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PLDT, Smart bags Ookla Speedtest Awards (Q3-Q4 2018)

Ookla has announced the winners of its Speedtest Awards with PLDT and Smart being the fastest fixed network and fastest mobile network, respectively, in the Philippines for Q3-Q4 2018.

Ookla has previously awarded the two networks as the fastest in the country in their Q1-Q2 2018 standing. Starting off with PLDT, it received a speed score of 18.57, surpassing that of the Q1-Q2 rating of 17.31. It achieved the top average download speed at 52.28Mbps while the top average upload speed is 55.95Mbps. It is followed by Sky with 11.23 while Smart comes in third place with a 10.99 rating and lastly, Globe with 9.36.


As for the fastest mobile award, Smart still has a significant against its top competitor, Globe, with a score of 15.57. It has an average speed of 17.86Mbps for download and 8.61Mbps for upload. The latter’s rating only received a 10.10 score.

Ookla stated that when they analyze the fastest operators, they solely consider top carriers (all carriers with 3% more of total test samples in the market for the period). They then determine the speed score which incorporates the measure of each network provider’s download and upload speed to rank their speed performance (90% of the final Speed Score is attributed to download speed and the remaining 10% to upload speed.

Source: Ookla Speedtest

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8 Responses

  1. Erwin John Go says:

    Are you for real? Have you tried interviewing every subscriber who are connected to PLDT?

  2. Dennis Casa says:

    Now that’s BS
    OOKLA is a fraud.
    I prefer Google speed test

  3. Freeje says:

    Assuming you have a signal. With Smart well not really. So no choice but Globe. Hopefully, a third carrier will shake things up.

  4. K L says:

    konti lang gumagamit ng data ng smart wala kasing pangtapat sa gosakto, kaya mabilis nagsilipatan sa globe kaya bumagal haha! puro youtube everyday lang ang smart walang kwenta

  5. Ian Dave A. Manguira says:

    ask every subscriber ?

  6. RCB says:

    di ko lam kung saan at pano ginawa ang survey? kasi sa Edsa Bangkal area, red ping ang nakikita ko sa smartphone ko pag naglalaro which means mahina network… BIG JOKE FOR TODAY!..

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