Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier now available in the Philippines

Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier now available

Cherry has announced that its Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV humidifier is now available for purchase.


The UV humidifier has a 4L capacity and produces finer water mist from high-frequency vibrations. It also features UVC sterilization for cleaner breathing air and an Easy & Silent operation, 36dB, for nighttime use. If users wish for scented air, the UV humidifier also has an aroma diffuser for essential oils. The device comes in at a 190 x 190 x 320mm size, has a 25W power rate, and has a 350ml/h mist power. The area covered by this device is 30sqm.

The Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier is priced at PHP 2,490 and is available on the official Cherry Shop website.

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