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Cebu Pacific enhances self-service features in its online Manage Booking portal

Cebu Pacific has recently added more self-service features to its online Manage Booking portal for travelers’ convenience. It now offers free name correction within 24 hours from flight booking.

Passengers may now update their information, including name, birthday, nationality, and salutations, through the online portal.

The airline has mentioned that requests to correct misspelled names and other details are often raised through its call center and chat support. The added features ensure to address customers’ concerns faster and improve their experience.

The new features and guidelines are as follows:

Correction on Passenger’s Name – passengers will be able to make corrections to their first or last name within 24 hours from the time the booking is made, as long as they have not yet checked in for the flight. This does not make bookings transferrable, but the feature enables passengers to correct their own details easily.
Corrections on Birthdate, Nationality, and Salutations  –  information such as birthdate, nationality, and salutations may also be corrected one time for free. These may be updated until two hours before the scheduled time of departure, before checking in for the flight.  In cases of change of birth year resulting in an upgrade in passenger classification, such as infant to child or child to adult, corresponding fees may be paid online.
Special Cases – for information that needs to be updated due to legal reasons, including a change in civil status, passengers will only be required to submit documents supporting such for manual processing. Requests may be submitted through the Guest Feedback.

Nevertheless, passengers may also update their contact information and addresses multiple times as needed, provided that they have not yet checked-in for their flights.

These can be adjusted through the Manage Booking Portal by filling out necessary details and select which flight needs to be modified. Click on “Update Guest Details,” then choose which item you need to update, and click continue until completed.

You may visit the official Cebu Pacific website for more information.

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