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Sony to sell PlayStation 4 on January 14 for Php24,999

Sony Philippines has just announced that the PlayStation 4 will be officially available in the Philippines o January 14, 2014 and they are now accepting reservations.

This poster that was circulated today captures all the details.

The basic package will be have a suggested retail price of Php24,999.

You can submit your pre-order here.

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31 Responses

  1. peeyaj says:

    Price in US

    399 USD (PS4 ) = 17,617 PHP

    Price here in the Philippines

    57=67 USD = 25000 PHP

    Kahit na may import tax at other tax duties, the 7k+ difference in price is hard to stomach. I hope me mga online sellers na mas justifiable ang pricing scheme.

    PS:,PS4 rocks.

    • kissyourselfgoodbye says:

      Ok lang yan. Isipin mo na lang hindi kapresyo ng importation price ng brazil yung presyo sa pinas from what I heard. $1800 isang PS4 sa kanila hehe.

  2. peeyaj says:

    Price in US

    399 USD (PS4 ) = 17,617 PHP

    Price here in the Philippines

    567 USD = 25000 PHP

    Kahit na may import tax at other tax duties, the 7k+ difference in price is hard to stomach. I hope me mga online sellers na mas justifiable ang pricing scheme.

    PS:,PS4 rocks.

    • Cacai says:

      Puro nalang comparison sa US price. You also need to consider the shipping expenses, storage expenses, inventory management expenses, pay cut for the mother company, trainings of sales agent, etcetera. As if naman binabagsak lang yung mga items dito ng basta basta like your ordinary goodies. Giant corporation does not work like that kiddo! Importation process is not as simple as you think it is. Hindi yan 1:1.

    • hidefinition says:

      Try asking Sen. Ralph Recto why we have such scheme of pricing.

    • Mel says:

      Actually the price difference is somewhat less. For an accurate comparison, you have to remove the 12% Philippine VAT/sales tax which is included in the PhP25k price tag. thus:

      25000(to make things simpler)x.12=3000 (12% VAT amount)
      22000/44(again to make things easier)= US$500

      Which makes the official PH sourced PS4 only about $100 more than the US price (remember US listed prices do not include sales tax), and for me it’s well worth it for the piece of mind with a local warranty and service/repair with Sony themselves and not with some potentially fly by night online seller.

    • Dude says:

      Reklamo ka ng reklamo. Kung wala kang pambili ng ps4 e di mag ps3 ka. Ako kahit may pambili ng ps4 e naka ps3 pa din e.

      Ang tinitignan mong price yun lowest price online. Ang actual cost nyan pag nasa US ka idagdag mo pa sales tax at shipping. Nasa 100 dollars din yan.

      So kahit amerikano ka gagastos ka pa din ng 20k pesos!

  3. HK-47 says:

    Any word on official PSN support for the Philippines?

    • hidefinition says:

      None so far.

    • Jan says:

      you can use an american account. i have one..lol

    • HK-47 says:

      Yes, using a US account is possible. But you wouldn’t be able to buy games from PSN without a US credit card, or a gift code/card. IMO having to jump through hoops to BUY something from any digital distribution network is unacceptable.

  4. dan says:

    The 7k diff. For me is justified, a small price to pay for the 1 year warranty for parts and service. Online sellers service warranty. No thanks magkanu ang blu ray optical drive. Hdd and the dreaded YLOD and RLOD

  5. Jason says:

    2 years official sony warranty… wow…

  6. Jan says:

    omg omg!
    let me check my wallet….lol never mind. -_-

  7. ceegii63 says:

    $399+tax = $434 – P19,167

  8. Jay says:

    mas maliit ang profit margin sa US pero they make up for it in sales volume. well actually, tumitiba ang sony sa game sales and not really from console sales lang. dito sa Pinas for sure 90% peke ang ginagamit na games so might as well kumita kahit papaano.

  9. me says:

    hntay hntay lng ng konti guys .. bba dn yan agad..

  10. manuel says:

    ta,a si ceegii63 may tax pa yan kaya di 7k difference pero mahal parin talaga. ganyan naman lagi satin kahit mga laptop overpriced satin.

  11. abuzalzal says:

    Mga nagpipirata ng BluRay games

    naglalaway na sila hahahaha

  12. abuzalzal says:

    I guess it’s high Time for me to jump on the Ps4 bandwagon

    Mga Pesteng PC games, kelangan mo pang i-tweak ng pagka rami rami / pagka-tagal-tagal to get *acceptable* framerates @1080p

    Dito sa PS4, plug,play & forget na, papalo kaagad sa 50-60 fps, future proof pa.

    Tanong ko lang po…Uubra kaya ang 60 hz PC monitor refresh rate sa PS4? Or to get the most out of it , do I need to *get* a faster monitor???

  13. kk says:

    lol data blitz is selling for 31k+++

  14. Rain says:

    Looks like our SRP is pricier compared to the other countries in the region. But hey, better than Brazil’s price.

    Country Native Price Price in PHP

    Malaysia RM 1,799 24541.63
    Singapore SGD 639 22421.05
    Taiwan NTD 12,980 19335.1
    Hong Kong HKD 3,380 19211.53
    S.Korea KRW 498,000 20871.93
    Japan JPY 39,980 17010.23
    Brazil BRL 3,999 75475.62

  15. Jed says:

    Sony shops actually have no idea about this, tried calling a few

  16. otacon says:

    Not in a rush. Bring on awesome games first..otherwise, PS3 still got some legs. Also, dami pang backlog sa Steam, hehe.

  17. Archie says:

    Ang dami namang mga PS4 analysts huh!?!

    Simple lang namane e. Bumili ka kung may pambili ka, atg huwag bumili kung walang pambili. Huwag nang gawing complicated ang mga bagay-bagay.

  18. Mr.Big Dick says:

    Mga bobo. Sobrang mura lang ng PS4. P25,000 lang naman. May budget ako sa PS4 up to P70,000. Money is not a problem when it comes to fun.

  19. calla says:

    pwede po ba mag pre-order online kasi walang malapit na participating sony shop dito sa cam sur

  20. Arvin says:

    Sana nmn magkaroon na ng PH support yung PSN. Nabasa ko rin sa Sony PS PH site, yung Vita 2 at TV illaunch din sa jan 14

  21. doctorD says:

    sir yuga, just a bit of additional information–each store is allotted 30 units (12 basic, 2 with PS Eye, 8 with Killzone & 8 with Battlefield 4). that means, 270 units lang ang available for the “promo”–which, i think, is more about having two years parts & labor warranty. :)

  22. paeng says:

    Kasama na warranty dyan sa babayaran niyo. bili kayo sa US dito niyo gamitin. pag nasira pagawa niyo. magkano gagastusin niyo? pareho lang kahit wala pang tax. I think… :)

  23. nope di yan pareho.. mas mura sa labas.. ganito yun common sense lang.. kung kukuha sila (yung seller dito sa pinas) ng products sa labas + tax + delivery charge + tax sa pinas, kung di nila to papatungan malulugi negosyo nila diba? ganun lang yun.. mas mura sa labas pag bumili pero karamihan ba sa mga buyers dito mag eeffort pa na pupunta sa ebay o amazon site? hehe ^_^ it doesnt need a scientist to figure it out

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