ABS-CBN News app gets 'Listen' feature

ABS-CBN News app gets ‘Listen’ feature

The ABS-CBN News app is now able to read news stories to users and synonymously use the user’s voice to search stories while on the app.

According to ABS-CBN, the app is now able to read news stories to users who may not have the time or capability to read the articles. To activate the feature, users can simply click on the “Listen to article” icon in the menu located at the top of the screen and a voice will immediately read out the text.


Meanwhile, it is also simpler for users to find content on the ABS-CBN News App with the new voice search function. This feature is currently available on Android devices with text-to-speech function only, this feature can be activated by tapping on the microphone button on the upper left side of the app’s screen.

Once the prompt “Speak Now” appears, the user can mention the topic or keywords of the story he or she is looking for and the results will appear thereafter. Users can also use this feature to listen to articles by saying the word “play” followed by “Top Stories”, “Editor’s Pick” or “Article.”

The app can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices.

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