Pag-IBIG: Buy Solar Panel Now, Pay Later

Pag-IBIG: Buy Solar Panel Now, Pay Later

As much as Filipinos would want to purchase/install solar panels on their houses, the fact of the matter is that most of us just don’t have that kind of money required up front to put up one.

This is exactly the reason why Emma Imperial, the CEO of the Imperial Homes Corporation, requested to Darlene Marie Berberabe, the CEO and President of the Home Development Mutual Fund or more commonly known as Pag-IBIG Fund to allow its member to apply for a loan to finance the purchase/installation of solar panels.



In a statement, Berberabe said that Pag-IBIG Fund will be able to finance the purchase and installation of solar panels through the agency’s Home Improvement Loan which, at the present, requires the mortgage of the house.

Imperial adds that eligible HMDF members may be able to borrow up to Php130,000 from the agency to fund the purchase of 1-kilowatt solar panel unit. The payment for the loan may be amortized for up to 25 years, depending on the member’s discretion and ability to pay.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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21 Responses

  1. ewanlangha says:

    aren’t there any ROI papers for this one?

  2. Boybato says:

    This is a good news.

  3. Peejay says:

    Placed an order with Solaric for a 1.5Kw panel. They’ll install it this month.

    Wonder if I can still apply for this to pay for our panels or do we have to get them from Imperial Homes.

    • archie says:

      Kasama na ba sa charges yung sangkatutak na DoE requirements and extra charges? Pakishare na lang pag nagkaroon ng extras. Wala naman kasi talagang problema sa installation, ang problema ay yung DoE na halatang dinidiscourage ang mga tao na magpainstall dahil kampi sila sa Meralco.

  4. unggoy says:

    This is a step in the right direction. The government should support and promote technologic and scientific advances such as this.

  5. aquino salot says:

    mukhang mag kakatotoo ang brownout spree next year! omaygawd!

  6. Easy E says:

    1000watts can power up a regular refrigerator Or a 1hp aircon plus tv, laptop and lighting. Basically, a typical household can survive with 1kw supply.

    The computation for the roi presented in the link above is so ideal, si you can add one year in the actual roi. The electronic systems by the way that will handle all the processes required to supply power to your house wears off sooner than the pv. You have to assume additional maintenance for that one.

  7. a says:

    Ang tanong- tumatagal naman kaya ang mga ito? Paano ang repairs ng solar panel?

    • RVGTech Solar says:

      Yes, the panels could last up to 20-25 years. And the maintenance is very easy. If its roof mounted, punas lang once a month to remove the dirt. And check the batteries para di matuyo. But there are sealed type batteries that doesnt require such maintenance. Mas mahal lang.

  8. yonisoka says:

    applicable po ba ito kahit may previous housing loan ka na?

  9. user says:

    valuable things nowadays can easily be stole.
    by a skillful mag nanakaw.
    kaya kung mag lalagay kanan sa bahay mo kaylangan secure.

  10. Maggs says:

    Not sure if I read that correctly. 1 kilowatt for 130k? and what can you power with 1 kilowatt?

    • trylang says:

      electric fan 80 watts x 12 = 960 watts – 1kw may 40 watts ka pa
      led light 10 watts x 100 = 1kw
      pinakamababa na wattage ng lg ref 115 watts x 8 = 920 watts may 80 ka pa para sa ilaw

      compute mo lang yung max wattage ng appliance/s mo sa bahay tignan mo kung pasok sa wattage ng grid tie, at kapag pasok dun mo isaksak yung appliance/s mo sa solar. hehe

  11. Andy says:

    Panel lang talaga siya? Walang kasamang battery, charge controller?

    If complete package na ang offer nila for that price, good na rin kasi installment basis din pag pay mo which is hindi mabigat sa bulsa.

    Kahit na 200-300watt panel lang makaka off-grid ka na, stock ka lang ng batteries – yan lang naman importante kung solar… the more batteries the better.

    Sa mga bitin sa budget pro may pambili din ( not trying to advertise here ) try niyo CDR-King na panel. Got my 80watt panel from them… been using it til now and wala naman ako negative feedback about the said item.

  12. Solar power shouldn’t be mistaken for a cure-all that’s capable of single-handedly solving all of the world’s social, environmental and political ills. However, it’s a valuable technology that’s increasingly competitive with traditional sources of energy. Moreover, its benefits are undeniable. In the future, solar power is all but assured to have a lasting and overwhelmingly positive impact on our society.

  13. v says:

    solar is not a cure all. Since battery tech is expensive (SM’s solar panels dont have batts), solar is only good for peak loads like airconditioning that happen to coincide with peak sunlight. After sunset when its still hot due to the sun’s heat stored in the ground and in concrete walls plus the turning on of lights, the electricity consumption is still significant. Hence we still need power plants that work at night. Also, situations like typhoons produce clouds. The past 3 or 4 days was very cloudy all day due to typhoon Ruby. Clouds reduce the power output of solar significantly

    We should build more yes but we should be realistic about what it can and cannot do

  14. Well @ Vincent, true in part that there are technological challenges still around and even subsidy based govt plans have struggled continuous inflow of solar investments in certain countries, but there are no doubts that this is the direction to go, even if one inch a day, because ultimately what we are looking for is economies of scale in the industry so cost for everything including the solar panel installations as well as the boilers (as we have seen in UK) comes down significantly. So yes we still need power plants, but we will be needing them less and less.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Hello good day/ night! Panu po ba mag apply? Tnc and God bless!

  16. Oliver says:

    I inquired with PAGIBIG regarding Home Improvement for Solar but they’ve given me lots of requirements. Don’t have time for this shit! Wow!

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