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HTC explains Android Update Process in this Infographic

Android users often complain about the lack or delay of Android OS updates and as a customer, this is pretty common. Unless you get to see and understand the entire process on how and why an update is available in the first place. HTC took a step further and explained it in this infographic.


And it’s no easy feat and you’ll notice it’s not just the manufacturers that has control over it but the chipmakers and the carriers as well.

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14 Responses

  1. bliss says:

    EXCUSES!!! if others can do it faster then why can’t they…doesn’t matter though it’s almost doom’s day for HTC… it’s next after blackberry…

    • bliss abnoy says:

      Edi ikaw magtrabaho sa htc. or HUWAG kang mag htc.

    • bgal says:

      Gusto agad-agad? Hahahh.. Ikaw na lang magupdate sir para mabilis. ;)

    • ignorance is bliss says:

      Classic example ng ignorant whiny customer. Di ganun kadali ang mag-adapt ng source codes para maintegrate sa environment ng chipsets. Tinetesting din ang softwares bago irelease dahil millions of dollars ang maaaksaya ng mobile companies pag pumalpak sila sa updates. Di ka na dapat nagpopost dahil di ka nakakatulong to educate the people reading this article.

    • Joestar555 says:

      Try mo kaya gumawa ng sarili mong OS na iba’t ibang model ang pag gagamitan… kita mo ang Xperia dati? yung ginawa nilang batch update na 2012 lineup nila e nakatanggap ng ICS update… napaka hirap mag customized ng OS, lalo na’t may kanya-kanyang silang Kernel at ROM..hindi lang basta gawa then lagay na lang sa isang unit… sa tingin mo ilang model ng android bawat manufacturer? hindi lahat ng Android OS ay compatible sa iisang Model ng phone lang. may kanya-kanyang Compatibility yan, for example ang pang S4 ay hindi pwede sa S3… madali kasing magreklamo kasi hindi mo alam ang process. pero once malaman mo, baka matauhan ka.

    • wew says:

      xempre kaya matagal o kaya d na dumadating ay dahil strategy nila yan…pag outdated n OS mo xempre mapipilitan kang bumili ng panibago…tska wala naman silang mapapalang malaki pag inupdate nila ung mga lumang phones…

  2. someguy says:

    Sino ba ang on-time magupdate? All of them except for Nexus deveices are late. Syempre understandable for Nexus because Google. In fairness kay HTC I know sila ang mabilis maglabas ng update

    • hey says:

      Actually, Samsung ang pinakamabilis (except for Nexus devices) magupdate ng devices, especially flagship devices/ high-end one.

  3. tmcr7 says:

    What’s a major feature of Kitkat that you can’t live without on your JB devices?

  4. JP says:

    Android phone users in the US who use network providers have a tougher time than us. Swerte tayo that we skip a few steps in obtaining the updates.

  5. lulatekki says:

    To shorten things can htc advisd which units are due to be upgraded? Ive read somewhere that ONE X can be updated thru CM 11 whatever that is. Im not familiar with that tho so is my unit due for a kitkat upgrade?

  6. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    I wonder, what if we have those carrier specific devices like:
    an O+ Imagine for Smart renamed as the O+ Shining Wizard
    Huawei P6 for Globe will be known as the Droid Ascend
    The Sun’s Gionee Elife E6 will be known as the Sun Shining.

    All those juicy carrier bloatware (I’m looking at you, Smart) From Smartnet, AKTV, Babble.

  7. ijustcant says:

    “Unless you get to see and understand the entire process on how and why an update is available in the first place.”

    – siguro dapat kadugtong to sa naunang sentence. This doesn’t have a complete thought.

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