Canon Philippines opens Online eShop

Canon Philippines opens Online eShop

In a press launch this earlier today, Canon Philippines announced they have opened an online store for local customers called Canon eShop.

Canon will be selling a number of items in their eShop which includes digital cameras and lenses, printers, inks, videocams and scanners.

While there are a lot of stores in Metro Manila that carries their products, Canon promises that the eShop will feature the rare and hard to find items (including the popular EOS Crumpler Strap) you won’t normally find in the stores.


canon eshop

At the moment, there are very few items available on the store and most of the catalog pages are basically empty.

My issue though is that Canon is padding an additional charge on top of the shipping costs. I don’t get what that “Convenience Charge” is all about. For example, if you order the Crumpler Strap which costs Php1,200, you will also be charged Php200 for shipping and Php97 for “convenience”. Now that’s a bummer.

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26 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    convenience charge?! because the customer don’t need to go to their store? what the..

  2. WTFLMAOBBQ says:

    WTF is that?!!!

    Damn… That is one of the reason I Don’t buy canon stuffs here in the philippines…

    All Canon items here in the Philippines are OVERPRICED!!!

    Speaking of overprice,
    Can you believe I got 2 EOS 50D kits for 52k PHP.

    In HongKong…

  3. Obed says:

    Yuga is that a fix charge or something like a percentage of the item you purchased?

  4. william says:

    might be pricey but its a good thing that there are big companies now offering online store.. such as apple and now canon. i do hope there will be other brands making an online store.

  5. CPB says:

    What are the payment forms acceptable?
    a. Do they accept these…
    1. Paypal
    2. Western Union
    3. Credit Cards (specially Debit cards)

    b. How about returning of defective products? Is there additional fee?

  6. Don’t they have any affiliate links.. Maybe it is time for us to earn from those units.

  7. Jill Santiago says:

    Hi, I work for Canon Philippines, thanks for the valuable feedback, and would just like to clarify that the “Convenience Charge” is actually the charge that payment partner charges for processing the online payment. It is actually 6% of the price of the item.

    The EOS Crumpler Strap’s retail price is actually Php1,500 when you purchase it at the Canon Head Office, hence as a special introductory offer on the online store, it will be priced the same if you buy it online inclusive of the delivery fee and “convenience fee” (Php1,497). So it’s actually more convenient to purchase it on the online store.

    By the way, the SRP of the Crumpler strap at Crumpler outlets is also Php1,500 and the stocks are quite rare here in the Phils.

    Cheers! :)

    • William says:

      Hi Jill,
      I’ve been searching for that “red strap” from Canon. Since you work with canon is there any phone number or office i can go to buy one. I’ll be buying a nice 600D next month , it would be awesome to have the red strap together with that :)

  8. Jill Santiago says:

    By the way, the Canon Online Store accepts Visa and Mastercard.

    All the Canon products purchased have a one-year warranty. :)

  9. yuga says:

    Thanks for the clarification Jill. It should have been noted in the checkout page that it’s CC processing bill instead of convenience charge. IMO, people would accept it more that way.

  10. Jill Santiago says:

    Hi Yuga! Thanks also for the feedback! You’re right, the term could be misleading. Will do something about that immediately. By the way, thanks for gracing our event at A. Venue the other day. Hope to see you again soon in future Canon events! :)

  11. Naga1 says:

    Dear Ms. Jill
    I wish canon phils will make good their promise to deliver the EOS Crumpler Straps to the homes of buyers of canon cameras. Will they still honor the promise even if the item is as you said “rare here in the phils”?

  12. Alona says:

    Hello Ms. Jill,

    I’ve been trying to reach a Canon, Phils. employee by the name of Mereci Domingo. It’s regarding my defective FS10 charger. I’ve sent a ton of email to her at this e-mail: [email protected] and it keeps coming back via mailer sender. Kindly assist in correcting the e-mail pls.



  13. jun says:

    it’s true electronic items like CANON cameras are overprice here at home. i try to scan in the internet and comparing the prices and when you convert it to the local currency WOW! very expensive by $200 and no bundle products at all for you to get a bargain.

  14. Gary says:

    I spend a lot of my time in the Philippines but am still suprised how they always find a way to do things backward from everywhere else . Online buying is CHEAPER everywhere else but the Philippines . After all there is the reduced expense of not having to have an actual store in an expense retail Mall and a lot of sales staff plus electric and other bills . Convenience charge should be changed to inconvience charge in my opinion . I figure if i want to buy a couple of nice cannon cameras I can fly to Hong Kong or Macu , pay for the flight and a hotel for the night and fly back the next day and still come out cheaper than buying from Cannon online here . Common , I mean 6% convience charge , lol . No C.O.D. ? How is it possible for a company like Cannon to get it so wrong ?
    In all honesty I don’t believe they did . I think it HAS to be the local Cannon distributer . How do you say rip off in Tagalog ?

  15. Hello Everyone,

    I just recently saw this site e shop canon. I am just amazed by how expensive items are and faily limited. Even with the dollar conversions its still cheaper to buy from overseas eg. here in australia. With the 50D being only the latest offering at this site,i am quite surprised. The 7D is already available. I am very disapponted with this canon site.

    Anyway interms of straps for cameras leowepro has great offerings especially the voyager range and cheaper too.

    Make sure you look at other sites in the USA too.

    Anyway happy shooting.

  16. Leynard Agravantes says:

    HI everyone,

    can someone help me out for my problem?? i am really needing a camera DSLR EOS 500D…i just dont have much money so i decided to crack it thru credit card….but i cant seem to find a store allowing/offering 12mos to pay…=(

    pls mail me @ [email protected]

  17. rene lipnica says:

    where can i buy original battery for my cannon digital cam 920is? i came from quezon province! thanx

  18. Benjamin Sanchez says:

    Could you please advise if I can get a Canon battery grip for my canon 5D the model is BG E4
    and how much would it be. Thanks

  19. ink says:

    Canon 500D or Canon 1000D?

  20. ink says:

    I’ll buy one for christmas! shooting galore!

  21. Edgardo A. Martinez says:

    Dear Canon,

    When will you send my free Timex Watches which you were supposed to give me after purchasing a canon printer at Octagon in Robinson’s Manila? It has been so many months now. Please send it thru DHL and I’ll pick it up there. Thanks.

  22. martin says:

    I’m Looking a Canon A540

  23. Jing says:

    Do you guys fix lenses,like canon 17mm-85mm canon lense.

  24. MARIO says:

    Could anyone at Canon Philippines tell me where I could directly buy a canon charger for my digital Canon Ixus 125 HS, 16.1 Mega Pixels. I need to know the name of the store and its exact location in Metro Manila. Thank you.

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