PayMaya rolls out Payment Links, QR Ph features

PayMaya rolls out Payment Links, QR Ph features

PayMaya has recently rolled out the new Payment Links and QR Ph features in its app. This provides users an easier way to accept cashless payments in Viber, Messenger, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

The Payment Links feature allows any PayMaya user with an upgraded account to generate a request money link that already integrates the amount that their buyer needs to pay for faster and more convenient transactions.


PayMaya’s QR Ph-enabled code, however, lets sellers instantly receive payments from other PayMaya users or from 18 other banks and financial institutions currently participating in the QR Ph initiative of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) via InstaPay. QR Ph is the national QR code standard launched by  BSP in 2019, and PayMaya was the first e-Wallet to utilize it among other local financial institutions. 

With these, sellers only need to generate a Request Money link or get their QR Ph code by going to the PayMaya app, clicking the User Profile icon on the top-left portion, and tapping on the QR code icon next to their name and mobile number. Once they have generated a payment link or saved a screenshot of their QR Ph code, they can quickly send these to their customers through social media or chat apps to instantly receive cashless payments.

On the other hand, buyers only need to tap on the seller’s link or scan or upload the seller’s QR Ph code through the PayMaya app to make a payment. The seller’s PayMaya account details will automatically be filled in on their PayMaya app, and they can enter the amount or press “Pay” for faster and easier payments.

Furthermore, they also have a chance to earn PHP 100 for every PHP 25,000 worth of accumulated payments received via their PayMaya account, or up to PHP 400 for a maximum of PHP 100,000 worth of accumulated payments. This promo will run from February 12 to 16 only for the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day promo.

To know more about PayMaya’s products and services, visit the official PayMaya website.

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