IDC outs 2012 result, Samsung pulls further away

IDC outs 2012 result, Samsung pulls further away

International Data Corporation’s 2012 results are in and although the ranking of the Top 5 Smartphone vendor remained almost unchanged, the numbers reveal a more detailed picture of how are things are shaping up in the standings.

To give you a better perspective on how the standing looks like, here’s a chart that shows the current ranking including each company’s total shipment, market share and year over year change.

IDC CY2012

What seemed like a neck-to-neck two-horse race between Apple and Samsung from the previous year (2011) has turned into a landslide victory for the latter with shipments up surging by more than two folds. Though the growth was not as substantial, Apple also put up a solid outing with shipments breaking the 100 million mark.

Nokia, who suffered the biggest loss in the bunch, claims the far third spot. Breathing down its neck are HTC and RIM who are on the close 4th and 5th spot. While these regular top-notchers struggle to stay afloat, other manufacturers outside of the Top 5 ranking had a good year. Their combined efforts amassed to 260.7 million of units shipped, almost 93% improvement from the previous year.


Now here’s a look at the top smartphone vendor for the last quarter of 2012.


ZTE continues to perform impressively for two quarters in a row, grabbing the fifth place in the standing with 48.4% growth over the previous year. Sony’s reaping the benefits of their recent shift in focus to improve their smartphone portfolio, capping the year off with 55.6% increase in shipment volume. The future is shaping quite nicely for the Japanese company, the only question now is if they can capitalize on their recently announced flagship handset.

But the biggest upset came from the Huawei, who took the third spot in Q4 2012 standing. It’s the first time that the Chinese manufacturer achieved this feat thanks to their affordable handsets and competitive flagship devices. Now it’s just a matter of maintaining this high-level performance. If they can do that, they should be well on their way on becoming one of the key players in the industry.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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18 Responses

  1. SGT2 P3100 user says:

    Samsung Android Rules!!!get back Apple Machintos.

  2. Samuel says:

    I hope these guys from Samsung will update/support their devices in orderly and simultaneous manner, pasalamat kayo sa apple at binigyan kayo ng challenge, so patunayan nyo na mas magaling talaga kayo hindi lang sa marketing kundi sa software and hardware ninyo, ok?

    now fire away folks! :-)

  3. If there is no competitor paano na lang pala. Aftersales ba wala na talaga. Minsan need din yun eh. Para di maabuso.

  4. smith says:

    THE FINAL NUMBER RELEASED by IDC concern total phone sales in 2012.

    Samsung accounted for 23.7% of the 1.7 billion hadnsets shipped last year, having a comfortable lead at the top.
    Nokia came in second with 19.6% of the market, while
    Apple was a very distant third with its 8% share. ZTE and LG completed the top 5 list with 3.8% and 3.3% of the shipments, respectively.


    2) NOKIA 335.6 MILLION
    3) APPLE 136.8 MILLION
    4) ZTE 65 MILLION
    5) LG 55.9 MILLION.

  5. I would be curious to find out how many Galaxy S3s were shipped compared to the iPhone 5 which is supposed to be direct competitors. Would you compare the Galaxy with with even the iPhone 4s? Yeah, I know you wont. Samsung is way out because it makes so many models of phones while Apple makes only two. Ok maybe free if you count the iPhone 4 which is given away almost for free.

    • Eyemesem says:

      Ummm why would you care about the sales of Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone when the point of the article is about the entire company’s performance in the phone market share?

      Would it make Apple more impressive for selling more units of iPhone than Samsung’s Galaxy S3?

      Isn’t it good that Samsung actually offers a lot of devices catering to different markets? Not all people you know would be satisfied with a 4″ screen. In the same way that not all people like a 5.5″ screen. Believe it or not but not all people are looking for a smartphone. The point is Samsung’s product line offers choices for different customers with different needs.

  6. Janson says:

    how about notebooks? Who are the top 5 notebook brands

  7. deuts says:

    Fine. But go to a nearest mall and/or coffee shops and look around you and see which smartphone is predominantly in the hands of other people.

    • jose procopio says:

      san sa starbucks at coffee bean? ung lugar na kalahati sosyal, kalahati feeling sosyal?? malamang mga dumb iphones makikita mo.. punta ka sa mundo nang matatalino, android……

  8. shempre! says:

    Talo talaga ang iPhone 5 sa Galaxy S3 + Note + Note 2 + S3 mini + etc + etc!

    • jose procopio says:

      sino ba nagsabi kay mokong na apple na magbenta nang isa lang na phone?? alam mo kung bakit isa lang?? kasi wala silang pake kung di kayang bilhin nang mga nakakaraming tao dahil sa kamahalan ng product nila.. magbenta ka nang body part mo o no iphone for you.. ganun mentality nila dyan.. kumita.. at least sa ibang manufacturer.. di mo kaya flagship, bili ka mid range.. di parin kaya? bili ka nang low end… at least maraming option… duh…

  9. chinitoguy says:

    I’m really concerned about Huawei’s rise to power. Remember guys this is a Chinese company and as we all know that China has become a bully to its smaller neighbors like the Philippines and a potential threat to challenge USA as a superpower.

    Huawei is not trusted by the US goverment. There are rumors that China might be using Huawei’s handsets to monitor US. Never trust the Chinese.

    • bokoi says:

      Fyi, telecoms sa pinas using mostly huawei equipment. With your line of reasoning, ano na ngayon service provider mo? Hahahaha.

    • randyb says:

      Guess that you love so much in sucking those american dick eh

    • Miranda says:

      You should not worry about Huawei, they are a private chinese company. It is ZTE that is owned by the Chinese government.

  10. tarush says:

    Samsung Galaxy Ys are included in the smartphone shipped count?

    If yes, then that explains the “landslide” lead by Samsung :)

    • Jack says:

      Of course Samsung Galaxy Ys are included, they are smart phone dumbass. And smart for Samsung to delivers different models for various markets. While Apple only targeted dumb users out for social status :)

  11. kitid says:

    ang dami talagang makikitid ang utak tsk tsk tsk
    daming wagas kung maka react as if naman sa kanila ang kumpanya, tuwa lang ng android, samsung, apple etc at kumagat naman kayo

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