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Canon’s EOS 550D has finally landed!

So while I’m away in Boracay, Canon finally showcases its new dSLR yesterday — the Canon EOS 550D (Rebel T2i and Kiss X4 Digital elsewhere) — with an impressive 18MP sensor and Full HD 1080p video recording.

Canon EOS 550D
18-megapixel sensor
100-6400 ISO (with 12,800 ISO expansion)
1080p & 720p HD video
3.7 frames per second
Live View

The 550D also comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack allowing you to connect an optional microphone in movie mode. It can also autofocus before or during recording with a half-press of the shutter release.

As usual, the Canon 550D comes with a kit lens (EF-S 18-55mm IS lens) and will be priced at Php49,995 or lower (depending on where you get it).

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47 Responses

  1. I WANT THIS BADLY! But I think that price is already the prices of my N97 and N97 Mini. Review review review sir. Tnx :D

  2. Animo Images says:

    i think i need a new canon and this is it!

  3. @animo
    wow, nice shots and nice blog.

  4. Jedd says:

    oh crap, THAT expensive?! P49,995? It’s only P41,617 Stateside! That’s a whopping 25% of tax/markup/extra costs.

  5. @bi3L says:

    yeah… I like this new camera.. specially the Full HD 1080p video and the live view. But why is the price at 49k to 50k. Wherein the US Price is only $899.99 with the 18-55IS Kit lens.. I guess.. thats’ where tax, marketting and vat comes in.. grrr…. I wonder how much will it cost in hidalgo?


  6. vyruz says:

    is it available in the philippines? where?

  7. Pochero says:

    just add 4k or less and you get a 50D body.

  8. lolipown says:

    I agree…

    Anyone know what’s the sensor attached on this one?

  9. JM says:

    What! my 450d just turned a year old and now they released another model after 500d. LOL!

  10. StrayArrow says:

    Wow…i still haven’t bought my dreAM Canon DSLR and now comes another one…phew…. :-)

  11. wondering if this dslr has also some lcd screen? and what is the size of it?

  12. william says:

    tempting. im still thinking whether to get this or the pentax kx as an amateur photographer.

  13. daddy joey says:

    shelling out 5k more for a 50d is a better option :) @pochero

  14. Vance says:

    buti nalang I haven’t bought the 500D yet hehe..

  15. mabuhay says:

    Dear Mr. Olandres,

    Good morning! Would you be so kind to refer me to a technician who can reformat/reinstall windows xp english in my onkyo umpc bx407a4. My friend was able to install almost everything except the drivers for the webcam and wifi/wlan.

    We are having a hard time searching for drivers.

    I have no existing cd drivers, including the japanese driver that supposedly came with it.

    Have a good day!

    Maraming Salamat!

    i sent you an email at [email protected]

    thank you!

  16. Animo Images says:

    @symbiandreamsdotcom Thanks a lot! I like your blog too and it’s ranking high in alexa Good job!

  17. @Animo,

    tnx a lot dude. just check my site for updates. And I later I will update about this N86 event.

  18. Pochero says:

    or add less than 10k and you get a canon 50D + 18-55mm lens hehe.
    i think the 550D sensor is the same as the 500D.
    its just an updated version of 500d.
    i dont think it would sell well considering it iss near the price range of nikon d90 and canon 50D.

  19. Jesus says:

    Malapit na sa D90.

  20. Benito Guevarra says:

    I would prefer the 550D instead of the D90 or 50D. Video (1080p 30fps, unlike D90-720p) made with the 550D was virtually identical to that taken with the 7D (in a demo), which is twice the price. They also both have 18 MP sensor and Digic IV I think, although the 7D has more focus points and better burst mode. The 550D is the camera I’ve been waiting for, on paper that is. Still no comprehensive real world reviews, though.

  21. Bachan says:

    @Benito Guevarra

    what you need is a digital camcorder not a dslr hehe. and besides the megapixel wars is dead. it shifted to the iso.

  22. You Won says:

    A test video of this DSLR is pretty impressive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xfEw2P6M10

    Anyone, can aanyone confirm if a prosumer HD video camera that is comparable to quality of this DSLR? specifically the feature of Canon 7D that can take 1000fps.

  23. Benito Guevarra says:

    Actually, what I need is a camera that takes great stills and video, and this (and a lot of DSLRs now, which is the emerging trend and not just a fad) seems to address it. Yes the megapixel wars has taken a back seat to ISO, but even the 550D, like the 7D, has very good ISO performance, so I guess you can have your cake and eat it too. I want to bring just one device to photo/video ops, not a separate camcorder and stills camera. But then again, I haven’t seen a legitimate review of the 550D, just the pre-release press, so I am still not sure if I’m getting this. One thing that I don’t like, though, is the mono audio. You have to attach a stereo mic to get better sound.

  24. lolipown says:

    @You Won
    “1000fps” umm. huh?

  25. garnet says:

    i’m seriously considering getting the eos 500d, but here comes the 550d.

    here’s more: http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Canon_EOS_550D_Rebel_T2i/verdict.shtml

  26. Pochero says:

    another bad thing about the 550D is you need to buy a new battery grip. old grips wont work.

  27. sherminator says:

    “start chasing better pictures, not better cameras” – thom hogan

  28. stalfos says:

    Take stories. Not just pictures – Kelby

  29. Mr. J says:

    ooh… can’t wait. this will be my 1st ever camera & I’m so excited to get it.

    so far, I only used friends’ cameras & never really got my own camera. so good luck to me! :D

  30. Faust says:

    I Love It!! the price is quite affordable

  31. Benito Guevarra says:

    Here’s a comparison between the 7D and 550D (aka Rebel T2i).


    Needless to say, they think video between the two are virtually identical (up to ISO 1600). The jury’s still out on photos, though. Haven’t seen a comparison of actual pictures.

    A source from a local Canon store says the SRP might be P54,000 (with 18-55 lens). I do hope it’ll be cheaper.

  32. pattykixass says:

    which one is better, D90 or ito?

  33. Benito Guevarra says:

    The D90 will likely take better photos despite the megapixel handicap (if you can call it that). The 550D will probably take better videos. It’s a matter of what your priorities are. On that note, the successor to the D90 will probably attempt to exceed or at least equal the 550D’s specs in terms of photo and video quality. Question is, can you wait for Nikon’s answer to the 550D?

  34. gelflick says:

    it’s the video features that makes this cam an A1. time to explore shortfilms :D

  35. Juno says:

    buy kayo sir ng 550D thru ebay! rule breaker tlaga tong new dslr.. i love this! d ko na halos bitawan nung binili ko kagabi..

  36. Mark Hernandez (RB) says:

    I’ve got already the canon 550D and very interesting to work with it and affordable price.. Can any one teach me to shoot?

  37. Cris De Leon says:

    I’ve been wanting this, but I’m confused cause it’s lower price than EOS 7D…what’s the difference…

  38. Nicolo Garcia says:

    A while ago, we just bought the 550d (body only @P49,950) and the 28-135mm lens (P12,950)but we got it for 70k flat. It’s nice, but I’m still fiddling with all the features, etc. :)

  39. carol says:

    hi.. is this ready for shipping?

  40. randy says:

    guys u can get it cheaper go to this online store kimstore.multiply.com. got my 550d last thursday.

  41. HENRY1216 says:


  42. Lawliet says:

    I wish I can buy it by this year,,, still saving more money… ^^,

    In SM stores they sell it for about 52k-54k

    but in states they sell it at 40k-43k.

  43. Pattie says:

    I want this so bad! So ganun na talaga siya ka-mahal? Well, february itong blog na to. Nagbago na kaya yung price? I can’t find the updated price in google eh :( Can you please tell me? PLEASE :(

  44. Lablab Lazaro says:

    I saw this camera in SM Marikina and everywhere you go it costs P 49,950

  45. tyrant says:

    try buying at hidalgo i bought mine from mayers and it only cost 38k with 18-55mm kits lens

  46. Bonjo says:

    63k php with 18-135 kit…

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