Bataan with a camera.

  159. Arvin Marasigan says:

    I wanna go back to Coron, Palawan and bring my camera and my smartphone with me. :)

  160. Kevin says:

    I always bring with me my cam, smartphone, transformer prime and portable hd drive with lots of porn ooops too much information =)

  161. Sevb Capili says:

    I will bring my camera on my trip to our province, Leyte!

  162. Patrick says:

    I’d definitely go back to Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa and will definitely bring my Canon Powershot D10.


  163. Xstriker of TPC says:

    Here’s what inside my pouch.

    1. Blackberry 9900 – calls, sms, e-mails, fb messenger, YM, Foursquare and Skype.

    2. Galaxy Tab 7.7 – web browsing, Youtube, Netflix, video calls, RSS, Google Maps.

    3. 6000mah Power Bank – could fully-charged my BB twice and Tab once.

    4. Portable Mini Misting Fan – coz it’s freakin hot in Manila.

  164. ron oriola says:

    to baguio! with a samsung galaxy s III!

  165. Allen Espeleta says:

    Most of the time, I always bring my smartphone, iPod for entertainment, and a digicam to capture moments :)

  166. Allen Espeleta says:

    Coron Palawan with my smartphone

  167. LuckyLeo says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?

    Europe! I’ll bring my phone, camera and laptop :-)

  168. Joma says:

    Nexus 7 to anywhere!

  169. angel says:

    I’ll bring my tablet and smartphone, very important gadgets when i’m traveling but have to stay in touch with my clients.

  170. jm says:

    smartphone, kasi yun lang meron ako. haha! dalhin ko sa province namin sa Aurora. check niyo province namin para maiba naman. hehe

  171. Noel says:

    Sa Vigan! Ang tagal ko ng gustong pumunta dun! At ang gadgets na dadalhin ko ay isang point and shoot camera (para magaan), portable media player para sa byahe, at cellphone para maka-kontak at ma-kontak. :)

  172. oyo says:

    My ever faithful sg1, and my BB8520 is all i need for any getaway.

  173. jul wayne says:

    i wish i could have some of those awesome gadgets!

  174. Glenn V. says:

    i’ll bring may smartphone with me and go to isabela with my special someone

  175. cyrus manzo says:

    i’ll bring my sony nex to boracay!

  176. IANVARIVS says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?

    I just want to joy ride from Batangas to Ilocos. I’d being a Camera for me to capture everything I’m gonna see..

  177. ChardsB says:

    I’d bring my TV Phone, iPodTouch for music and a 7″ Tablet for entertainment, and a digicam to capture some pics when we go to Palawan.

  178. Dianne says:

    I’d go to Sagada with my smartphone, my DSLR, and my Fuji Instax! :D

  179. Harold B. says:

    If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring?

    I’ll go to Bohol beach Club with my Galaxy S III!

  180. richard b. medrano says:

    I would like to go where i was horn in the mountain of Sapat in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte. My dad is a soldier and we used to live there but since my he retired from the service i have not seen the place. It would be nice to go back and relieve memories with my galaxy tablet. I could easily share my photos with thevwhole world with its 3g capability. But bynthe way inwould bring my phone just in case.

  181. bryce says:

    i would go to Hoyohoy with my nokia n8 since it doubles as my camera!

  182. haykal lorena says:

    For me i bring my trusty old laptop, smartphone, and a camera. My android phone serves as wifi hotspot for me and my friends. It would be nice to bring a waterproof pouch for all your gadgets just in case…

  183. arlie says:

    I would go to my province in Batanes with my laptop, android phone and camera. It would be nice to share the fun with my friends and relatives there.

  184. Marian says:

    Camera, Smartphone/Tablet, PocketWifi combo :D

  185. Laurence Beruin says:

    I’ll definitely go to Palawan, a real paradise on Earth! And, I’ll be bringing my ever-trusted Galaxy Note with a waterproof pouch plus my laptop, broadband kit and a portable battery.

  186. CliffRosario says:

    Baguio – only for one reason, It’s the one place on earth were I have lots of happy memories with my loved ones.

  187. CliffRosario says:

    Baguio – only for one reason, It’s the one place on earth were I have lots of happy memories with my loved ones. I’d bring my iPhone 4S (for camera purposes), mophie juice pack air and Dell laptop coupled with Tattoo stick.

  188. Dom Bulan says:

    Whenever on a trip, I’d always bring my Canon DSLR camera and my HTC Desire HD for tons of beautiful pictures and instant connectivity!

  189. Dan Mikhael Gahol says:

    I’ll go to San Juan, La Union with my girlfriend and enjoy the beach with our DSLR, iPhone and my HP netbook.

  190. Christian San Luis says:

    Traveling whole day is like traveling whole EDSA during rush hour. I would bring lots of IPAD and place it on our Car Window just to block the view of EDSA

  191. Migz says:

    I would definitely go to wellington with my phone and camera. :D

  192. my_croft says:

    My phone, a dslr camera, and a laptop.

  193. YG says:

    Phone and Camera : perfect match!

  194. my_croft says:

    It’ll be a trip to baguio where it is cold now.

  195. Gian L. Pacaña says:

    I would like to travel Europe and South America with a travel-zoom camera, a smartphone and an ultrabook from Dell.

  196. Obed says:

    My top gadgets that I always bring with me.

    1. BlackBerry Bold 9900 – I never leave my BlackBerry since I got 8 email accounts connected in my phone.

    2. BlackBerry Torch 9850 – Another BlackBerry for personal use. I use this for BBM and other social stuff.

    3. Apple iPod Touch – Music and apps. Also most of the SAAS and stuff I use has a App for Apple.

    4. Globe Pocket WiFi – I need Internet all the time. I could use my BlackBerry Hotspot but my Postpaid doesn’t have unlimited Internet and my prepaid won’t allow me to use Hotspot. So I end up applying for this one.

    5. BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB – The best tablet ever. I can surf the net the way I surf Internet using a desktop. It has flash and supports java. Also awesome multitasking device.

    6. Powebag Deluxe with 3000mAh and 9000mAh – With all this gadgets I have and the time I spent outside need me recharge all the time.

    7. Acer Aspire Core i7 Laptop – I work as a graphic and webdesigner and and play online poker. That’s why I always bring my lopto people with me to do some of my freelance projects.

    8. Vaas 5000mAh Portable Charger – While I have two battery for my backpack I still need this one just in case I need more power or sometime the accessibility of charging. I can’t always charge and carry my bag at the same time.

    9. Freecom and Buffalo 1TB External Portable Hard Drive – I don’t like saving large files on my laptop so I use external hard drive to save my projects.

    10. V-Moda M-80 – The most balance headphone I bought. I like listening to music on the go and while doing some freelance projects or playing online poker.

  197. Joanne says:

    If given the opportunity I’ll go and travel to Bohol or Coron, Palawan because I’ve never been to that place. I’ll bring a camera (what’s a trip for without the souvenirs?), a laptop for as a multi-functional gadget, and lastly a smartphone for communication with my family and friends.

  198. xsaix5 says:

    I really wanna go to Europe and bring an awesome camera and a smartphone

  199. Zaldy Penaranda says:

    It’ll be in Tagaytay for a whole day trip..taking pictures of scenic view with my Nikons 2500 along with my android phone..

  200. niel kangkangkoy says:

    I’ll go to Palawan and enjoy using my camera, smartphone and laptop when needed :)

  201. Jonna Rigo says:

    I’d go to a place where I can appreciate and experience nature at its finest. A trip that will isolate me from the stressors of the city and the urban life itself, and away from most creations of man. With just a trusty camera on hand, I’d take shots of every moment in every way possible so that when I am old and try to reminisce, a photo will be there to remind me how it felt being in such places.

  202. I want to go to Batanes, people say it’s great and different up there. I would definitely bring a camera to treasure those precious moments. I would also bring a laptop to quickly store the pictures to free the camera for more pics. :D

  203. Bobby says:

    Well I would love to visit the Caramoan, I’m a huge Survivor fan and them shooting here in our soil makes me giddy! I hope there are no signal for smartphones there, just a perfect place for me to chill and record my (mis)adventures for a day using an everything-proof camera :)

  204. Nestor Murillo says:

    I’ll go to Ilocos Norte and I would bring a camera to treasure those precious moments.

  205. Andrei says:

    Im a beach guy so id probably bring my Xperia Go and trusty Huawei Mediapad, both portable and reliable!

  206. Josh Kevin says:

    I’d bring a Sony Xperia Acro S, Nex 3D (likes taking pictures much? XD ) and a laptop somewhere like Coron, Palawan.

  207. marven says:

    I’ll go to palawan and explore the beauty of nature and of course i’ll have my canon s100 with me to make it memorable:)

  208. Philip Martinez (@pi says:

    Mula Batanes hanggang Jolo as the noontime show ditty would say. I’ve been to Jolo so Batanes this time. A capable camera like Canon S100 would suffice. I don’t usually connect with the world during my trips so no smartphones for me so that I can focus on things that matter :)

  209. jabroni says:

    Iphone and nexus 7

  210. Dy says:

    I’d love to go to Guimaras and take a Canon S100 with me. :)

  211. Angela S. says:

    I’d love to see Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, and learn how to surf. I’ll be bringing my digital camera with me!

  212. Macky Pablo says:

    I usually bring my Macbook and Blackberry plus may Panasonic LX3 for out of towns. Now the iPad replaced the Macbook.

  213. Michael says:

    If I was to go on a trip, I would go to the enchanted river in Surigao and if I had one I’d take an iPad with me. My buddies and I can be entertained by watching movies or play games, we can even snap away pictures of our querky moments on the long trip.

  214. Arnel Hemady says:

    Go back to Ilocos and do “me and my wife’s” ilocos backpacker tour again. HP DM1, smartphone, and Nikon D3100 with us, again. :)

  215. Jun Macatulad says:

    When I travel it’s a must that i bring my laptop with me

  216. alfranz3 says:

    Probably in Baler. I will bring my digital camera to capture the trip, my smartphone to keep me connected to other people and my laptop for emergency work.

  217. carlos jhunie says:

    Bohol and Palawan. I will bring Point and shoot camera, my dual sim phone, and my macbook pro.

  218. Jron says:

    I’d rather bring my phone than my camera when I’m on a travel :)

  219. rodel urot says:

    since i’m from cebu i would definitely go to Camotes, not so expensive to travel and i very nice place. and i’ll just bring my old school Nokia N82, good camera, good battery life and fast 3G and wifi.

  220. Luvimin says:

    I’d like to go to Palawan, specifically the underground river. I’ll bring my smartphone to stay connected and my point and shoot camera to capture the breathtaking sceneries.

  221. Jaye says:

    my only gadget iphone 4s. want to go to singpore.

  222. rommel austria says:

    I will bring my outdated 8mp digital camera, old school mobile phone and my ancient netbook, simple as that!

  223. I would go to Zambales and I would bring my trusty iPod with me. :)

  224. John says:

    I’ll bring my rather obsolete, yet “drop-proof” point and shoot camera, a ragged smartphone a tablet, a portable wifi hotspot and my best friend. :)

  225. chadworks says:

    A smartphone and my Lumix LX5 is what I usually have on a trip.

  226. Alvir says:

    A smartphone with a Sony mobile charger (CP-ELS) and a lumix GX1X would be great.

  227. Kendra says:

    i always bring camera (dslr or p&s), smartphone, portable battery, and portable speakers. more gadgets equals heavy baggage.

  228. jeffy says:

    i love travelling especially here in Bicol. I want to explore Bicol region’s hidden treasures. I dont have dslr but if that’s the secret gadget that yuga will be providing ma-appreciate ko. i usually travel with my iphone and my point and shoot camera.

  229. therealmaldito says:

    to moalboal, down south here in cebu. bringing just my htc one x. a phone, music player and camera in 1 device.

  230. Kendra says:

    i always bring camera (dslr or p&s), smartphone, portable battery, and portable speakers if i’m in nuvali or lago de oro for wakeboarding. lesser gadgets equals lighter baggage.

  231. Andrew Barrida says:

    I would like to go to Lingayen, Pangasinan and bring my laptop and digital camera.

  232. mostwanted says:

    I always bring my iPhone4 and my Laptop

  233. Arnaldo Ocfemia says:

    Indispensable for me are my smartphones and tablet. I make sure all important data from work are accessible anywhere I go. Those gadgets come in handy in that regard.

  234. Kiko says:

    must bring ang kindle for me :}

  235. june balbalosa says:

    I always bring may 2 cellphones, 1 globe and 1 smart for signal issues, baka walang signal sa puntahan ung isang phone ko yung active para pwede sa swimming.

  236. warfab says:

    Home I win :D

  237. Dave Lu Chiu says:

    Tagaytay:) my ipod and some wireless speakers to play some music :)

  238. Andro Umali says:

    Palawan. iPhone 4s :D

  239. anna mae says:

    thanks abe for sharing :)

  240. Lex says:

    I would love to go on a road trip to Pagudpud with friends. Capturing the beauty and adventure along the way with my iPhone and instantly sharing them on Facebook and Instagram using my pocket wifi :)

  241. byker says:

    Woooooooooooooo ! Xperia T

  242. Its always exciting to go some secluded island, probably in the north. I would bring a smartphone, pocket wifi, and solar powered charger. I think these would b enough to survive and be connected.

  243. shervin says:

    palawan, and i would bring my smartphone

  244. Chris says:

    I will bring a DSLR camera in Batanes.
    I know that there are amazing sceneries in Batanes but not sure with the cellphone signal, so definitely a camera. :)

  245. Jason Ryan Celeste says:

    Rome with an Iphone5!

  246. Junnel Montelibano says:

    Of all the gadgets listed, smartphone is the one I have. Maybe I should save up more! :)

  247. Mark Sy says:

    I’ll bring an SLR with UWA lens.

  248. charmaigne grace gep says:

    misibis bay in albay!
    i’ll bring canon s100

  249. John Edward Ostalle says:

    One gadget I always bring. My android phone. I take pictures with it, I listen to my music playlist in it and play during long hours of travel.

  250. rose says:

    i always have my iphone with me when i travel.
    but what i’d like to have is a rugged cam like olympus tg 1.

  251. Nidoh Gen Regencia says:

    I always have my Pocket Wifi when I Traveled.

  252. John Carlo G. Carpio says:

    CDO,my laptop.

  253. Julius Sambo says:

    1 out of 7 isn’t that bad right? *whimpers*

  254. Julius Sambo says:

    Somewhere I’d never been before. Come to think of it, that’d be a lot of places. If I had to choose one, I’d choose somewhere close and local. Probably somewhere in Palawan. Puerto Princesa, maybe? It’s a bit of a cliche destination, but hey, who cares? Haha. One gadget? A super smartphone, the best money can buy. That is if I had one. *whimpers*AGAIN*

  255. BJ Mandia says:

    It would be nice to have a visit to Puerto Princesa Underground River. As for the gadget, I always make sure my iPad comes in handy paired with a free-tangled headphone of course!

  256. If you have to get out and spend the whole day on a trip, where will it be and which one gadgets will you bring? I’d definitely bring a smartphone and a camera, which are the really essential gadgets to bring when going on a trip for a hassle free trip!

  257. Baguio. Gadgets? Laptop. Pocket wifi. Cellphone. And a mediocre digicam.

  258. shervin says:

    place – sagada. gadget – smartphone

  259. arman says:

    Siquijor…Samsung S3

  260. albert dc says:

    I’d go to Boracay — I’ve never been there — and would bring my Samsung M3510 — if I can only bring one gadget. If I can bring more, then I’d bring along my Nikon D40 as well.

  261. Hanz R says:

    Palawan, will only bring Sony digicam.

  262. Redgie Louie Campani says:

    this’d be so awesome :))

  263. Redgie Louie Campani says:

    you’ve been to Cebu :)

  264. Chester Patrick says:

    I’d go to the top of MT. Pinatubo and bring my tablet cause it’s the only one i have :))

  265. looking at the top 7 gadgets, i only have the camera. i’m eyeing on getting a smartphone soon since my clamshell phone is almost dying on me.

  266. edson igloria says:

    baguio. i wont forget to bring my smartphone with me

  267. Lance says:

    just a camera to record every moment

  268. LameXcuzes says:

    Puerto Prinsesa, Panasonic Lumix Camera

  269. Marco says:

    I would like to go to Tagaytay, very accessible and will bring my iphone. it’s all i need. :-)

  270. Erjan says:

    I would like to visit Ilocos Norte again. If I do, I’ll be bringing with me a Canon 60D with a EF-S 18-200mm IS lens and take pictures of beautiful landscapes that I see on the way. :)

  271. Ryan Brania says:

    camera!! :) to capture the memories :)

  272. kenneth says:

    palawan . a Nikon D5100

  273. jc1217 says:

    I want to visit Corregidor. I will be bringing my Sony DSC H20, the camera I used for all my travels.

  274. ramillav says:

    Pocket wi-fi is a must!

  275. Donna Lyn Gan says:

    I think I will spend my day in Caramoan and bring a camera with me. Take all shots of the nature and of the fun moment. :)

  276. Dave says:

    Smartphone na may internet lang ang kailangan ko

  277. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    I’d always choose El Nido and bring a waterproof camera with me :)

  278. Joe says:

    I’ll bring the water proof Android phone from Sony.

  279. Pia says:

    I would like to roam around the province of Camiguin and take shots of the splendid view of the sea and mountains.

  280. Richard Agas says:

    Kahit saang beach basta dami maganda at dadalhin ko ang aking nokia n8 at x-mini speaker. may pang pic nko at music. less pa ang dala dala. hehehe

  281. what’s the secret gadget? hope i could win it.

  282. Jenero de Guzman says:

    i would love to go to el nido, palawan bringing a smartphone with decent camera and internet.

  283. Jaydel says:

    Boracay together with my DSLR!

  284. Dino de los Santos says:


  285. Dino de los Santos says:

    Bohol with a Lenovo P700

  286. Von says:

    I’d go to El Nido and if I have an Acro S, I’d bring that one :D plus a powerbank(unless it’s counted)… it’s a android rugged phone with awesome specs specially the camera and heavy duty battery!! It’s a phone that says “I’m everything from a phone, to a flashlight, to (whatever apps can make you happy), to cam with high IQ and 1080p video, to a music player and and oooommmmgg

  287. Lance says:

    i want some gadgets too…

  288. I’d probably go to Cebu and bring my Nikon D40X with a protective case on it! May be old, but still valid and can take amazing pictures of the beaches and the city life.

  289. cute_drew says:

    I would go to Mt. Pulag, bring my DSLR, GTab 7.0 plus and my phone :)

  290. Darcel Abad says:

    I’ll visit anawangin with my DSLR..

  291. Dondy says:

    gusto ko ng Ipod touch! haha

  292. Gerald Dicen says:

    Wow! Thanks for the list. We’re backpacking this coming sembreak and you gave an idea what to bring :)

  293. Allan says:

    Internet and Laptop is a must!!!!!

  294. Allan says:

    Coron and my DSLR

  295. Lance says:

    internet, laptop and a camera is badly needed!

  296. Angelito Budomo says:

    I have never traveled in my whole life. But I think El Nido in Palawan is very enticing. If I have all the gadgets mentioned in this article, I will bring the smartphone with me. I can take shots and browse the web even in that remote area.

  297. Voice says:

    I want to go to Bohol and I will bring my Lumix ZS10. But if it is possible to bring more than one gadget I will bring a smartphone so I can post the pictures to Instagram as soon as I can. I have friends who like updated pictures of the view and happening as I go on my trip.

  298. niel says:

    always bring laptop and tatoo 4g

  299. Marco Collado says:

    Isang 3G enabled tablet lang na may magandang camera, OK na. Na’ndon na lahat. :D

  300. Shai Torres says:

    A smartphone with a longer battery life and a nice camera (like the Nokia Lumia 920) would be enough for me as we trip for two at Boracay. :D

  301. If I will be given a chance to enjoy a whole day off, I would like to spend it at Coron, Palawan. Hitting the beach is a way for me to relieve my stress and what better way to immortalize that peaceful day than with a good camera. I will be there to relax so I won’t need other fancy telecommunication devices. Just me and the relaxing waters of Palawan!

  302. Daryll says:

    Nexus 7 Tablet is a plus! Cheap with high specs on it…

  303. mary anne narciso says:

    ILOCOS NORTE, can’t wait to go back there again!

    1. nikon digicam
    2. nokia cellphone

  304. Adam says:

    My android phone. A very useful gadget to keep up with the world while travelling..

  305. I will go to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. I’ve always wanted to go there and relive the past with it’s beautiful architecture. That will be enough for me for one day. And I will bring a smartphone with extra battery for picture taking and SNS updates. :D

  306. Majo Ybanez says:

    Mountain! At Mt. Palali. I’ll bring my canon s95 to capture the beautiful scenery. Clouds. Fresh Air :)

  307. Edgar says:

    Will visit bora his thanksgiving and i’ll definitely bring my nikon d3100 and my cellphone That would suffice my needs. I believe!

  308. Ronald Suria says:

    BORACAY. I’ve never been there. I’ll bring my phone, a camera and a music player.

  309. Philip V says:

    If it has to be one, it would be Boracay. I just love the powdery white sands, the calm waters, picturesque views and the convenience of world class hotels and restaurants nearby. Perfect escape. I’d bring my Canon 1000D because I like to capture beautiful things. I could do that all day in Boracay.

  310. If I will be given a Chance, I want to go to Palawan, and I will bring with me a Smart Phone, (I want one) because it got all I need, Communication, Music, and Camera. Very useful for a trip :D

  311. If I will be given a Chance, I want to go to Palawan, and I will bring with me a Smart Phone, (I want one) because it got all I need, Communication, Music, and Camera. Very useful for a trip :D All in one package :D

  312. Alston Cue says:

    I’d go to Puerto Princesa and bring with me a supercharged smartphone for my entertainment, communication, and photography needs.

  313. Ronald Suria says:

    BORACAY. I’ve never been there. I’ll bring my phone, a camera and a music player.

  314. I want to go to Puerto Princesa,Palawan. I’ve seen so many beautiful sceneries of the city but only on TV. Haha! And I will only bring a camera to take shots and videos of whatever I will see there. No phone para walang istorbo. =)

  315. rien says:

    Probably, a trip to Coron, Palawan. One thing is for sure, I won’t forget to bring my digital camcorder(Sony WebbyHD) and my android phone(SG-Fit). If I only have any mirrorless or slr camera I would prefer to bring this gadget than my old Sony WebbyHD.

  316. han says:

    Would love to travel to Coron!! I think a simple tablet with long battery life and a camera is all you need to have while in travel–solb na yun, you needn’t to bring a stash of gadgets because we travel to be able to experience new things and to discover and not to go online all the time!!

  317. raimond says:

    minus 1, pocket WiFi… Tend to use my phone’s modem connection :)

  318. ron says:

    i think it’s best to bring shock & water proof smartphone with nice camera in coron or puerto princesa.

  319. ron says:

    i think it’s best to bring a shock & water proof smartphone with nice camera in coron or puerto princesa.

  320. Ronald Suria says:

    BORACAY. I’ve never been there. I’ll bring my phone, a camera and a music player.
    (iwas lowbat agad if iaasa lahat sa phone.)

  321. Patrick says:

    Hi Abe,

    I was just wondering if there was already an announcement sent out for this raffle?


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