Nokia Lumia 925 lands locally, priced at Php23,500

Nokia Lumia 925 lands locally, priced at Php23,500

Today, Nokia PH has finally announced the arrival of the revamped version of their previous flagship smartphone, the Lumia 925, to our local shelves. They’ve also announced the handset’s local pricing which is currently pegged at Php23,500.

lumia 925 philippines

In case you missed it, we’ve already posted our full review of the Lumia 925 to make you more acquainted with this gorgeous WP8 handset.


Nokia Lumia 925 PureView specs:
4.5-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display @ 1280×768 pixels, 332ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Qualcomm Snapdragon Krait 1.5GHz dual-core processor
Adreno 225 GPU
16GB internal storage
3G, HSPA+, 4G LTE 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
Bluetooth 3.0
8.7MP PureView rea camera, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash
1080p HD video (low-light, image stabilization)
1.3MP front-facing camera, 720p video
FM Radio tuner
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
Windows Phone 8
Li-ion 2,000mAh, non-removable
129 x 70.6 x 8.5mm (dimension)
139g (weight)

There are two ways you can get the Nokia Lumia 925; purchase it directly from one of the Nokia Stores and Nokia Solutions Partners all over the archipelago for Php23,500 or get it free under Smart’s All-in Plan 1800 with a 30-month lock-in period. The handset will be available starting August 19 and will be offered in three color variants; Black, Gray and White.

In other news, Mr. Karel Holub, Country Manager of Nokia Philippines, also mentioned during the launch that Nokia will also bring its current marquee handset, the Lumia 1020, locally before the end of this year. That said, it makes us wonder whether it’s still wise to get the Lumia 925 or just wait just a little longer for the 41MP-touting WP8 handset. So what’s it going to be folks?

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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50 Responses

  1. radke says:

    is this offered in Globe Telcom too?

  2. jeff says:

    wow, the price is lower than I expected! Expecting it to be more than 25k

  3. Blitzkrieg says:

    Led Flash?

  4. krbch says:

    is it “exclusive” to smart? hope globe will have it too. . :drool:

  5. abuzalzal says:

    With its God-awful specs and terrible app ecosystem…. still expensive for a point and shoot cam with a phone function

    Snapdragon800 devices are just around the corner

    • Sean says:

      Its specs are normal when compared to the iPhone. Android phones need better hardware since they need it to compensate for the software while WP8 is optimized for Lumia phones that’s why dual core processors are already good enough for Lumias. Goes the same way for iPhones. And by the way the app ecosystem of WP8 is one of the fastest growing ecosystem and it’s not that terrible.

    • hehehe says:

      the worst part is: you never got a chance to have a windows phone. and probably never will! hahaha go and grow old.

    • abuzalzal says:

      for the love of jeebus…WP adoption rate is ”barely” growing…the so-called flagship LUMIA 1020 is off to a slow start…what does that mean? People are sick of NOKIA’s ”It has an awesome camera!!!” gimmickry

      nag e-volve na po ang taste ng tao, hindi na po 2003….2013 nq…People nowadays are wary of the features that they are spending for, and SAD but true, camera-centric phones just dont cut it anymore

      ang labanan ngayon, WHOLE PACKAGE at versatility na….gets nyo NOKIA elitists???

    • awdog says:

      i agree with abu

      WP8 is just bland. GO android or die

    • zalzalinkita says:

      etong si abuzalzal puros cherry mobile lang naman ang gamit mo. kung ayaw mo sa ibang brand, stop trolling. ako, for some people like me, first phone ko is nokia, hahanap ka ng iba pag sawa ka na pero babalik balikan mo pa rin sya, parang first love hahaha. kaya tantanan mo kaming nokia fans, zalzalin kita jan eh!

    • oibobohahamustana says:

      @abuzalzal “With its God-awful specs and terrible app ecosystem…. still expensive for a point and shoot cam with a phone function” sabihin mo yan sa iphone hindi sa nokia TANGA!!!para sakin normal lang na hindi pa rin ganun kasikat ang windows phone kasi nagsisimula pa lang sila,ganun din naman ang android dati eh tska ang problema lang ng windows OS ay ang no of apps pati compatibility nito,na mareresolba in the next years di tulad ng android ilang taon na simula nung unang gamitin ayun naglalag pa rin,nagcacrash ang apps,etc. eh itong mga problema na to mahirap na ayusin kasi antagal na nito tska pakisabi rin sa CM mong pinakamamahal ayusin nila aftersale nila andali lang iimprove un d nila magawa tsktsk

    • hohummm says:

      lagDroid is getting boring, time to shift to WP8

    • Abed M. says:

      Sir @oibobohahamustana hindi naman yata applicable yan sa iPhone. The App Store has the most number of apps, mediocre specs ok pa.

      Anyway I’m not a WP hater. Actually I want one as my next phone. Only thing that keeps me using iOS is the app I mean the apps.


    • Abed M. says:

      Actually gets ko ang point ni sir @abuzalzal, at this price range you can actually buy a 5″ 1080p quad-core android phone. Pero tingin ko depende rin yun sa preference ng isang tao sir, actually ok lang sakin ang WP maybe Lumia 720 ok na sakin no need to buy higher specs WP if you want to try this OS.

      #justsaying :)

    • krbch says:

      lol. you really consider WP app ecosystem terrible compared to android’s? HAHAHA

      hindi po paramihan ng “games”(majority is mediocre) ang basehan kung gano kaganda ang app ecosystem ng isang OS.

      “People nowadays are wary of the features that they are spending for, and SAD but true, camera-centric phones just dont cut it anymore”

      wheras karamihan ng tao, nag iinstagram at kumukuha ng pictures for their social media accounts. .

      well, they are now wary of the features, prefers buying 1080p multi core phones to acces fb, instagram and play candy crush.


    • oibobohahamustana says:

      oi @Abed M. na mas tanga pa kay abuzalzal panung di naging applicable sa iphone ang cnabe ko?tignan mo nga ang specs ng iphone kung tutuusin nga mas mababa pa sa lumia 925 pero umaabut ng halos 40k eh eto for 24k meron ka na hahaha #layulayudinkayabupagmaytimehanahahawakanaeh

    • abuzalzal says:

      OMG baboy krbch

      Mahilig nga ang tao kumuha ng pics..BUT that doesn’t mean they fancy NOKIA’s overpriced (and overhyped) cameraphones….Any smartphone would do the job for them

      mag reflect ka nga at balik-tanawin mo ang market share ng Windows LOL

      Admit it…….most people HATE Windows Phones

    • whocaresaboutapps says:

      Most people hate windows phones? Oh really now? Where did you get that statistic? I know a lot of people don’t like it, but to imply that most people hate it is completely absurd. In the first place, to HATE something you should have had first hand experience about it (ie, actually owned one). Hating something you haven’t even tried is plain silly. And that’s a fact. People who bash Windows Phone haven’t even tried it. On the other hand, I have used Androids and iOS devices but still prefer WP. Not by a wide margin, but it is still my everyday phone nonetheless, because I like my phone to have character. Something that a lot of Androids don’t have (except some Xperias – they’re beautiful), and something that’s lost on iPhone (too contrived).

      I guess this is something that some people just won’t understand. People who are easily swayed by specs and fake reviews and cheated benchmarks. People who think that just because a product is the biggest seller means that it might be the best. Sheep.

      Just to give you an idea as to what sort of passion is behind a choice of buying a Lumia, read this review:

    • Abed M. says:

      Sir @oibobohahamustana I’m referring to the App Store, the App Store has the most number of apps surpassing the Google Play. I agreed with the mediocre specs of the iPhone quoted. Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa katalinuhan mo sir.


  6. Rosenberg says:

    No expandable storage? 16gb internal?

  7. awdog says:

    No thanks Nokia. High end price for mediocre specs and usability.

    Overpriced phone. Outdated specs. Niche OS (read: boring (almost) useless due to lack of apps.

    Honestly, I think Nokia is going to die real soon. I say Go Android or Go Under.

    • hehehe says:

      in other words: “you cant just afford” LOL

    • tangaamphumabolpa says:

      oi kapatid ni abuzalzal overpriced????ikumpara mo nga to sa bb at iphone kung overprice nga talaga to tanga hahaha di kailangan ng windows ng mataas na specs 512 mb ram tska 1.2 gig dual core processor pa nga lang lagfree na ang windows,eh ang android?? 1.9 gig dual quadcore na plus 2 gigram nagcacrash pa rin ang lack of apps pati compatibility issues mareresolba yan in the next years eh ang pagcacrash at pagiging unstable ng android kailanman di maayus!!!hahaha

  8. abuzalzal says:

    I’m NOT trolling
    I’m only stating the obvious

    Windows is a dying platform. NO OEM is crazy enough to pay $40-$50 for their licensing fee (na wala namang silang monetary reward na mapapala dahil Windows has such a BAD reputation in the mobile market)

    Can you name any major OEM who are keen (and determined) to make Windows -powered phones sometime in the future? WALA…puro plano, puro satsat, ultimately, it will never push-through, just like SAMSUNG ditching their Windows Surface tablets…The difference between Android vs WP growth rate is MASSIVE. I mean, dissatisfaction rate anyone? I’m sure maraming uma-ayaw na sa Windows, Their low-spec/premium price business mentality is scaring many people, How many phone buyers ACTUALLY care for the camera? How many?

    Dead-End na ang Windows…people hate it, and you know it…Kaya kung fan ka man ng Windows at patuloy mo silang binibigyan ng pera, I feel sorry for you, kung employee ka man nila…lay-off din ang bagsak mo … xd

  9. Paopee says:

    woooow! ayos ung price ah. magkano kya 1020 pagdumating sa pinas?

  10. Abed M. says:

    I like Windows Phone 8 smartphones.. they’re smooth and fluid. Ni stutter or clutter or whatsoever lag I encountered on my Nexus 7.

    – iOS user. :)

  11. Look says:

    wow the price is cheaper than kimstore. Kimstore sell it for over 27k. Baka heto na ang next phone ko or 1020.

  12. niceone says:

    grabe di ko inexpect yang ganyan kababang price,expected ko 28k or more pero grabe ambaba haha tama yan nokia wag nyu gayahin ung blackberry

  13. Lexty says:

    Nice Nokia!! but I still love my Lumia 920!!

  14. stormy says:

    the price is right for the 16gb internal storage memory.
    may it be with the Amber update onboard.

  15. dj0502 says:

    I don’t get it why android fans just can’t leave us wp/nokia fans alone.. Kung masaya sila sa quad core nila, so be it.. Pero that doesnt mean na hindi kami masaya sa lumia natin.. :)

    Sana dumating na soon ang lumia 1020 bago ang next major announcement ng Nokia sa september.. Ayokong maghintay ulit pa.

  16. whocaresaboutapps says:

    I doubt Nokia is going anywhere anytime soon. Same with Windows Phone. It might be boring for some people but not everybody’s lives revolve around apps. For those people who don’t feel the need to be always playing the latest games all the time, Lumias are actually very good choices. They’re unique and stand out phones both in design and functionality.

    Sure, Nokia has really good cameras and it is but understandable that their marketing efforts underline this feature. But just because they focus on the camera does not mean that they neglect everything else. Their screen technology is impressive, even with WP not having support for 1080p yet. Features like Glance are so good that even your beloved Android has copied it. Even HERE is a very useful but understated suite. Add to that their cool industrial design and you have a phone that stands out from the rest and runs fluidly without the need for the latest processors that the Androids need. (And anyway, it is only a matter of time before those are available to windows phones too).

    Bottomline is, WP and Nokia offers a choice for those who are not content to just follow what is dictated to be top of the line by people who think that just because a certain brand sells the most means that it might be the best. If you’re a WP owner you are likely to be more discerning and particular with your purchases than someone who just decides based on online reviews (which are most likely faked), and benchmark results (which are more likely cheated).

  17. zalzalzalzalzal says:

    I would like to have the 925 or 1020 because of the camera.

    I’ve tried android phones and wp phones.

    Lags are noticeable on android even with phones that have “awesome” specs.

    While Nokia’s WP phones are smooth.

  18. silent b0bjay says:

    chillax lang mga dre

  19. krbch says:

    apple: pay for huge (nice)app selection build
    nokia: pay for camera tech, nice map apps and build.

    seems fair enough.

  20. Lexty says:

    Para dun sa nagsasabi na mediocre ang specs ng Nokia. take a closer look at this. So do not ever buy this phone because its dual core! lol! (insert sarcasm here)

    Motorola Moto X specs:
    4.7-inch 720 x 1280 AMOLED display
    Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System
    1.7GHz dual-core MSM8960DT Snapdragon S4 Pro
    Adreno 320 GPU
    2GB RAM
    16/32GB internal memory
    10 megapixel camera with LED flash
    2.1 megapixel front-facing camera
    Android 4.2.2 Jellybean
    2,200mAh battery
    129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4 mm (dimensions)

    “for the love of jeebus…WP adoption rate is ”barely” growing…the so-called flagship LUMIA 1020 is off to a slow start…what does that mean? People are sick of NOKIA’s ”It has an awesome camera!!!” gimmickry

    nag e-volve na po ang taste ng tao, hindi na po 2003….2013 nq…People nowadays are wary of the features that they are spending for, and SAD but true, camera-centric phones just dont cut it anymore

    ang labanan ngayon, WHOLE PACKAGE at versatility na….gets nyo NOKIA elitists???” – Abuzalzal

    sipsip kapag ni worship mo ito. (its because its android) Blah!

  21. Nicco says:

    @ABU and other WP hater: ano ba pinag mamalaki nyo ha apps..number of cores..I’m an android user before and I plan to go windows on my next phone.. the specs of Nokia might be mediocre in papers but with the help of windows platform ilang beses ng nilampaso ng Nokia ang android and iphone sa pabilisan.. windows doesn’t need huge number of cores… try mo pabilisan sa pag type and send ng personal message sa fb friend mo tingnan natin ano panama nyang android.. and to ABU.. CM lang pala gamit mo kung makapang bash ka akala mo latest core gamit ng phone mo.. Snap dragon 800 that runs in 2.2 or 2.5 ghz ang latest and most up to date smartphone chip set samantalang 1.2 ghz mediatec chipset lang ang gamit ng cm.. if you still don’t get the point.. snap dragon 800 runs at around 2.5 ghz clock speed.. 1.2 ghz clock speed lang sa cm.. may features ba ang cm like nokia yung 10 continues shots na pwedeng gawing parang movie maker.. and yung feature na pwedeng mag tanggal ng ayaw na scene sa shots.. and last 2012 Nokia lumia 920 was held the best smartphone.. Best low light camera phone ang nokia..and windows has a kids corener which assure the windows phone owner na kahit hiramin ng bata ang phone hindi maano ang mga personal ipag tabi mo ang androids na parehong unit same, wall paper both home and lock screen..tingnan natin kung madistinguish kung sino ang owners ng phones.. pero ipag tabi mo ang windows phones na same unit at same lock screen wall papers, i unlock mo yung phone mag kaka alaman kung sino ang may ari ng phones..

  22. Jun Silver says:

    Android may become Symbian before and after decades of monopolistic control of the market, it became complacent thus the development became stagnant. So Windows Phone is worth using maybe in the next decade :)

  23. huhuhiyakkana says:


  24. Setsuna says:

    To be honest i really like windows phone compared to android. What’s holding me back from buying a windows phone is the apps that i like is not in the windows phone 8 ecosystem. When i borrowed my brother’s lumia for a week it was really hard for me to adjust because my functionality is limited. So the lack of apps of the ecosystem is present especially when you’re coming from another ecosystem.

    • whocaresaboutapps says:

      Just out of curiosity, which apps did you find missing?

      Just the other day a friend asked me for advice about whether or not he should switch to Windows Phone. My answer was that it depended on how dependent he is on apps. I have an Android and a WP8 phone (a Lumia). My Lumia is my everyday phone and the android is sort of my toy phone, and is there just to test apps, download games, etc. In terms of productivity and day to day utility I prefer the Lumia.

      It’s a reality that the app situation is a deterrent for some. But that’s bound to change in time. Only a handful of top apps are missing now. And only Instagram is probably going to be hell bent of resisting the call to create a WP8 version…

  25. christopher says:

    currently using nokia runs smoothly and fluidly.. kapag ginagamit ko ip5/ android tablet (quad core).. parang gusto ko itapon.. ang bagal..apps lang lamang nila..

    it’s not about the specs if the OS still lags..

  26. tebs says:

    haha kanya kanyang trip lang yan at the end of the day. meron akong wp8, android at ios. bawat isa may pros and cons. wp8 masaya panteks, madaling gamitin at walang lag. android masaya icustomize. ios panalo camera at apps.

  27. I want this says:

    Hi i have an s4 and i want to swap my phone with this one.. just email me if you want to swap.. this phone is amazing! windows phone is amazing! Lumia is amazing!

  28. jeremy says:

    Wow in fairness ang mura nya ha. But at that price range I can either get Galaxy S4 or HTC one. 1080p screens na at Snapdragon 600 quad core processors pa. Ang bagal naman kasi ng development ng WP. Jusko. 2003 pa kayo nauna pa sa iOS pero hanggang ngaun LOKBU. More time pa cguro mga 12 years more magihing on par na sa Android at iOS ang WP.

    • jeremyrin-er says:

      Ibang platform po ang Windows Phone 8. It was completely re-written based on an NT kernel so technically it’s a completely new OS. The only thing it has in common with its CE based predecessor is the design principle. Everything else is overhauled into the smooth modern UT that WP8 has now. It was released Oct 2012 so wala pa siyang 1 year out in the market. In terms of Android releases, nasa Cupcake/Donut phase palang siya.

      Do any of you guys recall Cupcake/Donut? If you have had experience with it you would recall that it’s nowhere near as polished as Windows Phone 8 is now. There weren’t that many apps for it either back then. Compared to the amount of apps Windows Phone has now, it is clear that WP8 is growing their app database at a faster rate than Android and iOS ever did. Also, it wasn’t until the Froyo through Ice Cream Sandwich version did Android really start becoming the feature rich OS it is now.

      It’s only a matter of time before WP catches up. Yung mga updates scheduled for this year and early next year would bring in support for higher resolution screens and better processors, which, even though not really needed by the OS, seems to be the only thing some people look for in their phone. Sa top apps naman, only Instagram is missing now, but not everyone gives a shit about that.

      You say 12 years? You have got to be dreaming if you think MS and Nokia would let the battle draw out that long…

    • jeremy says:

      The point still stands. And afaik, Froyo came out a year from the beginning of Android which was Donut. Google proved a year can do so much improvement to an OS built up from the ground.

      Of course Cupcake was very laggy, but was definitely better than Windows Mobile that time. Gingerbread was miles better than WP7 when it came out.

      And you know what else is going to hurt and cripple WP? It is not open source. I say another decade before WP catches up. The price manufacturers needs to pay MS can be spent on other features. Instead, the buyers are the one to shoulder the costs. Another thing is the hardware limitations, so on.

  29. jeremyrin-er says:

    Huh? What point still stands?

    I think you have your mobile phone history mixed up my friend. Donut was most definitely not the beginning of Android. Android was first commercially released without codenames. Then the next year they released Cupcake, which was the first version to use the alphabetical sequence of dessert names as codenames (if we exclude Petit Four, which was only internally used). Froyo was released two years from the first commercial release, or a whopping 3 years from the time the betas were announced.

    I think you’re confused with the fact that Microsoft decided to keep the brand and still continue using the name Windows Phone. WP8 is rewritten on a completely new architecture, so technically it was written from the ground up, with only the design principle (aka Metro) as the major similarity, as well as some components to allow easy porting of applications between the two. But for all intents and purposes, Windows Phone 8 is a new OS. Not an upgrade to Windows Mobile, or Windows Phone 8.

    Hence, in terms of Android versions, Windows Phone 8 is now at the Cupcake level (barely one year old).

    At least binabaan mo na yung previous estimate mo na 12 years. But still, a decade is absurd.

    Regarding the hardware limitations that you mentioned, those are already going to be addressed by GDR3, which is most likely to be announced before the year ends (probably even as early as September if the leaks are to be believed).

    As for being open source, how exactly is that going to hurt WP8?

    Seeing as you seem to be closed minded to the possibility of Windows Phone rising to get a wider user base, let’s just talk again in a year shall we? Let’s see if your theory of a decade long development process will hold true. LOL.

  30. jeremyrin-er says:

    “But for all intents and purposes, Windows Phone 8 is a new OS. Not an upgrade to Windows Mobile, or Windows Phone 7.”

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