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Bayad Center launches its own mobile app

Bayad Center has recently launched their latest mobile app to further simplify the payment process for users.

The app, of course, includes the bills payment feature, which is supplemented by a bill reminder feature to ensure that you don’t miss due dates. It also has a branch locator to help those who prefer paying face-to-face.


Future additions to the app include remittance or money transfer services, prepaid loading, and Insta-surance. It is also set to be tied up with the upcoming Bayad Center Loyalty Program.

Bayad Center ensures its patrons that the app has a “breach-proof” security system. Payments can be made using credit or debit card, or PayPal.

The Bayad Center Mobile app is available over at the Play Store and App Store.

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4 Responses

  1. noice! says:

    noice!!! can now pay bills using paypal!!!

  2. Rak Tes says:

    Based on the review at Play Store, the app sucks! I used Gcash app for paying Metrobank credit card, bills and even Pagibig MP2.

  3. m4r10w3 says:

    Negative Reviews in Play Store, better stick with gcash or paymaya

  4. Jov says:

    What registered number? The biller or the one using the app

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