Ragnarok Online to relaunch in the Philippines -- reports

Ragnarok Online to relaunch in the Philippines — reports

Several Korean websites have reported that Ragnarok Online is being brought back to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries through a new publisher.

According to multiple sources, Gravity (which made Ragnarok Online) has awarded a USD1 Million license to Ragnarok Thailand publisher Electronics Extreme to distribute the game in other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and here in the Philippines. Electronics Extreme took helms of the game from its former publisher and relaunched the Thai Ragnarok Online in 2016 with much fanfare and user interaction.


Gravity Global Business CEO Kim Jin-hwan hopes that the game would be loved as it is before. “The fun and strong brand power of ‘Ragnarok Online’ will prove to be loved by many people even 15 years later. I think we will be in the second heyday if we continue the collaboration.”

If you may recall, the Philippine version of Ragnarok was shut down in March 2015 with users being migrated to a new international RO server. Would you be playing once it relaunches again in the country?

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23 Responses

  1. ferdie says:

    lupit ng source….. naintindihan ko……

  2. REAL says:

    ro mobile sana kek

  3. Wow! I really hope it becomes legit :( Some companies prefer private servers and DIY projects as for this one.

  4. Yes, I will definitely play again :)

  5. Ray says:

    Sure, I will play! I think everyone wants it!!!

  6. kung same 2D graphics, wag na lang. I hope yung RO Mobile na lang ang gawing english version (currently chinese pre-OBT). the graphics is superb and the gameplay is reminiscent of the old ragnarok way back 2002. :)

    • TubolKa says:

      Yeah wag ka na..di kelangan ng tubol na dagdag sa lag gya mo..naglalaro dhil sa graphics..puta..bumalik ka sa coc..larong pambobo pra sa mga bobo..

  7. Cire says:

    There is a ragnarok mobile , and the english patch will be laumch this March

  8. ferex says:

    YES! but sna pRO! i miz local RO friends…lol…. ROK ON!! \m/

  9. James says:

    Tuloy prin po ba ang pag babalik ng ragna sa pinas..?

  10. Roy Cortez says:

    I just learned of the News just recently. It’s already April. They should release it very soon.

  11. Ernnnsss says:

    Daming nagraragna paren sa pinas , kalat na sa iba ibang server. Hirap nga lng, baka mag sara ule server ng PRO , di ko manalang na migrate character ko.

  12. K L says:

    nasayang pera sa ko sa Levelupgames may load pa dati.. free to play kaya ito?

  13. Guilbert says:

    I wish i could play it too in my phone just like pro valkyrie. Gawa sana cla for android user din ????????

  14. ninzkie says:

    sna nga…freetoplay lng ang new PRO…pra maging masaya….mag lalaro tlga ako ulit pag..F2P lng….pra walang masayang na pera…dati..ang dami ko ng pera nasayang sa kkaload..pra lng mka laro……tapos bigla nlng nawala…

  15. Gelbin Mekkatorque says:

    “Would you be playing once it relaunches again in the country?”

    Fuck no.

    Balik nanaman ang mga corrupt na LevelUp GMs na nagbebenta ng boss cards at may mga alagang guild / favoritism. Balik na rin ang botting. In no time babagsak ang mga in-game economy ng mga bagong server na yan.

  16. Aris Villarias says:

    I remembered the first time I played ragnarok online during its open beta test here in the phils. My first MMORPG and my first love is comming back! Oh yeah!

  17. popoy and basya says:

    Damn babalik na yung laro na dahilan ng muntikang hindi ko pag graduate ng high school, Tang ina baka ngayon maging dahilan naman ng pag ka tanggal ko sa trabaho. HUHUHUHU… GAME on Steelwolves,finest,untouchables, ROCK on na guys GAME ON

  1. April 6, 2017

    […] the publisher who was reported by MMO Examiner and other blogs earlier this year (gameshogun, yugatech,when in manila among others) was the company who partnered for a licensing agreement with Gravity […]

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