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Sony Mobile Executive Denies Selling Mobile Division

Because of the downward trend in its mobile division in the past few years, as well as the remarks that Sony CEO said during an interview with Reuters, business analysts have reasons to believe that Sony may pull the plug on Xperia – a notion that Hiroki Totoki, head of Sony Mobile department, adamantly disagreed to and told Le Figaro that “it’s completely untrue”.

For his part, Totoki believes that the Sony Mobile division just needs to reevaluate its strategies in order to get back on track. According to the report, this involves narrowing down the division’s portfolio, as well as slowing down future product releases in order to adapt to consumers who don’t upgrade to the new model every year.

Only time will tell if Totoki’s new game plan will bode well for Sony’s struggling mobile division, but they have to act soon because there are a lot of brands, both established and new ones, who are eager to fill the void that the Japanese firm will leave behind.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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17 Responses

  1. unggoy says:

    backpedalling :P

  2. Drew says:

    Glad it’s not true. Really wanted to grab the Z3C in the future, but the “pull the smartphone plug” rumors disheartened me. :\

  3. lol says:

    for a moment there i thought it read “sony mobile executive confirms selling mobile division”

    lol mini heart attack

  4. Henry says:

    I really do believe that Sony is on its way to the top. I liked Sony Xperia phones since then, the build, the camera, and that monstrous specifications. People sometimes need to consider Sony. Palagi kasi pag bumili ng phone, Samsung agad o Apple. Parang hindi nila napapansin na maganda rin tong Sony.

    • Drew says:

      Completely agree on you on this one. Really irks me when some people saw an android phone and then say “Anong Samsung yan?” :D

    • Drew says:

      or say this line: *points at unknown android phone brand* “Yes naman, naka-Samsung sya oh!” not a compliment. :D

    • Henry says:

      Glad to hear that you agree with me, Drew. I myself do own an S4 while my sister has a Z1 and yes i really do feel the difference between their build quality. The Z1 feels more premium and is more durable than the S4. And on their OS, both runs smoothly.

    • aha says:

      paano naman ikoconsider ang sony eh ang mahal. ang lapad ng bezel, saka flat na flat ang back at hindi komportableng hawakan?

      kagaya ko, bago ako bumili ng 1st android phone ko, 3 lang ang pinagpipilian ko – htc one m8, xperia z2 at lg g3. (di kasama si samsung kasi ayaw ko sa copycat). yung htc napakamahal, yung sony mahal na napakalapad pa at di pa komportableng hawakan. kaya si g3 na lang binili ko. bakit? kasi mababa ng bahagya ang presyo, curved ang likod at komportableng hawakan, saka maliit ang overall size despite having bigger screen size.

      sige nga? paki-explain? magtataka pa ba kayo kung bakit di mabenta ang sony phones?


    • rape says:


      – kasi minority lang dito sa pinas ang mga fanboys ng sony. majority jologs na masang katulad mo na mahilig sa cheapass phones.

      – kung napakadami mong reklamo eh di wag sony ang bilhin mo. wala ka lang kasing pambili pala kaya kung ano ano nang sinasabe mo, don’t hate sony kasi di mo afford. tsk, typical pinoy nga naman


    • aha says:


      naman! kung makapangPWE wagas, haha!

      sentido kumon lang yan dong, bakit mo bibilhin ang phone na ang power button ay parang kulugo o crown ng wrist watch? haha!

      saka nagpipresyo ng mahal, feeling apple? nyahahahahaha!

      at kung ang batayan mo ay walang pambili kaya di kaya nung iba na bilhin ang sony mo, bakit may ibang bumibili ng phone na mas mahal pa sa sony mo? ibig sabihin, walang appeal sa kanila ang sony mo. ayaw nila ng phone na may kulugo. ayaw nila ng phone na parang kinatam lang na tabla! ayaw nila ng phone na 5.2in lang ang screen pero mas malaki at mas mabigat pa sa phone na 5.5in ang scren size.

      saka di naman lahat ng tao sa daigdig kasing yaman mo (kunwari). haha! eh paano mabibili ang phone mo na pagkamahal mahal kung may ibang phone naman na mura na halos parehas lang ang specs?

      dong, isa lang ako sa di bumili ng sony mo. tingin mo ganon kalaki ang epekto ko sa bilang ng mga bumibili ng sony mo na ang power button eh parang kulugo?

      mangrape ka na lang dong o day! haha!

    • unggoy says:

      Your “skwater” and Vice Ganda humor automatically invalidates the points you are trying to make. Besides, I’d take Sony’s premium feel than Samsung’s cheap ass plastic and bloatware any day.

    • rape says:

      @ aha

      – Yuck. Now I can confirm na taga squatter ka nga. Irrelevant lahat ng mga tinatanong mo saken na sinagot ko na sa una kong post. Napaghahalataang mababa ang napagaralan mo.

      Hay mga squatter nga naman di muna magisip bago pumutak.

  5. Drei says:

    Yap youre right… Ang tinitignan kc ng mga tao kung sino ang sikat… Sino ang popular… Sony is one of the best devices on track… Masmgnda sya gamitin pag nag adventure ka or taking photos under water or in a beach… Youre always on the go…

  6. kris says:

    I agree, most people today, apple and samsung.. popularity, but some of them, d alam na some samsung phones, walang future updates ng android, like phones under 15k php. Iba pa din ung may support ng updates. But back to topic, Sony pa din ako, compare to samsung and apple.

  7. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    You know what makes Sony NOT stand out?
    Kulang sa advertising.

    Seriously, I mean I did not see yung advertisements ng Sony sa TV or even hear them sa Radio. Print ADS, yes mayroon, pero we need more commercials and advertising to be able to reach a target audience.

    Plus, K-dramas.
    If samsung can exploit the Hallyu wave (korean pop culture wave) by using K-Pop artists and tagalog-dubbed dramas to get their products seen (You don’t see a K-drama character with a Sony when calling their love interest, ne?) and be sold to the madlang folks, then that’s the very reason why patok ang samsung.

    Exploiting weeaboos can help get some marketshare of sony back, as well as product awareness.

    And probably a contest which will win you an invite to buy a Prototype Z4 would help.

    It’s a balance of print and social media.

    tl;dr – magpapansin ka, sony!

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