MotoMods takes modular approach for the Moto Z

Motorola is taking a different approach for a modular mobile device. Instead of taking apart the smartphone, the MotoMods actually just adds additional modules to the back side of the Moto Z to extend its functionality.

Here’s an official video showing the them in action:

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The back covers are developed by Motorola itself while others are thru 3rd-party like the JBL Soundboost that adds two 3W speakers at the back. The module also comes with an additional 1,000mAh battery pack to add to the Moto Z (effectively making it 3,600mAh).

There’s also the Incipio Offgrid power pack that bumps up the battery by 2,220mAh more. That puts the Moto Z at 4,820mAh and the Moto Z Force at 5,720mAh.

The InstaShare projector basically acts as a pico-projector and adds the ability to project up to 70″ of an image from your phone. It also comes with an additional 1,100mAh battery pack.

If you just want some style and personality, the Style Shells will give you just that — a variety of stylish back covers from wood finish to genuine leather.

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  1. Avatar for Gian Gian says:

    Cool love to have yung speaker with additional mAh.

  2. Avatar for anz anz says:

    astig un projector

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