Instagram intros Live Rooms

Instagram intros Live Rooms

Instagram introduces its latest upcoming feature on its platform, the Live Rooms. This new feature gives the user the ability to go live with up to three people.

Going live on the platform was previously possible with only one person. By doubling up the people on Live Rooms, Instagram expects that it would also instigate creative opportunities, such as talk shows or all-out jam sessions. Moreover, the Live Rooms feature also gives creators more ways to establish businesses by allowing audience members to purchase badges as interaction with the streamer, as well as use other interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers.

To start a Live Room—swipe left and pick the Live Camera option. Then add a title and tap the Rooms icon to add your guests. You’ll see people who have requested to go live with you, and you can also search for a guest to add. When you start a Live Room, you’ll remain at the top of the screen when you add guests. As the broadcaster, you can add up to three guests at once or save the third guest as a surprise for later.


According to Instagram, safety was also considered when making this feature. With that said, people that are blocked by any of the active participants in the Live room will not be able to rejoin. Guests who had their live access revoked due to violations of community guidelines will also not be able to join the Love Room. Finally, hosts may also block comments and apply comment filters in their Live Room.

Instagram also recognizes this as another step forward in giving creators more way to reach and interact with not only their audience but other creator’s audience as well. Furthermore, Instagram is also exploring more interactive tools such as offering moderator controls and audio features that will be available in the coming months. Live Rooms will soon be available globally for everyone on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

This report is written by Louigi Balao

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